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there’s a brand new online magazine and it’s just launched its premier issue — pure green living, edited and compiled by Celine MacKay, also of the blog pure green. the magazine was inspired by celine’s hope to share her belief that good design doesn’t have to come at such a high cost, environmentally speaking anyway.

The premier issue features work from Simply Grove, Dottie Angel, Knack Studios, Poppytalk and many others — an online community, sharing eco style design picks, new products and ideas, DIY projects, green homes, travel, organic recipes and more. pure green living will feature a strong undercurrent of handmade culture; support small businesses and features green designers from around the world. You can view pure green living online here.

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  1. This magazine looks awesome! I’m all about green design and eco-friendly materials, and on a budget? even better! I especially like the bohemian chick design with the blue bed cover and beautiful contrast with hardwood flooring and exposed beams. I will definitely check out this mag. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice looking online mag…great intentions…but may i suggest they offer more links, credits or references for items shown throughout. Its frustrating to see something in a photo or a product shown and then not be able to click through or at least see a website listed for it. I noticed the absence of these “credits” throughout…Which makes this format actually less desirable than a blogs where credits and links are usually listed…just a suggestion.

  3. First, thank you so much Victoria for posting about PGL Mag! I am in blogger awe to see it here! And thanks as well to all who commented and wrote such lovely words of encouragement! I wanted to address Coristyle’s comment – I appreciate your criticism – truly. I made sure to list the name of the company that created each photo/product somewhere in the mag – I wanted readers to be inspired by the images, and I guess I thought readers could ‘google’ the name of the company and find the product they were after. Next issue I will try and improve on this. Tnx!

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