friday food files with molly watson: blueberry ice cream.
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The best thing about blueberry ice cream is that is it actually blue. Not purple, not gray, but a lovely mid-hued blue.

The other best thing about this blueberry ice cream is how insanely easy it is to make. If you have an ice cream maker it’s literally a dump-and-freeze operation, but even if you don’t own a cupboard-space-eating contraption, it’s just a question of a few whisks of the mixture every 30 minutes or so as it freezes to end up with honest-to-goodness homemade ice cream (see how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker for specifics).

Unlike plenty of fruit ice creams it’s not just fruit and sugar and cream – those ice creams always lack the umph and rich mouth-feel (as we say in the food world) of ice cream made with eggs (which need to be cooked into a custard before being frozen into ice cream… which, if I’m honest, is a slight hassle). I have solved that problem (and am by no means the first to do so) by using sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar to sweeten the pot. Rich taste and texture, no cooking. Go ahead, give it a try – and stir in whatever fruit or chocolate chips or sweet treat that catches your fancy.


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11 responses to “friday food files with molly watson: blueberry ice cream.”

  1. I have three words: “wow” and “yes, please!” I might need more than three exclamations points for each, now that I think about it. This looks so delicious!

  2. Looks lovely! I just posted a cucumber ice cream recipe that is deadly. Now I am thinking I should make a second batch using some sweetened condensed milk yes, I am already thinking next batch; it’s that good). Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Mmm cucumber icecream sounds delish. I don’t have a icecream maker so I came up with a way to make blueberry ice cream by prefreezing my blueberries. You freeze blueberries and sliced banana add a little milk and honey and mix it with a food processor and it comes out very creamy. Works well if you are lactose intolerant. I miss icecream so much wish I could have the real thing.

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