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ok, i think it might be time for a quick recap! so far, this imaginary, artsy dream home of mine has a cozy living room, a kitschy kitchen, and a dreamy bedroom. and how did i decide what to put in there? well, here’s the only rule i have while assembling a room – every element has to be a piece of art that makes me jealous. wow – that’s a lot of floor to ceiling art, and a lot of jealousy for that matter! anyway, today, i’m taking a break from decorating the house {sort of}, and instead, i’m decorating myself! welcome to the house that jealousy built – room no.4 {aka – the closet}:

1) now clearly, this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill closet. nope. this closet has walls completely covered in beautifully detailed marker drawings {much like this photo shoot set for peter jensen‘s 2010 resort collection} by british artist charlotte mann. hm, and actually, while we’re at it, i’ll take one of peter’s bunny bathing suits too, please!  2) ah, yes – lighting. the proper lighting makes such a difference in one’s walk-in closet. these resin coated clothes, turned lamps, are just right {gaetano pesce in collaboration with sandro cammilli} – please don’t try to wear them though. here, try this stuff instead –

ok, this should be everything you need! go ahead and  3) throw on some fancy under-things {martha rich},  4)  pull up your pants {elena cortes},  5) and grab that lucky sweater vest {tamara muller}. perfect! you’re ready to roll – well, almost –

accessories! you can’t leave the house without wearing at least one* of these gorgeous pieces: 6) oooh! love this andean opal & fire-opal drop satellite ring {tanja ufer}  7) lovely ceramic rings, brooches, and pendants inspired by haunting woodland creatures {poodlebreath}  8) golden nugget earrings, and a very cool/pokey porcupine pin {miki and nora}  9) ‘mounds’ – a fabulous necklace made entirely of well, you guessed it, barbie boobs! {margaux lange}.

*try really hard to only choose one or two of the above items. any more than that, and you might look a tiny bit crazy.

10) alright. so you’re dressed, and the perfect accessories are in place. all you need now are shoes that have your toes custom painted on them by a Belgian artist – check! {bart persons}.

11) one final glance in the mirror to pose, pout, and squint seductively! don’t be shy – you know you do it! that’s ok, i do it too – and so did every single subject in this photo series titled, very appropriately, ‘mirrorface’ {angela fama}. and honestly, I don’t think this a step anyone should skip. if you do, you may very well walk out of the house that jealousy built looking like this:

12) see? this messy gal clearly didn’t make that final check – oh well, i love her anyway! {kebrina lott}.

ok,  i think you’re finally ready. out you go, and i’ll meet you back here in two weeks for yet another room in this crazy house!

~ the jealous curator xo

10 responses to “the house that jealousy built : the jealous curator.”

  1. Those hand drawn rooms are amazing. However, that one bathing suit with the seal like graphic on it makes me think shes gonna get eaten by a shark as soon as she steps foot in the ocean.

  2. I’m in awe of the barbie boob necklace. that’s just a little disturbing to think she sawed off all of those boobs. it’s making me want to clutch my own protectively!

  3. i LOVE those images of the models with the wallcovering! it is amazing! the modles clothes look great behind that black white pattern! so great!
    also love the ceramic rings and broches, they have a great vintage feel to them!


  4. Love your blog. This post totally made me smile. :) Love the closet and lighting too. The shoes – way too kitschy for me, but interesting idea..

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