wednesday’s wall.
by victoria comment


i receive so many submissions from talented artists looking to share their work on sfgirlbybay, that i thought it might be nice to do a gallery round up once a week, featuring a collection of artwork that i think might work well together as a grouping.

it’s always fun to curate a collection of paintings and photography, and just maybe if this is something y’all have trouble with, i might be of some assistance in sharing some new ideas to display your art. each week i’ll group a selection of affordable images and how you might arrange them on your own gallery wall. most of these are under $50.

so, without further ado, here’s wednesday’s wall. i ‘hung’ these images above in a way that seemed pleasing to the eye, and balanced photography with paintings, with complementary colors, and images that made me feel peaceful, in shades of blues, grays and greens — the color of water, which always calms me, too. i think the overall theme is serenity. i hope you feel that too!

relax original painting, from suzanna anna.

she waited for the ice to melt, from this is all i know.

Three Feet Eight Inches polaroid print, from alicia bock.

ebb and flow sewn print, from tastes orangey.

vintage photograph, women at beach, from antique whisperer.

powder blue heels, from janet hill studio.

Icelandic images, from tom edwards.

17 responses to “wednesday’s wall.”

  1. Just what I’m looking for at the moment as I am about to move into a new place.
    Thanks for the inspiration as always, Victoria.
    Love that last piece.

  2. Love the mix of colors! They’d go perfectly in my place :) I have a couple of vintage photos of “bathing beauties” that I’d love to hang together with some other pieces- this has given me some ideas. Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful Wednesday grouping. I’m so happy to be included in your beautifully curated collection, with so many of my favorite Etsy artists. Thanks Victoria!!

  4. you are wonderful! Love your ideas and the way you share inspiration and promote creativity! I attempted to buy Ebb and Flow, but I can’t get the Pay pal to work. Oh well!

  5. thanks – i’m so glad you like the new feature!

    janet – if you really want it, i would email the etsy seller. i’m sure she can help you out!

  6. I love the idea for this series! It’s really helpful for me to see curated wall arrangements right now. I have SO MANY prints and original artworks waiting to get hung. I just keep putting it off because I’m super indecisive about how/where I want to display/arrange it all.

    The worst thing is, the boyfriend is a former fine art handler/installer for galleries, museums, and private homes. He’s a pro, I should just trust him with it!

    I drive him crazy whenever we’re hanging ANYTHING. I need to be constantly reassured that it’s not permanent, and that “…if it doesn’t work there, we can always just patch that hole and move it. Right? Right. No big deal.”

    Clearly, I need to RELAX. ;)

  7. you have truly out together a wonderful collection of summery art pieces of various mediums that go delightfully good together. i look forward to seeing, and being inspired by more of your wednesday wall selections. kudos, bravo, and cheers.

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