what’s on your window sill?
by victoria comment



i think i’m on a kitchen binge today. i just really love a pretty window sill. there’s nothing like cooking, or doing dishes with a lovely view. okay, maybe i could do without the dirty dishes, but you catch my drift. what do you like to keep or grow on your window sill? anything special?


i love a big picture window streaming hazy sunlight through some gauzy curtains, peeking out to nature. i like bringing nature indoors too, with little herb pots or plants growing happily in a window, or treasured collections gathering light in a cozy corner, perfect for displaying treasured objects.

petra bindel.

tinker street.

petra bindel.

the selby.

the selby.

petra bindel.



dottie angel.

size too small.

the selby.



magpie’s fancy.

22 responses to “what’s on your window sill?”

  1. I am so with you, Victoria! Having a sink by the window is a kitchen must. When I’m washing my salad leaves for dinner (I know, so glam!) I like watching the world go by. I’d like to get a window box to grow some fresh herbs, too.

    P.S. The ginger cat is too cute!

  2. i have a combo of a few herbs/plants, a ceramic “B” from Anthropologie, (our suite is B and my last name is baker), and cute little pitchers!

  3. i use my deep windowsills for anything that’s inspiring me at the moment. right there’s my white pottery collection, some collected leaves, and my growing vintage mug collection.

    and, oh my, i love that chemex drip coffee maker in the first photo. my mom always used those when i was growing up and now my brother uses one i found him at a thrift store.

  4. I just love your blog! I have a big windowsill that looks out onto the fields and off in the distance you can see the Alps….I stand there and dream many a time………the other windowsill is filled with cacti…reminds me of the desert and all the other windowsills in the house are empty so that I can open all the windows and get the great views of the outdoors…heaven on earth.

  5. I have six little ceramic elephants that were a recent gift from my friends Jay & Rosa in Seattle.
    They are on my kitchen windowsill with the oak trees just outside on the hillside behind them.

  6. Oh, I long for a kitchen windowsill! Sadly, apartment living doesn’t offer it. I’ve made up for it by the multiple succulents and trinkets adorning all my other ones!

  7. I just did a post about my windowsill! I like to keep my flowers in Diet Coke glass bottles near the window because I just love how the light hits them… Oh, and I love Diet Coke too :) Happy Monday!

  8. very pretty window sills, indeed! :) Question…how do you use these photos that are ‘all rights reserved’ without getting into trouble from their original owners? Does linking them back do the trick? Share, please, I don’t like being nosy but I really need to know. Thanks!

  9. tina – no i didn’t think you were nosy. most folks are happy to be featured (at least in my experience) as long as there is a photo credit and link back to their original image. but i take them down if asked (i’ve only be asked 2-3 times in 4 years, though!).

  10. Oh I’m glad Tina asked that question! I’ve wondered about the etiquette of using others’ photos. As far as my windowsill goes, I love plants but my current sill is too tiny. So I am growing a collection of heart shaped stones. They are fun to look at while I’m doing dishes:)

  11. Let’s see, I like to perch a few things on sills around the apartment: a collection of shells and rocks from beaches from Maine to California, an old ink well that holds my incense, a slender vase of lavender, matryoshkas dolls from Portugal, a crystal…hopefully not too much dust!

  12. Hello! New reader here!

    I really love those little pots in the window. Maybe I should make better use of my window sill and get some plants to go in it..

  13. I love that jar with the feather! I wish I had a deep window-sill, but on my regular sill sits a vintage black and cream pot with a little basil plant. Sitting beside it is always an antique bottle with a little bouquet, whatever is blooming outside at the time, wild or cultivated.

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