vintage finds for a modern world: mirror, mirror on the wall.
by victoria comment


i love the look of vintage mirrors, even when the glass is old and distressed and my reflection is a little off (sometimes, that’s a good thing!). i saw this photograph that one of my favorite artists, sandra juto took (above) and it gave me the idea to share with you some decorating ideas using beautiful antique mirrors. mirrors are wonderful for making a room look larger, adding depth and reflecting light and shapes. here’s a peek.

emma’s design blog.



little bits of lovely.


the selby.

style me pretty.


sarah klassen.



house of turquoise.


28 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: mirror, mirror on the wall.”

  1. i love love love your “theme” posts (window sill yesterday and today mirrors). very clever and beautiful. and! i love how the photographs are really big. it is a joy to come to your website.

  2. Lovely! I have a big thing for mirrors – they make all the difference when it comes to awkward spaces!

    I love the one from Style Me Pretty – the chicken wire over the mirror makes it a totally unique and vintage/industrial style bulletin board. But it still reflects light! Fabulous idea…

  3. I LOOOVE this blog!! I mean, everything about it!

    I have a mirror almost identical to the first one, but um, I painted it light turquoise. Which so far has gotten me more than a few, “No, you Din’t!”

  4. We are totally on the hunt for beautiful mirrors for our next house. I think a beautifully framed mirror to replace a plain old bathroom mirror can really elevate a space.

    Gorgeous collection. That last one is to die for.

  5. thanks y’all! i’m glad you like these as much as i do. i have mirrors all over the house – i love when they reflect the outside back in, too!

  6. I love mirrors-they can do so much for an interior, especially if they’re strategically place to reflect say a collage of pictures, a beautiful light fixture, a vignet, or like you said; the outdoors. Lovely post!

  7. wow. you always find the loveliest images. i hardly have any mirrors at all besides on the dresser & in the bathrooms. a great & affordable idea to spruce up a room.

  8. Great post. Love the collection from anthropologie, the one with the chicken wire, and well, several others. Now to find such mirrors for cheap!

  9. I love this post ~ and old, tarnished mirrors! I have several on my walls, and I’ll admit I have several more to hang whenever I can find the time and space.

  10. Who doesn’t love a vintage mirror or two?! That last photo from Remodelista is especially inspiring. I love how you can see the modern light fixture in the mirror’s reflection and the vintage accessories in the same shot. Really proves that mixing styles and eras can be done successfully and that using vintage items in home decor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adhere to a shabby chic style.

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