suitcase confessions.
by victoria comment


i came across some amazing diptych images from a flickr photographer, timfalle, and immediately chatted him up to find out if i might share! tim’s blog, suitcase confessions, features these super creative and quite fantastic photo compositions, which tim puts together from shots of his own eclectic collections, and their place in his interiors.

these images are of treasures and trinkets brought back from tim’s travels over the years, prompted by his rather wonderful habit of photographing everything that he’s unpacked from his journeys on his bed, before putting them away. his collection of images has expanded into his blog, to follow these items and to document their ultimate use and impact in his home. just brilliant.

okay, suffice it to say, it was hard to narrow down just what to share with you. i could get lost in tim’s suitcase confessions for days. i am hear to say, i do believe this man to be the epitome of good taste and design. i feel a definite ‘part deux’ coming on. thanks for allowing me to share, timfalle!

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  1. these are amazing… i love the colors and that clock! so freakin’ cool! i can’t pick one that i love the most..they are all fantastic!!


  2. What a great idea – I love that Taj Majal clock! Beautifully curated and somehow it doesn’t seem crowded. Also love that lucite chair. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Putting together such perfect diptychs takes a special eye. Beautiful. This inspires me to try some out myself, although I know it would take a lot of practice to find complimentary images.

  4. just a quick thank you for all the wonderfully kind comments and generous response to my images/blog. It very encouraging to get such supportive feedback,
    keep watching more posts after every trip!

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