i spy: two for the road.
by victoria comment


Simon Filip.

today i spy pairs. numero dos. doubles. for some reason, ‘two’ popped into my head. good things often come in pairs — happy couples, pretty shoes, a twin reflex camera, a gorgeous pair of eyes — you get the idea. dynamic duos! so today i spytwo for the road‘!

monday pie.

it’s great to be home.

lackluster co.

Cosas Mínimas.

thomas schultz.

sandra juto.

the light fantastic.

this is glamorous.

fresh era.

1st dibs.

but does it float.

desire to inspire.

richard thompson.


the finders keepers.

werner designs.

nick sherman.


16 responses to “i spy: two for the road.”

  1. What a lovely post! I have been seeing 2’s all day, and it’s strange/coincidental that I also came across this post. How fun!

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