tuesday’s girl: amy butler’s modern knits.
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this week’s tuesday’s girl is none other than amy butler, one of my favorite fabric designers, and now amy has created her own line of yarn. The yarn is a 100% organic cotton/wool blend, which makes for the perfect combination for softness, drape and wear, along with these fun knitting projects. the patterns are a unique mix of fashion (love those knit leggings and dresses!), accessories and homewares, including colorful afghans, floral patterned pillows and cozy poufs.

17 responses to “tuesday’s girl: amy butler’s modern knits.”

  1. I LOVE Amy’s fabrics and now this beautiful yarn with her characteristic cool designs, it’s almost too much. Thanks for sharing

  2. *sigh* i just love amy butler more and more with each thing she creates! she is SUCH an inspiration to others! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that knit dress, i have to have one! that pillow is sooo darn cute too!!

  3. candace, click on the link to amy’s site and there’s a badge in the upper right with links to retailers selling the yarn and patterns. :)

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