at home in Edinburgh.
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i was checking out inspace locations for some inspiration for around my house — that darn living room of mine is still a work in progress otherwise i’d share — but i came upon this wonderful apartment in endinburgh, scotland and fell in love.

i like the eclectic mix of natural woods and woven rugs and a quilted collage of pattern and textiles, along with loads of fresh white. the modern furnishings and quirky pieces, like antlers and unexpected chinese lanterns, co-existing with older antiques looks quite smashing, too!  and that view of Edinburgh is awfully charming, as well. love it all!

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  1. good gosh – mortified – and thanks kelly-ann. i kept looking at it thinking it was spelled wrong, and then thought, no, that’s right. tired girl excuse. thanks for the heads up!!

    it’s a good one, anna. i love it too!

    glad you guys like it!

  2. Wow…so much sunshine in that house! When I was in Edinburgh it was dark and rainy the entire time (but still beautiful!). A good fireplace is a must! I’m loving this home though…very pretty and I love the pairing of the old and new.

  3. oh wow – thanks abigail. i love her. in fact i was going to write about her, when i realized i already had featured her place a while back, and then i saw this flat! funny!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love absolutely everything about this house, especially how it manages to be elegant, unique and cosy all at the same time! Thanks for sharing.

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