tuesday’s girl: sneakers!
by victoria comment


violet hour.

i can get pretty girlie. but i have a pretty strong jeans and sneakers side too. in fact, i have at least a dozen or so pairs of sneakers, in varying degrees of worn and vintage, to my best effort at ‘sporty spice’. i like ’em paired with a sassy vintage dress, too. today, tuesday’s girl is embracing her inner tomboy. here’s some of my favorite sneaker looks!

the sartorialist.

giddyupinmontana; leah miraballin’; and chelsikristine.

lauren lemon.

jennycalifornia; plimsouls from cabbages & roses; prepified from kate; and bensimon lowtops.

the sartorialist.


emily rs.

the sartorialist.

cindy; gravity pope; and karma loop.

13 responses to “tuesday’s girl: sneakers!”

  1. Yes, yes! I’ve been feeling the retro sneakers lately, too! I recently indulged in new gray chucks, and have only barely resisted ordering suede adidas… I’ve even started a running post about my chucks. :)

  2. I love sneakers with shorts or jeans, but just cannot do the sneakers with dresses things. Just can’t. When I look at the second picture, of the girl with the gorgeous white dress, I just can’t help but think how much better the outfit would look if she was wearing a pair of sandals- something in worn brown leather, kind of boho looking. Or espadrille wedges in yellow.

  3. I love Chucks- they’re by far the best sneakers ever made! But I can’t wear them because they make my feet look ridiculously humongous, so I buy them for my daughter instead!

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