what’s in your bag? a reader giveaway!
by victoria comment


a reader giveaway — this cedar tote.

oh yippee! it’s a giveaway, and trust me — you’re gonna love this one. meet one of my newest sponsors, scabby robot, and then drool over her yummy leather totes! see, told ya. nice, huh? well, if you’d like a chance to win a cedar tote, just comment below (and remember to leave a way to reach you!) and share with us ‘what’s in your bag‘?

so, what’s in you bag? lipstick, laptop, some lemon drops, perhaps? we wanna know what you’ve got stashed in there! go on and comment by next wednedsay, august 11th and then we’ll announce a winner of the scabby robot cedar tote soon after that. fun, huh? thanks very much to scabby robot!

620 responses to “what’s in your bag? a reader giveaway!”

  1. oops forgot to say, mesmerized by the tote, Lots of kids dry clothing and toy rolling pin besides the everydAY womanly stash!

  2. ah! i just saw this purse on etsy the other day, love it! i carry waaaay too much in my purse. currently i have an umbrella, my camera, phone, ipod, bobby pins, perfume, deodorant, lulu organic hair powder, and the usual purse staples (brush, makeup, etc.)

  3. Beautiful! My purse is currently a diaper bag. With three kiddos I could use a wonderful purse just for me :)

  4. My bag is a clutch/wallet, so in it are just credit cards, drivers license, cash, keys, cell phone, glasses, small pad and pen, lip balm, and a native american medicine bag full of stones that I got from prado leather on etsy. I always check out scabby robots shop when surfing etsy, love it! Hopefully I’m the lucky one – if so my email address is thebeadloft@yahoo.com.

    P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. What a cute bag!

    In my bag: A rain poncho, the movie Teen Witch, bike lights, keys, cell phone, 2 pair of sunglasses, wallet, mascara, gum, chap stick and a plastic bag.

  6. Oh I love scabby robot!!

    My bag has my wallet, phone, camera, baggu bag, bandaids, water bottle, etc. Pretty practical!

    swagnerm [at] hotmail [dot] com

  7. Beautiful bags! Currently in my bag: wallet, a necklace, some receipts, sunblock, a Zbar, multiple things of dental floss, a purple plastic spoon, lipgloss, rose oil, and some change.

  8. Love it!

    In my bag: wallet, a cell phone, crumpled up receipts, lip gloss, keys, paystubs and assorted papers, breath mints, and business cards.

  9. oh man, this is perfect! my longchamp bag is bursting at the seams this days and this looks like a perfect replacement. between my ipad, my thick wallet (thick with receipts and business cards…not money..), my stash of gum and my always handy lip gloss i am in need of a change. can’t wait to see the winner!

    you can find me here: http://elissabraun.com/blog/

  10. So beautiful!

    The contents of my bag change, but I always have my huge hobo wallet, my iphone, headphones, way too many receipts, a few bobbypins, and some string cheese (replaced daily) :)

  11. Cute bag
    In my bag of course there is the monetary aspect (wallet). There are also calling cards, lip balm, asthma inhaler, coupons, baby wipes, medallion and dental floss.

  12. Crackers, Moleskines, cookies, tissues, binoculars, lots of rusty change and some lost notes that I found on the floor that are priceless. Cheers!

  13. How gorgeous! These bags are perfect for fall.

    In my bag: wallet, SPF 15 lip gloss, reading glasses, bike lock key, baggu bag, doggy treats, Erin treats, and phone.

  14. beautiful tote, beautiful photos.
    wallet, sunglasses, blue trident, burts bees, ticket stubs, a ton of crumpled receipts, and some loose change… including a few pesos.

  15. GREAT bags! in my bag…wallet, phone, blotting tissues, about 5 different chapsticks/lip balm, extra diaper for the babe, puff snacks and two hot wheels. :)

  16. What great looking bags!

    ME = wallet / iphone / change purse / swiss army knive / mad money / umbrella / reusable grocery bag / lotion / lip balm / planner / sunglasses / brush

  17. Nice bags and photos! Hmm in my bag – a cross-body number I used on vacation and still using….Coach zip stash wallet, blackberry, cash, lip fusion lip gloss, checks, vera bradley head band, hotel bill, a postcard of my son that i keep forgetting to mail, wax for son’s braces, my lucky rock that i found on a beach in Maine when I was a teen.

  18. 3 pairs of sunglasses, 4 pairs of lipstick, my cellphone (my lifeline), wallet, keys, photo booth film strips

  19. Gorgeous stuff!
    I carry a little tin of almonds around for when I get the munchies. And I never DON’T have my point and shoot.

  20. love that bag. i have my moleskine, pens, change, receipts, cell phone, wallet, keys, work id badge, lip balm, jelly beans, post-it notes and an assortment of randomness at the very bottom.

  21. i love these bags – they are so beautiful. i currently carry my wallet and chapstick in my sunglass case – i would love a proper bag.

    thank you!

  22. I love these bags!

    Yikes, in my bag: wallet, phone, gum, random trash & receipts?, dog bags, park multi tool, bike lights, business cards, pens, sketchbook, chapstick, daily planner, i pod, postcards from my last gallery outing…I think I might need a bigger bag!

  23. beautiful bags! in my bag I have an umbrella, wallet, pouch with chapstick, advil and other small essentials, cellphone, 2 sets of keys, sunglasses, comb, letter to my brother, netflix movies to return, planner, and a book

  24. Hmmm…
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows {I am over 30}…
    Organics pressed powder…
    Loose 5’s {they didn’t seem to make it to the bill fold…}…
    A thrifted red wallet I bought 13 years ago and stencilled “no ¢” inside {it is torn and worn but I can’t let the damn thing go…I don’t want a grown-up wallet…}
    Thrift store receipts {totalling more than my grocery bill!}
    Notebook and pen…
    Badger tangerine lip balm {smells so Yummy}

    Oh…if I had that bag I could also carry along a sketch book and pencils!
    It is so beautiful! A definite up grade…Speaking of which does she make wallets?!

    Thank you Victoria! And Scabby Robot! {perhaps a little WD40 would take care of that…}

  25. lovely bags! I recently switched over to a small bag, because it’s summer and I feel lazy in summer. so, right now I have: my wallet, some wipes (kids get messy!), my little video camera, toothpicks, keys, random assortment of yarn needles and a crochet hook.

  26. Beautiful bags! I want one of my own :) In my bag? Lots of biochemistry material (that’s what I’ve been studying recently) + a cute leather wallet from phillipines!

  27. Normally it’s full with my wallet, cell phone, charger, iPod, a cardigan, book, water bottle, snacks (lots of snacks), notebook, eye glass case, and chapstick.
    I don’t know the meaning of a small purse.

  28. love this giveaway! in my bag: lots of chapstick, my wedding planning notebook (9 days!!), my ipod nano, my iphone, my vera bradley wallet, a zippered pouch which has hand sanitizer and about 10 pens (what? i like my writing instruments!), my tiny point & shoot camera, a headband, my car keys, and my SMTWRFS vitamin case. :) whew, i need a tote win to carry all that, dontcha think?!

  29. Gorgeous bag! Love the color!

    My bag is crazy! I’m a bike commuter, and it’s yoga tonight, so there’s a change of clothes for yoga, my moleskin, a library book, first aid kit, lipgloss / comb / compact, cell charger, an orange, and an empty tea thermos.

  30. Beautiful! I tend to overload my bag – but they’re all essentials! Camera, purse, coin purse, notebook, water bottle, phone, keys, lippy, gum, diary and whatever I am reading – right now it’s The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

  31. my bag has many pockets and they contain: iphone, prescription sunglasses, black leather notebook for taking blogging notes, matt ‘n nat vegan wallet, coupons held together with a binder clip, moo.com mini business cards, house and car keys, and a Bag the Habit reusable shopping bag.

  32. Love those bags. The contents of my bag are: wallet, phone, water bottle, gum, lipbalm, plastic airplane (I’m a mom of 3), ipod, work badge, journal and pen, hair brush, sunglasses and a copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

  33. My bag is filled to the brink right now.
    Checkbook and wallet, two sets of keys, business cards, several quotes from jewelers for my fiance’s wedding band, Rhodia day planner, sunglasses, pen case, mascara, three lip balms, four lip glosses, one lipstick, small mirror, polaroid camera, cup of yogurt, and spoon.

  34. oh how lovely!!!
    in my “work” tote: stamps, my little ideas notebook, a sharpie pen, my yellow polka-dot pouch (filled with cover-up, breath spray, a brush, mirror, chapstick), a little clip-on camera, my ‘real’ camera, my phone, my wallet, red-plaid wristlet (used to hold sewing kit, shout wipes…), a small cross-body bag (in case i go to lunch and don’t want to bring my big tote), my work keys, my i pod, kleenex, sunglasses

    wow, didn’t realize how much i had in there :)

  35. I love those bags!! They’re so rustic.

    My bag contains: phone, keys, wallet, my mini binder for calendar/to-do lists/inspiration notes, knitting or a book in progress (for train rides), a fold-up reusable shopping bag, my digital camera, a silver sharpie, and a bottle of nail polish.

  36. in my bag: my journal and a pen. wallet and iPhone and lip balm.
    The leather on these delicious totes and wallets look like BUTTER!!!:)

  37. What a beautiful bag.

    Currently in mine: Book (Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers), Camera, sketchbook, card/stamps/address book, wallet, lip gloss, ball point pens, moleskine. Various kids things, stickers, water bottle, baby tylenol…

  38. super adorable! blackberry, written calendar, burts bees chapstick, baggu and my “mom kit” (i’m not a mom yet but i like to be prepared with band-aids, antibacterial gel, lotion, safty pins, ear plugs, etc!)

  39. Such a fab bag!!
    In my purse is my to-do list of the day, my favorite shimmer chapstick, Playing cards, Wallet, cell-phone, water bottle, blue nail polish, the book ‘sense and sensibility’ and a check i need to cash!

  40. Holy Bag Lust Batman! I am always looking for *the* perfect brown leather bag, and I think that might just be it! :dies:

    In my bag: Blackberry, iPod, purse, 2 notebooks (one for things to keep, one for things to jot), a Cath Kidston zip bag for life’s essentials, polo mints, a little atmoiser of my fave body spray, keys, purple pen, Dr Organic Manuka Honey Lip Balm, Olbus Oil inhaler, packet of tissues, sunglasses, a trusty vintage Penguin paperback.


  41. This will be interesting (I’m literally pulling out my bag to see what’s in it today):
    Key ring 1 (apartment, bike lock, rubber ducky light named norbert, flashdrive, ferrari dangle (no I don’t have one), and sf public library bar code), cell phone, muni pass, translink, business cards, 2 sets of car keys (to be given back to folks), bright yellow wallet, eye glasses screwdriver, lip balm, novel “Lost in a Good Book” by Jasper Fforde, key ring 2 (family home keys to various doors, beer bottle opener, phi sigma rho paddle, black pen, red pen, business cards from a photographer and hairstylist I met during my friend’s wedding weekend, red card carrier (use for id and credit) normally kept in a clutch, August Vogue, colored lip gloss, a satin ribbon, old ipod headphones, ipod with new headphones, notes for toast at friend’s wedding. The sad thing is that this is less than I sometimes carry! (Normally the list would include my camera and a small makeyp kit.) Beth C- The sewing kit idea is genius.

  42. That bag is gorgeous!

    In my bag: sunglasses, 1 victorias secret lipgloss, 2 burts bees lip balms, wallet, keys for my car, house and friends house (house sitting!), a check that needs to be cashed, a reusable coffee cozy, some spare change, the book “A Room With a View,” 2 pens, and my cell phone!

  43. Those are beautiful! My bag always contains my fountain pen and inkwell, along with my ipod, notebook, keys and wallet. If I’m feelin’ it, sometimes a banana.

  44. A beautiful + generous giveaway~

    In my bag: extra dog leash in case my car breaks down + I am with dog, keys, wallet, ‘Books to Read’note book, so I can jot down suggestions at the ready, sharpie pen, loose coins, paper clips, crumpled up receipts, cell phone, water bottle, sunglasses, dog treats, + a Mary Oliver book that needs to be returned to the library.

  45. Toy cars, and knights…wallet, napkins, knife, three juice boxes, snack bags, wipes, gum, and a whole lot of crumbs…see a new bag would make it so that I don’t have to clean the old one! WOOT!

  46. I want to eat that bag. or live in it. or maybe just use it in a regular way. either way, it is gorgioso! In my small, inadequate bag I carry: two of my favorite pens, a pocketsized notebook, emergency dollars, and whatever book I happen to be reading-currently Under the Banner of Heaven.

    I really adore this blog, by the way. It is so inspiring and makes me want to move to SanFran!

  47. Wow! How cool! Sadly the contents of my bag probably won’t live up to the beauty of that cedar colored tote. I’ve got the usual wallet, “monthly supplies”, planner, make-up plus a couple of zines and a lightbulb that I need to get replaced.

  48. Beautiful bags!! In mine I keep a camera, phone, wallet, other usual stuff, and lots of paper – currently 5 different little books of paper for various note-taking, journaling, observation-recording purposes. And a ridiculous number of pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.

  49. Oooh! I love the messenger bag!

    I’m training for Ironman right now, so the purse has lots of weird stuff in it:
    Three Montana Huckleberry Hammer gels; a yoga strap; hairbrush and Bumble & Bumble’s Brilliantine; Box of Band-Aid Active Flex; A Sharpie; Ticket stub from Sting concert; head unit for cycling computer (bike’s in the shop); yoga pants and my Podium Girl T-shirt, designed by my talented friend, Dan; ziploc bag with id, debit card, insurance card; transit pass, and cash – used instead of regular wallet, so I can put these things in my running shorts/cycling jersey; lip gloss.

  50. Ooohh..lovely bag

    My big brown bag has keys, phone, a set of clothes for my little boy, a diaper, some wipes, a book to keep him entertained. I also have some stuff for me – lip balm and a small hand cream.

  51. Oh my goodness, not only are these beautiful bags, the name “scabby robot” is AWESOME!! I’m old-timey — just a pen & notebook for thoughts, small water bottle, stuff for students, and book-of-the-moment (“Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints” by Joan Acocella – I’d highly recommend!) — no i-pod, no laptop…:)

  52. Absolutely beautiful bags!

    Aside from the usual stuff, I carry a tape measure and notebook (for vintage treasure shopping), MOO cards, old-fashioned address book, a billion receipts that need to be tossed and a ponytail elastic in case of hair emergency. :-)

  53. I want, I want, I need, I need!

    In my now care-worn, worn-out leather bag w/ paint on the side:
    My wedding-planning notebook, a small moleskine notebook with quotes I find and love, Burt’s Bees chapstick, a chapstick from my favorite shop in Park City, my bike-lock, keys, cellphone, a spoon, a silver pillbox, band aids, a skeleton key I found at a flea market in Athens, matches, a tampon, minty gum, and my fiance’s wedding ring that I just picked up! Woot woot!

  54. I love this bag!!

    in my bag i carry: my keys, glasses, sketch book, planner, wallet, moisturizer, pens, chapstick, phone, and book

  55. So simply gorgeous! In my bag is: my lunch, phone, glasses, mini journal, bible, valley of vision book, makeup bag, gum, wallet, water bottle… and I’m going to stop there…cause I’m embarrassed. :)

  56. gorgeous bags
    in mine-notebook, camera, cellphone, ipod, wallet, cosmetic essentials (hair ties, chapstick, etc.) hand sanitizer, pocket tissues, first aid, and a book. my bag is ready for anything.

  57. Lovely bag!

    In my bag I’ve got: wallet, small handmade notebook, tissues, phone, chapstick, lipstick, asprin, mints, book. Also, bandaids and booboo medicine – Because I’m the bandaid mom.

  58. Love Love LOVE this tote!! Currently in my bag i have: wallet, keys, cell phone, sharpie, scissors, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, tape measure, and numerous receipts….

  59. Simple leather bag lust over here. In my purse are books, notepads, a wallet, lotion, and my trusty pope kit which represents the tiniest drugstore.

  60. Ooohh…what a beautiful giveaway!!

    With 2 weeks before my wedding, the current contents of my bag, which is also known as “the black hole” include: 1 wedding invitation, ribbon samples, 2 peaches, day planner, dog cookies & poop bags (charming, I know), 15 assorted lip products, sunscreen, bridesmaids dress samples and 3 packets of Emergen-C.

  61. love this leather tote! My bag: wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, ipod, iphone, mini moleskin notebook, pen, an apple, chapstick,always a book…

  62. Wow. That tote is absolutely gorgeous. Want!
    In my current bag I have: a gold vintage-inspired cigarette case (which I use for my cards), my iPhone, earbuds, car key, two pairs of sunglasses, creme de menthe Altoids, a wrinkly dollar, an empty roll of film, my to-go makeup case, a silk scarf, random bobby pins and a pen.

  63. this bag looks like the perfect everyday bag! my current bag holds: wallet, lip gloss, diapers, phone, baby formula dispenser, pacifier, mcdonald’s toys, and 50 or so receipts and random papers. obviously, my bag is less than half mine – i just carry it for 2 sweet little boys :)

  64. I have always heard that “a good woman is always prepared.” While trying to live by this and the minimalist style that really defines me – I have my bag organized by small mint tins – in the mini altoids tin are my ear buds, in the round container that was once yummy sours are extra hair ties, bobby pins and a barrette. The cinnamon altoids tin has the lip care essentials. I try to always have a pen for those creative moments that must be captured. And finally, I have my flash drive that holds my life and wallet that funds it!

  65. That messenger bag just made me drool. ‘Scuse me as a I wipe up.

    In my bag: tissues; sunglasses; phone; notebook for jotting down ideas; monkey wallet; a reusable tote to carry things I may pick up/buy during the day; a makeup pouch I made containing barrettes, ponytail holders, chap stick, handiwipes, and eyedrops. Oftentimes a camera, most times my iPod, sometimes a book.

  66. Oh that is lovely. That looks like a need for sure. I carry diapers, wipes, iphone, wallet, sunglasses, and most likely crumbs from a two year old. I would love a me bag.

  67. I. am. in. Love… with you Scabby Robot.

    In my bag: Whoa! Wallet, strawberry chapstick, way too much lip gloss, change for days, canned tuna (really), protein powder, “Life of Pi” (huge dork- great book), tweezers, keys, deodorant, reciepts, notes, biz cards!! Just the essentials :) My list would grow if I had one of these!

  68. gorgeous bags!
    contents of my always waaay too heavy bag: newspaper crossword puzzles, a New Yorker, makeup bag, contacts & glasses case, flip flops, watch, notebook, purse, keys and phone.

  69. Love, love, love the bag!

    In mine… book (this week is ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’), wallet, memory stick, pens, Peter Pauper Press engagement calendar, ipod, ipod connection set (because you never know), makeup, crumpled receipts, sephora lip gloss, water bottle, frisk mints, cell phone, keys… and my chiropractors business card for when my shoulder cannot handle all the weight of this anymore!

  70. What a beautiful bag!

    Inside mine is: my phone, my wallet, some Kiehl’s chapstick, sticky notes and old receipts, a million pens, and my bike keys!

  71. what a beautiful bag!

    i have the following in my bag:
    fold-out fan (it’s hot here in ny!)
    a box of thank you cards (recently got married)
    pencil case
    kiehls lip gloss
    salon pas pain relief patches (they were giving them out for free on the streets)
    2 lipsticks (one neutral, one fire red)
    book (entre nous: finding your inner french girl)
    and a binder full of bills!

  72. The contents of my purse….let me just say that as a Mama/Step Mama to three boys (5,7 and 8), there is very little that is actually mine in the purse. Currently five very special Lego Star Wars figures (dismembered of course), a neon green stretchy worm thing, some z-bars for low blood sugar melt downs and various rocks, dried up flower petals and sand. My wallet and Rachel Perry grape lip balm. It would be great to have a reason to clean it out!!!!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  73. always a pen, tissue, leftover bus transfers, my wallet, usually some vitamins and a bottle of water, hairs ties, bobby pins, and these days a rock of my choice.

  74. In my purse right now:
    Wallet, crumpled up receipts, blotting papers, tampons, ipod, button, gum, carmex, headphones, makeup bag (compact, 4 lipsticks, 2 lip balms, gloss, 2 lip pencils, lip brush, cough drop, ponytail holders, bandaids), post-its with driving directions, goody hair screw, 1 dime, 3 pennies.

  75. Ooh – those bags are beautiful! In my bag – Kindle, wallet, old movie ticket stubs, notebook/pen, Stella roller perfume, chapstick, foldy brush, phone, camera and a cashier’s check for our new house we’re closing on tomorrow!!

  76. i want to wrap my fingers around that bag! looks like butter…

    in my satchel…
    keys, card case, medication, chapstick, lipgloss, paycheck stubs, protien bar, extra nose rings, body spray, lotion, passport, camara, moleskin notebook, toothbrush, toothpaste, my favorite wooden jewelry, and a baggy of wheat thins…
    basically i need a new bag to transfer half of my life to…

  77. Wallet, tons of old receipts, eye drops, Burt’s Bees chap stick, ibuprofen, mascara, eyeliner, contact case, pens and of course my wallet. Nothing too exciting here!

  78. I carry a French market bag (long handles) with my ‘real’ purse inside of it, then I can take the little purse out & carry it separately as I pick up whatnots while walking around town. (Today: a bottle of G2, Elle Decor.) My oversized sunglasses case also knocks around inside the straw bag (sunglasses permanently perched on head).

    Great bags!!!!

  79. Oh, this bags are exactly what i am looking for!

    In my bag is everything but the thing i need at this moment!

    in there: pencils/lipgloss/coins/flyers
    missing (depends of the situation): purse/mobile/keys/timer

  80. chapstick and about 5 different kinds of gloss/lipstick and powser all in a small makeup bag, cell phone, planner, wallet, bobby pins, sharpie pens, a fruit bar
    gotta be prepared!

  81. Love the bag!

    I keep my wallet, card case, metro pass, keys and lip balm (currently loving Fresh’s Sugar in Plum)in a clutch that I transfer to whatever bag I decide to use that day. On the average weekday my bag also contains my lunch, a book, the free newspaper handed out on the metro, a handful of pens, and a pair of cute shoes to wear once I get to work.

  82. Oh my goodness, these bags are GORGEOUS! Here’s what is in my bag:

    wallet; change purse; keys; book (The Letters of E.B. White); iphone with headphones; bottle of ib profin; altoids; hairbrush; lip gloss; two ink pens; three ricola lemon/mint cough drops; receipts; bandaids; earrings; bottle of water; business cards, and a pack of tissues.

    My bag is overflowing! I could definitely use a new one! :) Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  83. this is my dream bag! In my bag…EVERYTHING. I’m known for my purses full of more than I can carry. Wallet, keys, emergency makeup, kindle, two cameras, sunglasses, iphone and headphones, tons of bobby pins just in case. And lastly my passport, if i ever feel the need to get on a plane :)

  84. love these!

    in my bag, which happens to be all ready for the beach: handmade life novel by orangette blogger, my phone (purposefully turned off), watermelon gum, butterfuly wallet, new cutesy buttons from renegade, orange lip gloss, baby water bottle, my trusty camera and a pen.

  85. Lovely tote and great bags!
    Must haves in my bag are keys, phone, lip balm, wallet and pen & notebook. These days though, as a mother of 3 lil’ ones, I often wonder how I manage to carry the supplies of a little general store in my bag starting from cloth diapers to toy cars and dolls and…oh you name it and I got it!

  86. What a beautiful bag!

    Let’s see…what’s in my bag today?
    Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
    Cough drops
    Business Cards
    and a pair of socks

  87. new license, passport (because someone stole my wallet out of my bag last week, at work no less), bottle of antibiotics (fun summer flu), checkbook, envelope of lowes receipts (just moved and have been buying and returning things minimum of 3 times a week), nail file and USB storage of pics

  88. A gorgeous bag I would love to carry! I currently use a handmade cloth grocery bag. And in that bag there is my drawing book, art supply kit, graphic novel “Solanin,” chewing gum bag, magnifying glass, kleenex, and wallet.

  89. oh my that is a beautiful bag.
    i have my day planner, reading glasses, three le pens (grey, green, turquoise), burt’s bees chapstick, yellow wallet, two pinkish lipglosses, keys, a notebook, and my jury summons :(

  90. Oh stunning! This would be so perfect for my lifestyle. Gorgeous, a little rustic and totally practical.

    In my bag right now I have the obvious wallet, sunglasses and cell.

    But I also always have a bag of doggie treats, my favorite citrus lavender lip balm, a stack of shipping confirmation labels for post office runs, a little collection of jewelry just in case I need to upgrade my look, my camera and a little bag of coupons (because I love a deal… what can I say?).

  91. I LOVE IT!!!

    I have Burt’s Bees chapstick, cellphone, notebooks, scheduler, a broken camera, wallets, keys, usbs, and my laptop!!!
    its loaded and super heavy!!!!

  92. I try to keep it simple. I carry my polka dot wallet, two re-usable folded cloth bags, lipgloss and gum. That’s it!

  93. my favorite fountain pen, a squishy bag (to carry groceries), keys, lotion, cellphone, journal, sox, a little zipper pouch full of art supplies (colored pencils, gluestick, eraser, little scissors, ribbon and miscellaneous found stuff),
    my might mac (laptop) sometimes, photos of my sweet husband and daughter (in my wallet), euros (from a trip to Paris in May), a US folding map (from a drive across the country with 2 girlfriends last month, sunglasses, gum, studio and house keys and a whole lotta love.

  94. Oh wow, I love that bag! I go pretty light in the purse – small fabric card holder from Etsy, cell phone, keys, and usually a toddler snack, water, and wet wipes.

  95. These are gorgeous…let’s see mine’s not very interesting, keys (3), wallet (tiny), sunglasses, hempola watermelon lip balm. That’s it. My daughter’s is much more interesting…pointe shoes (2 or 3 pair), ballet slippers, jazz shoes, at least 1 sock, burt’s bees powder, toe pads, band-aids, tights, leg warmers, knit shorts, t-shirt (cute, always), plus other assorted layers of clothing, special german pain relief gel, theraband (stretchy), sunglasses, keys (2), wallet (even tinier) and we both always have at least 1 film camera with us : )

  96. A compact cloth bag, a hair clip, lip balm, many old grocery lists, and my bike lights. Also, always my wallet, phone and keys when I leave the house.

  97. those bags are gorgeous!!!

    i carry my camera, iphone, moleskine, pen, wallet, lip balm, diaper, wipes, usually a toddler snack and the book i’m reading as well!

  98. Adorbs bag! So love the deep, rich color!

    My current purse holds my digital camera (just in case something hilarious or beautiful happens), cinnamon gum, Smith’s Rosebud lip gloss, a bunch of crinkled up Michael’s coupons and Trader Joe’s receipts, a book for the bus ride, bobby pins for hair emergencies, and your standard keys/wallet/phone.

  99. right now, my bag has what I’m sure is a TON of expired coupons/flyers in in, however…a new bag would be incentive to clean out my bag…ahhhh a fresh start would be lovely!

  100. gasp….those bags are stunning! my scabby robot bag would hold my laptop, iphone, business files, sunglasses, and Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper chapstick, of course :)

  101. In my bag: wallet, keys, Blackberry, Chapstick, Tarte lip stain, ponytail holder, bobby pins, sunglasses, Starbucks “Treat Receipt” from this morning, iPod Nano.

  102. what’s in my bag: a lot of junk and a $1.00 tax refund from the State of California! wow. oh, and i love the totes!

  103. Lets see, today I’ve got: my iPhone, 2 Chico Bags, lip gloss, bobby-pins, my reading glasses, my sun glasses, my Martini/Cat wallet, my business cards all wrapped up in a beautiful handmade leather wallet I found in London, keys, Klenex, and my little point and shoot camera.

    So yeah, I absolutely LOVE those bags and would very much like to fill one up with all my goodies!

  104. Beautiful bags!!!

    What’s in my bag?!…Everything of course!….Rosebud lipgloss, brush, foundation, toothbrush, pens, wallet, keys, peppermint/lavendar oil, stainless steel waterbottle, phone, and all my little just-in-case-tidbits.

  105. These are such gorgeous bags! Love em! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!!

    I never leave home w/o: wallet, chapstick, lip gloss, phone, camera, my moleskine sketch book, pen, and hair ties!

  106. Right now….iphone, wallet, keys, Wisp toothbrush, library book, dog bags, MAC lip balm, lip stain, hair tie, pill box, prescription sunglasses.

  107. Oh, beautiful!

    in my purse: daily planner, phone, charger, kleenex, band-aids, lipstick, keys, pens, pencil, burts bees lip stuff, birthday card for mom (need to send!), turquoise blue wallet, business cards, sunscreen powder, notebook, 1 chico bag, rubberband for hair, sunglasses…x

  108. Love that purse!!
    What’s in my purse you ask? Here’s what I carefully carry around all over town: wallet, cell phone, umbrella, sun glasses in their fancy box, mp3 player, small journal, Daily planner, lots of post-its, a small bag of hair brush, lip gloss, moisturizer and sometimes a book or two and a bottle of water.

  109. ReadyMade’s current issue, two spools of silver wire, a pair of flats (it’s raining, so I got my rubbers on!), coffee cup cozy, wallet and “Water for Elephants.”

  110. in my bag today, you’ll find…

    my black rubber crocs since it was raining earlier
    a makeup bag that i sewed
    a pair of sunglasses
    a bill that i need to pay
    a notepad for ideas that come to me while waiting for the train.
    a lucky magazine to stare at this dress that i hope i win.
    my checkbook
    wallet that i made
    hand sanitizer
    and a beat up copy of bright shiny morning by james frey (excellent read, btw) and jane austen’s sense & sensibility (that i’ve read no less than 40 times)

    i need all that space. good luck to all

    earthseed [at] gmail [dot] com

  111. What beautiful bags! In my bag, at all times:
    –a notebook, a pen or five, a sharpie marker (for inspiration and impromptu drink-and-think sessions);
    –a baseball hat (in case it rains – I hate biking in the rain without that brim);
    –a camera, or at least a phone with a camera
    –Burt’s Bees red lip tint, Rimmel eyeliner and a strand of pearls (just in case I need to class it up on short notice);
    –a flashlight (for adventures, of course);
    –bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids and packets of ibuprofen inevitably littering the bottom of the bag awaiting use;
    –a Kryptonite U-lock (again, the biking, biking everywhere);
    –the usual things – wallet, keys, phone – obviously accompany my every move.

  112. Now THAT’s a TOTE. Gorgeous.
    I like to not overwhelm myself or my bag, so pretty straight forward- orange wallet, ray ban sunglasses, IPhone, orbit gum, favorite red Mac lipstick, pen, and the ever faithful black rubber hairband

  113. LOVE these bags!!
    Currently in my bag, I’m carrying: iPhone, Wallet, Chap Stick, Hand lotion, Eye drops, Tissues, Sun glasses, Business card holder w/ biz cards, fold-able/ re-useable tote, Car keys, House keys & Nikon camera.

    I think all of the above would work out SO wonderfully in one of those luscious leather bags!!

  114. Beside shoes, bags are one of my addictions. I carry way too much in it including a measuring tape for site visits, iphone, sunglasses and 9 different shades of lipgloss to go with every occasion

  115. The beautiful cognac leather reminds of my days working on the ranch.

    In my bag you will find, a tiny wallet, sketchbook, black drawing pens, keys, crumblettes (my word little pieces of paper that have gone through the the wash, and I have pulled out my pockets) and a half empty bottle of diet coke.

  116. Beautiful! And I didn’t know scabby robot. All the usual stuff and I always carry my contact lens stuff, moleskin and pens, iPod Touch (tunes and appts) and my Canon camera for my Project 365 (Photojojo) for which I take a picture a day, every day. You can reach me at BarbR7@gmail.com

  117. just gorgeous. i’m obsessed!

    today in my bag: wallet, phone, lipgloss, glasses, random make-up, and receipts. please pick me – these items need a new home :)

  118. Yummy totes indeed! In my bag I’m carting around my MacBook, a stainless steel water bottle, Mrs. Dalloway, pencil case and sundry mundane necessities (lip balm, wallet, keys &c).

  119. In my bag: small wallet, iphone, keys, badge for work, extra roll-up bag, pen, gum, the new yorker, headphones (2 pairs one for talking on the phone, one for listening to music), sunglasses, water bottle, lara bar, coins, small bag with: pill box, tiny swiss army knife, bandaids, earplugs, tissue, mirror, chapstick, tiny hand lotion tin, gift cards, photos.

  120. lots of dog related goodies. poop bags, treats, etc.
    always lip goop, my phone and wallet. occasionally a plethora of other bags just in case i do some shopping on the way home. oh and floss. it’s essential.

    your bags are absolutely gawjuss!!!!! <3

  121. Stunning bag! The first things I throw into my bag: my wallet, sunblock, and sunglasses. I also keep a pen and moleskine book so I can record little inspirations as I find them. Some Burt’s Bees lip conditioner, cell phone, altoids (for my boyfriend to obsessively steal), and some hand sanitizer usually.

  122. In my purse right now: wallet, keys, phone, a “not a paper cup” cup, a spoon, a fork, sunglasses, 3 jolly ranchers, two packets of instant oatmeal, assorted lip stuff, a pen I think I accidentally stole from Wal-Greens, Old Navy coupons, lotion, my address book, a pack of Juicy Fruit, nail file, ear plugs, my ipod & earphones, an old tissue, several paint samples, and a tiny carved stone frog my dad gave me last week.

  123. the leather looks so soft.

    In my bag: keys, wallet, chapstick, business cards, blackberry and the current month’s book club book

  124. silver wallet, lots of keys on one “n” keychain, metro card, lip balm, lipstick, mini moo “business” cards, lost receipts, orbit watermelon gum

  125. LOVELY! That would be a great bag for day trips!

    Currently, my bag contains:

    My wallet, reciepts from the bank, post office, banana republic, and the cute coffee cart at city hall. Safety pins, scissors, and packing tape. Directions to my last out-of-town photo-shoot. Keys, pens, about 5 old “to do” lists. A nail file, and a few pennies for luck!

  126. I totally need a new bag as mine is oooold. In it? Wallet, make-up bag, keys, then a mixture of kid drawings, odd small toys left in the car I mean to bring back to the house, quite a few important documents I mean to file but end up carrying around…Nice big back would be awesome!

  127. Love this beautiful bag, so much that I’m commenting for the first time ever, even though I’ve been following sfgirlbybay for quite a while now! Love this blog, too!

    In my bag: wallet, Aveda Brilliant finishing gloss for my crazy hair, 2 Aveda pure-fumes, iphone, Burt’s Bee’s hand sanitizer and lip balm, a bejeweled compact mirror (wouldn’t have picked it but Mom gave it to me!), sunblock, Benefit lip gloss, lipstick, and posie-tint, an emergency bag (tampons, liners, concealer), an Emergen-C packet, 4 pens, 1 pencil, and a gift certificate for my favorite hair salon (Festoon) which I’ll be using tomorrow (this is minus all the receipt trash I took out while looking!).

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  128. Those are fabulous bags!!!! I would be lucky to have such a great bag!!!

    What you can find in my bag tends to change quite often but usually there is my phone, wallet, lip gloss, ipod, lose change, a vintage coin purse(with lots of pennies for some reason!!), my journal, keys, receipts, toiletries, lots of different kinds of pens, a little buddha my mother gave me, and usually a cardigan too!!!

  129. Ooh la la – beautiful bags!! OK, (looking into my purse) so in my purse is my wallet – umpteen receipts, lip gloss, tweezers, a toothbrush (just went to the dentist), my grandfathers ‘Captain Black’ measuring tape, a bag of beads from ‘The Sassy Bead’ store, floss (again the dentist!), an extra car key, a bulldog clip, a necklace, a battery and some ‘feminine supplies’ : ) Oh, gee, time for a purge I guess!!

  130. Always have wet wipes (for easy clean-up when my pre-schoolers throw food at me ;) & my ipod shuffle when I need to tune out!!

  131. Oh dear I absolutely adore that bag!
    Want want want!

    In my bag I keep more things than needed, hairclips, pens, paper, chewing gum, bike pump (though often VERY needed) and lots more.
    But what I always bring is my thrifted old wallet filled with family photos and friends, I never leave the house without them.


  132. ahhhhhhhhhhh, love love love this bag. obsessed, even. this “what’s in your bag” game is way fun, but my contribution is borderline embarrassing… I just took inventory and counted 12 tubes of lip gloss. TWELVE. goodness me. I also found my wallet, camera, and a Nicholas Sparks books. Equally as embarrassing as the lip gloss count!

  133. Contents of Bag: Clif Bar, favorite pens, note cards, thank you cards, goggles, crumbs, burts bees skin repair, aleve, marc hand me down mini wallet, Moneyball, $5 sunglasses, cowboy boots for repair, phone and cherries.

    Yay! Thanks!

  134. Ooh gorgeous! I have a baby change bag at the moment – perils of motherhood.

    I’d love a stylish bag all to myself! Although would fill it to the brim with everything but the kitchen sink ;)

  135. oh those are gorgeous.

    my go-to bag is a beach tote, with my everday essentials: wallet, cellphone, keys, water bottle, sunglasses, small umbrella, a notebook, a pen, a lip balm, hand sanitizer, and crumpled receipts.

  136. My purse is most often akin to a portable trash can! I’m always amazed at the stuff I stash in there that just needs to go in the garbage (I’m sure all those little bits and pieces end up in my purse because I’m seriously anti-littering–unless it’s littering my own purse!).

  137. Current contents: wallet, checks, phone, Burt’s Bees, gum, keys, aquaphor, pen, eye drops, thumb drive and sunglasses.

  138. Oooh, lovely.

    My tote currently holds my wallet, a little wool pouch for my sunglasses, a notebook, pen, barrette, lipgloss, water bottle and my iphone. Kind of boring.

  139. Gorgeous bag!!

    In my bag:
    Book (The Liar’s Club Mary Karr)
    wallet, keys, iphone, lip gloss
    several pens
    bobby pins / hair clips
    metrocard for the subway
    various slips of paper with notes jotted that I keep meaning to organize
    a card from my mom that makes me smile

  140. What beautiful bags!

    Let’s take a look into mine and see what’s in there…
    Phone, keys, notebook, pen, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, Barbie doll head, pine cone, a Wilco concert ticket from 2007, 3 plastic bugs and some tissue.

  141. Love that bag.

    My tiny bag contains:
    small moleskin sketchbook with pencil tucked inside and biz cards stashed in the back pocket
    loose bills, coins and cards
    lip gloss
    small zip bag containing:
    bobby pins
    ear buds
    coin from the Notre Dame cathedral

  142. gorgeous totes! what a lovely giveaway. i love a generously-sized bag to include the bare minimum baby essentials (cheerios, a diaper & a few wipees). i also carry a bit of mac cover-up & burt’s bees lip shimmer, my lovely but inexpensive forever 21 wallet, aspirin just in case, and my old 1st-generation iphone.

    tamaradean {at} gmail {dot} com

  143. Most of my stuff is normal + a tube of red lipstick (my grandmother taught me to *always* carry a tube of red lipstick! & babywipes (they can get a stain out of anything!)

  144. Ooh, love the bag!
    I’d fill it with what’s in my current one: two purses, diary, hand cream, lip balm, deodorant, lipstick, powder, eyeliner gel, nail file, scarlet rose shaped hair pins, my copy of Her Fearful Symmetry, a camera, stamps and directions to my new dentist. And 3 pens. And about 20 loose receipts.

  145. O M G!
    I am in LOVE- This tote (and all the bags) are just so in line with nature- I love it when instead of taming nature the natural beauty is enhanced.

    Thank you so much for hosting this-
    I just went to pick up my son from the airport and changed purses before I left so my purse looks great right now:
    Iphone, wallet, bottle of water, parking stub, lip gloss, business cards and keys-
    Have a great day!

    renladyofthearts @ gmail dot com


  146. Wow, what gorgeous bags! My quilted black purse currently contains a purple umbrella, overly stuffed wallet, a nectarine, weekly planner, and a pinwheel tutorial (could come in handy some day!).

  147. Stashed in my bag are three tubes of lipstick, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss, (can you tell I’m an orally inclined person?), two pairs of glasses, breath mints, hand cream, and my trusty emery board. Whew!

  148. Well..in my bag i have so many things..:
    Furious Pink lipstick
    Tear drops for my contact lenses
    A hello kitty pez dispenser
    My cellphone
    Fake LV wallet (hahah so embarassing!)
    personal cards
    4 pens
    home keys
    green earrings in case i have to go out after office
    public bus card
    hair clips
    zillions of little papers that i’ve been keeping there
    Oh…and wait untill i change to my weekend bag :S

    you can reach me at aleriveros@gmail.com :)

  149. In my bag is a notebook, my wallet, dr. pepper lipsmacker, revlon pink afterglow lipgloss, bath and body works sweet pea hand gel, vicks vapoinhaler, bath and body works coconut lime verbana lotion, my garmin (my lifesaver), my Iphone, and some tums :)

  150. sketchbook + pencils/pens
    small pouch containing: hair accessories, advil, wipes, feminine products, lip gloss, perfume solid
    iphone + my armband & headphones to wear it running
    wallet – bills, cards
    book – Timbuktu by Paul Auster
    compact reusable grocery bag

  151. oh my, love this purse. here is the unedited list:

    – receipts
    – rosebud salve
    – pens
    – keys
    – hair elastics
    – tampons
    – coin purse
    – (and yet…) loose change

  152. Let’s be honest, what is NOT in my purse?! But taking a look at my purse today, I have my…
    wallet, keys, camera, Nalgene water bottle, sunglasses, mini planner, Pilot G-2 10 pen, Fiber One granola bar, chapstick & lipgloss, hair twisty, “to-do” list, a few coupons, and a spoon! (Not too sure how that spoon ended up in there…!)

  153. Just read her Process and it makes me happy and want to SEW!!
    So, I finally gave in and made my Camera Bag(15.00 dollars at that big W place.-Yes Im embarrassed, but the darn bag works so perfectly-and is not awfully unattractive) THE BAG, because I could not carry my basic photography equipment in my purse.
    inside my camera and 2 lenses,battery charger,filters,memory cards, a think thin,gluten free bar,my snap closed wallet,a black pilot g-2pen,some brand new Moo cards,my Pink MOLESKINE calender journal,Laura Geller balance & brighten compact and brush,purple reading glasses,my printed flight itinerary for my trip home on Saturday! =)

  154. Okay, the bag I am actually using EVERY day for the past year is a scabby robot bag I bought at Renegade SF last year. I love it! This would be a great gift for someone though! I carry my Lotta Jansdotter makeup bag, an Orla Kiely wallet, my not an Iphone phone, a felted ball key chain for my keys, and a pen and small notepad for my sketches or my daughter’s. Pretty simple!

  155. My purse is the Magic Purse: pens, chapstick, aquaphor, cetaphil, lip balm, mokeskin notebook, wallet, keys, pads, phone charger, makeup sponges, emergen-c packets, various printouts, kindle, and sunscreen.

  156. In my bag I carry vaseline, my cellphone, a pen, paper, small notebook, my wallet, hand lotion, folded up plastic bag, sweets, earrings, pebbles my friend picked up and gave me and lots of receipts!

  157. Lovely! In my bag:

    a Bungalow 360 hummingbird wallet (so cheerful!), headphones, phone, Prairieland Herbs lip balm, keys, vitamins, letters to mail, and my tiny Mexican prayer wallet (it’s my lucky charm!)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. I love these! So pretty! In my bag I have my wallet, a vintage Clinique makeup pouch with lip gloss, concealer, lipstick, rose oil, etc., sunglasses, deoderant, and usually a diaper and wipes!

  159. HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE! I want, I want! As an artist I am usually carrying some unusual things:

    – $23.14 (not enough for that bag, I assume)
    – A wrench (to fix bike)
    – The Triplettes of Bellville (movie nite tonight)
    – gum
    – receipts (mostly for coffee…drug of choice)
    – pens/pencils and sketchbook I bought on trip to Rome 2 years ago, I kept the price tag “5 Euros” inside.
    – Laura Mercier undereye concealer and blush in “oleander” for on-the-go fix-ups

  160. <3 the bags! I love simple designs!
    in my bag – cash + plastics + lipsticks + some random biz cards + bunch of receipts + phone + pen = simple
    but I can use a bigger bag for my laptop for sure…^__^

  161. I am desperately in need of a new bag. Currently in my bag is:

    -August issue of Interview magazine
    -book: One Hundred Years of Solitude
    -Tide pen
    -Handy dandy clutch I’ve had since I started college & acts as my mini purse when I don’t want to take the whole bag in.
    -Christian Dior creme abricot
    -Korres lipgloss in Nude 33
    -Lancome Juicy tube in beach plum
    -pens (pilot precise V5: blue & black)
    -Moleskin day planner
    -sticky notes
    -Nikkon point & shoot digital camera
    -bobby pins
    -orbit’s sweet mint gum
    -to go salt packets (hmm…)

    wow. I just realized I carry a lot of stuff.

  162. my purse is a backpack today.
    inside is:
    my laptop, wallet, phone, keys, lipstick and chapstick, pocket knife, Willa Cather and Tom Wolfe books, ipod and headphones, just-in-case scarf, folder with work papers, lunch (hummus/celery/carrots, leftover pasta, and delicious Full Belly Farms peach).

  163. oh my gosh, thats a lovely bag!!

    In my bag today, wallet, phone, keys, work ID, moleskin notepad, chapstick, water bottle, and my lucky charm (a coin given by my grandmom). Oh, and a random pair of earrings I forgot in there.

  164. Oh I love them! and want one too!!!

    In my bag you will find: a point and shoot camera, tissues, wallet, carmex, emergency tampon, sunglasses, pens, pencil, moleskin, small agenda, cellphone and bus pass… Usually, not much money I’m afraid! :(
    I always use rather big bags, the kind you can just throw stuff into so these would be perfect!

  165. this bag reminds me of butter

    always in mine: aug-to-aug, novel, receipts galore, keys, chapstick, wallet, keys, and sunglasses :)

  166. I almost always have Burts Bees chapstick, reusable grocery bags, wallet, iPhone, iPad, sunglasses and Kleenex.

  167. A lot.. a wallet/clutch, a couple moleskin notebooks, pens, a camera, a few chapsticks, hotel lotion, ipod, and a bunch of other stuff.

  168. That is one great tote! In my bag-lip gloss, phone, iPod Touch, camera, wallet, Orbit gum, notepad, crochet pouch with tylenol&bandaids, fold-up shopping bag, home&work keys.

  169. My bag contains a library copy of the Grapes of Wrath and my current knitting project: fingerless gloves. This morning it also carried my lunch…

  170. – my Canon film SLR camera
    – Moleskine pocket planner
    – some freebie pencils
    – Joik honey lip balm
    – Swiss pocket knife
    – keys
    – sunglasses and a handmade case
    – cellphone
    – wallet
    – bobby pins and hair bands
    – sketchbook
    – water bottle
    – two painkillers
    – Burts Bees cuticle cream

  171. wallet, phone, silverware, chopsticks, bike lock, subway tokens, laptop, writing instruments, gum and ibuprofen.

  172. oooh, i love their bags. it’s about time i retire mine, too…

    here’s what my long-overdue excavation turned up:
    – keys
    – $$ + ¢¢
    – pen
    – gum
    – band-aids
    – phone
    – another pen
    – 8 receipts (1 apparently used for old gum — nice)
    – sunglasses
    – chapstick
    – rubber band
    – button (was wondering where that went)
    – 3 more pens (really?!?)
    – roll of film
    – collar tag for the best cat ever (r.i.p., obi)

  173. Beautiful bags and I love your blog!

    In my Camera/Everything Bag right now are the following items:

    *Canon DSLR, Two Lens and Memory Cards – NEVER leave home without the camera and at least one lens!
    *Red Leather Agenda and Journal – Also always with me!
    *Expandable File with Photo Notes, Client Notes InStyle Magazine, Vellum Pad, CD of Last Session to Mail
    *Black Leather Pencil Case with Fountain Pens, Colored Pencils, Swiss Army Knife, Tape Measure, Tiny Screwdriver, Sharpie
    *Business Cards and Case
    *Small Make-up Bag/Several lipsticks/glosses
    *Retractable Hair Brush/Hair Clips
    *Wallet with the necessities
    *My Droid Eris
    *iPod with Headphones
    *My Reading Glasses when not on my face!

    It’s freakin’ heavy but I wouldn’t want to leave anything behind!

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win one of these gorgeous bags – I know that whoever wins will be thrilled!

    Peace …

  174. Oh, beauty!
    In my bumbag (or fannypack as you may know it) (it’s a beautiful brown leather bumbag but I need to get more sophisticated and get a proper bag!)
    : credit card holder; mini moleskine notebook; mechanical pencil; london transport oyster card; scrunged receipts; old boarding pass for helsinki; nail polish ‘yucatan if you want’; artist’s business card; business card for finland’s lost property service; blister plaster; 75 euro cents; one contact lens (unused)

  175. Gorgeous!

    Let’s see… in my purse right now are yoga clothes, iPhone, keys, makeup bag, wallet, and pedometer!

  176. canon g11, makeups, ipod in cutie pie whale bag, cell, lemon gum, burts bees hand sanitizer and sunscreen, comb, bobby pins, sharpies, zyrtec and a screwdriver (from recent print exchange out of frame.)

  177. I hope I win! My bag holds keys, bobby pins, wallet, loose change, a pen, a mini-journal I rarely use, old bus tickets, and MAC lipgoss.

  178. Chic bag design!

    Today I am lugging around::
    lip balm
    BART pass
    lunch containers
    electro water mix packet
    throat coat tea packet
    water bottle
    random unused key chain

  179. So beautiful. In my bag: wallet with its many habitants, chapstick x 5, iPhone, Canon 40D, two pens, iPod, keys, camera usb and earphones.

  180. Moleskine journal and 18-month planner
    Timbuk2 wallet
    Pencil case (filled with all my favorite implements)
    Large Moleskine notebook for business plans and meeting notes
    Large key ring on carabiner
    To-Go silverware set and fabric napkin
    Small plastic toy camera and film
    Letter-writing supplies (including stamps and blank stationary)
    Empty film canister (for treasures)
    Headphones with microphone
    Emergency bus money
    Spare carabiner and bungee cord

  181. These gorgeous bags transported me to Florence ~ something about leather and good design always recall fond memories of my visits to this amazing European city. Way to go Scabby Robot!

    What’s in my bag ~
    wallet, iphone, an apple, little notebook, vermints, and raisins for my sweet crumb.

  182. LOOOOOVE these!

    What’s in my bag? My DSLR, yes, my bag is that big! Chapstick and of course some gum :)

  183. Beautiful bag! I tend to overload my bag – but they’re all essentials! Camera, wallet, notebook, water bottle, phone, keys, lipstick, gum, diary and whatever I am reading – right now it’s Bounce by Matthew Syed.

  184. How timely. I just organized my purse out this morning. Contents include wallet/checkbook, phone, cloth bag for shopping, notepad, knit change purse (gift from friend), clippers, mints, EO cleansing wipes and a little silk bag of mementos from my father that I always carry with me.

  185. I love the natural beauty of these leather bags!

    I usually carry a smaller purse enough for all the essentials. But on certain occasions I carry a larger bag if I know I’ll be in a waiting room or taking a train somewhere. In those cases I carry some reading material (book or magazine) a drawing pad and if there’s some room a box of junior mints!

  186. I desperately need a new purse/school tote for the upcoming semester and this one would be quite marvelous.

  187. love it! my bag has my card holder, ipod, moleskin planner, lipstick, burt’s bees pomegranate, blackberry, bandaids, pens, a mini umbrella (just in case), and wintermint flavored gum. oh, and my work id.

  188. LLLLLooooove this bag…would hold my camera/wallet/lipstick/vintage notebook/pen/and iphone soooooo well!

  189. Wow! what a beautiful bag! my own bag carries wayyyyy too much stuff: little handmade bags organize it all, one with first aid type stuff (bandaids, nail clippers, tylenol, lavendar gel, etc) one with the myriad of cards one needs these days, another with lipstick and blush and such… then i have the foldable grocery bags (3), a mesh onion bag that i use for buying mushrooms, a pen, my cell phone, and of course my wallet… i’m sure there’s lots more, but that’s the gist… !

  190. Well..I have lovely hanmade bag and inside…let’s see..one amount of keys and car key and ..my boys car and bandaid..some stones from park (if you didnt make me check what is in my bag I would’t even now I am wondering around with bag full of sones my kids put in),wallet,my huge family organiser,phones…that’s it

  191. Those are gorgeous!! My bag has a variety of lip glosses and balms, wallet, cell phone, mints, hair clip, a pink pen, black sharpie, a letter I need to mail, and some hand sanitizer

  192. LOVE this tote! In my bag today there is a Muji zip pouch with my Carte NAVIGO for getting around Paris, ID, stamps, a pen, a sketching pencil, a folding paper meter measure, tiny scissors. Then there is my wallet with cash, change and debit, cash and charge cards, tomany receipts. I’ve got a little black notebook where I list all the shops/places of interest I love (or know I will) by arrondissement, and sketch people on the metro. I’ve got a lipstick and a little brush, in there, too, two checkbooks and a red fabric shopping bag that folds up in its little case, and finally a little box of Compeed blister band-aids)

  193. My bag is full of hopes and dreams.
    My bag is bursting at the seams.

    In it I carry my every day things
    And an ideas book that really sings

    My bag is great but what a pity
    It’s old and worn and not so pretty.

  194. beautiful bags!

    i am almost always toting: wallet, keys, rosebud salve, cell phone, moleskin, pen, usb drive, ipod, mirror, eyeliner, reusable shopping bag, and hand moisturizer


  195. This bag is gorgeous! I love the cedar but the black silver is my favorite. My friends call me “Mary Poppins” because I carry literally everything in my purse. Need a safety pin, toothpick, chapstick, gum, small pair of scissors or a paperclip? I am your gal. :) Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  196. There is always at least one granola bar in my purse. People laugh, but when you find yourself in packed bar after hours outside watching fireworks? Your starving friends love you (and they don’t laugh anymore!).

  197. wallet, personal cell phone, work Blackberry, ipod Touch, keys, sunscreen stick, chapstick, small pen, purse hanger hook

  198. This bag is stunning!! It would be absolutely perfect to carry my school books!

    In my bag: wallet, keys, camera, chap stick, iphone, makeup, gum, pens, and whatever book i’m reading at the time.

  199. hmm let’s see! aside from the usual (wallet, keys, cell) i’ve currently got:

    -Rainbow flip flops
    -a bottle of Vitamin E (too much summer sun for this girl)
    -pink blush
    -a single earring
    -my summer reading (currently The Accidental Billionaires)
    -a 70’s photoboth picture of mom & dad
    -nutella! (fave afternoon snack)

    looove these bags!!!

  200. Beautiful! Wallet that I bought in Buenos Aires and adore. Keys (too many), ibuprofen, black pencil case, Moleskin day planner, sunglasses and cell phone for texting, texting and more texting!

  201. Oooo, gorgeous bag! I’ve finally paired down what I carry in my purse to lipstick, pressed powder,eye liner, gum, wallet, phone, mini hand sanitizer, a pen and hand lotion.

  202. Want to win, want to win!

    In my bag–oy! Wallet, keys, lip gloss, gum, hand sanitizer, mini-brush, blotting papers, tissue, hankie, pen and notepad. You’d think I was high-maintenance, but it isn’t so!

  203. Love this bag. Simply gorgeous. My bag contains a wallet (with little money in it), a make-up bag filled with my tricks to make myself seem naturally beautiful, car keys, sunglasses and a little emergency pouch with band aids, tampons, hair clips etc.

  204. in my bag… v neck shirt for pilates tonight, small bottle of water, lipstick, blackberry, and an empty wallet…meaning no money in the wallet. LOVE the bag simple and perfect… saw it on etsy when i was browsing.

  205. Phone, make up bag, mini hair brush, lipbalm, shopping bag, hand moisturizer, pen drive, wallet, keys.

    What’s in my make up bag, you may ask? Foundation, pressed powder, eyeshadow pallet, 2 eyeshadow brushes, blush, bronzer, eye pencils, mascara, lipstick, and so on. :D

  206. What a great bag!

    My tote has Burts Bee’s lip balm/ my blackberry/ my mini cooper keys/ the book I”m currently reading (Everything is Illuminated)/ my wallet/ my ray ban aviators in a case/ a note from my boyfriend/

  207. Beautiful bag! My purse is mostly full of receipts which makes it trick to find the wallet, phone, keys, lip gloss, hair clips and pens that live there too. Right now there’s also a box of whilimena peppermints in there – they don’t sell them in denver where i live and i’m savoring every minute they’re there.

  208. This bag is beautiful!

    My bag:
    sunglasses & case — necessary in California
    cell phone
    Moleskin notebook/planner
    small addressbook
    business card case
    bunch of change that missed the wallet
    random receipts & paper I haven’t managed to look through

    and my ONLY must have – a book.

  209. Oh my god, what’s not in my bag? I’m currently carting a Large (XL?) pink timbuk2 bag to and from work. On the bus. Not as classy as I’d like for working in an insurance office, but it’s big enough to hold: gym clothes, towel, books, magazines, wallet, makeup, pens and other sundry items. I would love this tote to drop all my belongings in!

  210. Please pick me! I am a children’s librarian that works with 3rd-6th graders. I am constantly toting around binders filled with programming and outreach materials. This bag would be much classier and professional than the backpack on wheels that I use for community outreach :)

  211. These are divine! I love it that they look old and worn…cannot tell you how much I love them. I’m my hand bag which seems to be bigger than me right now have hair grips doggy pooh bags, wallet, laptop, 8hour cream, a whistle not sure why, tissues, business cards, lip gloss, keys 2 sets, and a book about successful business! Think it needs a clear out! Oh I forgot the mints and perfume! Love it xxx

  212. Such lovely bags!

    My bag’s contents are pretty mundane: wallet, keys, cell phone, pen, moleskine, lip balm, lip pencil, train schedule, receipts…

  213. In my quilted mustard-colored bag from KAVU, I have: a coin purse that used to belong to my great-grandma (inside is written Nellie Dahle, room 315), a small notebook with a Greek key pattern on the covers, about 12 pens of various colors, a polka-dotted pencil case I use as a makeup bag (all there is in it is black mascara, some hair ties, and berry colored lipstain from Boots), a green tape measure on a keychain, my bronze G1 phone, and my keys. Oh! I just found a giftcard to Macy’s! Score!

  214. a spare diaper, my journal, my planner, carmex, keys, celphone, my point and shoot camera, random pens, a travel watercolor set, receipts and little bits of candy and a few toys to entertain my kids now and again.

    I think that would all fit in this lovely lovely bag.

  215. Lovely tote! I feel like there has been an explosion in my purse lately. To name a few things (ha), there’s…my wallet, a pair of funky shades, a phone, an ipod, tampons, bills, a charger, suckers from the bank, bubble tape (it’s 6ft of fun), a hair band, and a photo booth pics of my beau and I.

  216. Oh wow what a beaut she is!

    Currently in my bag (a brightly colored floral tote):

    -digital camera
    -makeup pouch (containing 8 different lip things)
    -two small notebooks
    -3 pens
    -aviator sunglasses
    -bubblemint gum
    -a novel (Dreaming in French)
    -receipt from Starbucks
    -small compact mirror

    What can I say, I’m a packrat :)
    Thanks for the lovely give-a-way, Victoria!

  217. I have a small purse and when its clean it houses a cell phone, wallet, checkbook, business cards, chapstick, lipstick and thats all. On a not clean day its full of receipts, flyers, pens, gum wrappers and too much more to mention.

  218. I love the tote!

    My bag contains a portable organizer (my design) containing hearing aide batteries, gum tin with m daily meds, eye drops, lip balm, fingernail clippers, gum, hand sanitizer, hand cream, envelope wallet a couple of pens, a couple of gum wrappers wrapped around used gum (ewww) and a few receipts.

  219. scabby robot = uber cool handbags!

    my handbag is always in military order….no room for rubbish or junk in my bag baby.

    So right now in my bag is; a purse (which also holds my house keys, car keys and business keys), a little cosmetic bag (which holds headache tablets, lip balm, nail file, nail varnish, hairclips, and ladies things – you know what I mean!), a diary, a business card holder, one felt tip pen, one liquid ink pen and a tube of handcream. And you’ll find it hanging on my wardbrobe door =) Notice, not a mobile phone, iPod or recipt in sight.

    And I’d love to see my things in one of those gorgeous cedar totes, especially as its my birthday on 11th August – one week to go woohoo =)

    Loving the blog as always. KA

  220. So so beautiful!

    I have some strange things in my bag generally. Dog treat crumbs, treat bag, tennis ball, yellow leash, a couple of band-aids, a teeny weeny Tabasco sauce bottle, a camera, loose change that didn’t make it to the coin jar yet and many, many poop bags.

  221. So I just drove across country (Pennsylvania to California) and my bag currently reflects my crazy state of mind: iPhone charger, bank receipts, keys, red lipstick, marc jacobs rollar ball perfume (naturally), rosebud salve. One could call it a Mary Poppins bag.

    This girl needs that oh-so fabulous giveaway purse so I can do a little refresh!


  222. Ooh, I looove scabby robot! I’ve been coveting one of those lovely totes for ages. My bag is full of stuff…ipod, phone, sketchbook, pencils, burts bees lip gloss, a lucky feather, and various rocks, sticks, and other outdoorsy bits I pick up along my way!

  223. i love this tote! my bag is packed to the brim: ipod, cell phone, wallet, moleskin, small makeup bag, about 3 or 4 books, tissues, rosebud salve! probably a lot more…

    great photos, too.

  224. Oh my gosh I loves me some scabby robot. Let’s see, what’s in my bag now: phone, 2-3 lip glosses, a little cash, a roll of pennies, a couple of hot wheels (for my little guy), my appointment book, fabric scraps, some almonds, gum, apple slices, and hand sanitizer.

  225. Wow, that bag is beeyooteeful!
    Too much in my bag: Kindle (finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, and it’s so good!), iPhone, several lipglosses, wallet stuffed with quarters for the greedy SF meters, lots of doctor numbers and referrals (this summer’s theme: doc appointments), my teacher/school calendar, kleenex, bobby pins, pens, powder, and a mini Sudoku book and pencil. :)

  226. I love those bags..pick me please..
    My bag is always full of stuff. that’s why I love my messanger bag, can fit a lot of stuff. my bag contains:
    cellphone, Camera D90, wallet, 2 asthma inhalers, gum, check book, pen, hair brush, make up case, coupons (lots of them), D&G lotion, keys, mails, antibacterial soap, lots of receipts, tampon.

  227. I love it! My bag has a journal, pens and pencils, wallet, chapstick, glue, mints, moisturizing cream, anti-bacterial gel, asprin and Excedrine, ipod touch, cell phone…
    I can only imagine my purse as the carpet bag Mary Poppins pulls everything out of.

  228. in my bag today: 4 different lipsticks, pink sequined wallet, bag of almond four(?) wine key, reusable bag for the market,and jaques pepin’s biography.

    love, love love the scabby robot bags!!!

  229. How beautiful. I fell in love with this line of bags when I first laid eyes on them some time ago.
    In my bag is hand sanitizer, cellphone, babywipes and diapers, chapstick, lotion, snacks, drinks, pens, mints, wallet with not much in it…LOL!!! coupons, (maybe a few crumbs) contact lens case and eyeglass case with a groovy pair of shades in it. I also have a pocket Bible and I often carry my camera for those oh so precious unexpected moments.
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    mrsjohnson1982 at yahoo dot com

  230. wow! beautiful bags!

    wallet, iphone, flip mino, camera, (see a theme here?) keys, sunglasses, dog poop bags, hair ties, pencil, yellow stickies for list making, sunscreen, red lipstick, red lipliner, cherry lip gloss, some receipts and a random vitamin I forgot to take…


  231. oh boy – waaaayyy too much, that’s what’s in my bag! wallet, iphone, biz cards, notebook (i still like some tactile sensations), measuring tape (you never know), makeup bag, photobook, shampoo I just bought and two pairs of sunnies!

  232. Beautiful bags! I have the usual stuff in my bag – keys, wallet, phone…along with gum, dental floss, band-aids, hand sanitizer, excedrin…wow, I never realized that it’s like a mini medicine cabinet in there!

  233. I love this bag! And I’ll comment, although I never win anything, but I do love to talk about the contents of my bag.

    Always with me…hand sanitizer, lip balm and my makeup bag (glosses, lipsticks, bandaids, benadryl, swiss army knife). Always, a tiny moleskine for writing down songs from the radio and apptointments. My orange wallet, blackberry and in the interior zippy part of any bag, my magic charms: a rock, 3 pieces of sea glass and a sterling silver quarter from the year my husband was born. (he’s older than me.)

  234. oh my, this is embarrassing!

    In my bag: a notice from a credit card company I keep meaning to read and call, several pens, tampons, a mirror, a lipstick, 2 half-used tubes of Aquaphor, wallet, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, swiss army knife, cell phone, lactaid pills, moleskine book and agenda, scarf, ipod, three packages of film I just developed.

    LOVE the bags!

  235. love them all, especially the silver one! my bag has my wallet phone and keys and then toys snacks and any and all misc that the kids shove in there!!

  236. fantatstic bags!

    Inside my bag? well, I`m always bringing my school work bag. since I`m an English teacher I always carry big bag of school stuffs. Now, I have a box of butter cookies, body splash (warm vanilla sugar by bath and body works), flower fairies alphabet coloring book, folder of students schedules, English speech for speech contest of my students, a pencil case, My schedule book, wet tissue, my classy wallet, comb, make-up kit, my iphone + earphones + charger, toothbrush, keys and chocolates. I always have chocolates in my bag.

  237. Let’s see, for the first time all summer there are no highlighters or books/papers related to studying for the bar! Finally only holds the usual — sunglasses, wallet, mints. So nice.

  238. In my bag I have: three passports, small wallet, three different types of lipgloss, Immodium AD, Rescue Remedy, Brain Games Picture Puzzles, Lit by Mary Carr, MoMA baseball cap, Necco Wafers, iPhone and charger, and Super Immune System Mushroom capsules.

  239. what a wonderful bag! i carry a wallet, small pouch with makeup essentials, keys, phone, healthy snacks, hand wipes, and a measuring tape!

  240. Unfortunately, ‘my’ purse is really, the ‘family’ purse. Which would really scare most if I confessed all that I keep in there. But, the short list is – wallet, sunglasses, cell, diapers, wipes and my ipod for when I just need to tune out the world!

  241. Fabulous idea: here goes:

    -Red lipstick
    -A black umbrella
    -Creme de menthe mints
    -A silver flask (ahem, empty)
    -Ping pong ball
    -Matches (you never know who might need a light)
    -Perfume stick
    -Packet of tubinado sugar
    -Ipod shuffle
    -A $2 bill for good luck (and as a last resort, in case I am absolutely without any cash)

  242. ooh beautiful bags!!
    in my purse:
    -sketchbook & micron pen
    -cell phone
    -re-usable bag folded up nice & small

  243. After extensive dental work, my bag now stashes sugar-free Lifesavers (instead of the sugary candies I used to carry), Wisps (portable, disposable toothbrushes–they are so great!), and unrelated to the dental work, my camera, reading glasses (they’ve become a necessity!), my husband’s reading glasses (or else he won’t be able to read off a dinner menu!), earplugs (you never know when you need to shut out the world), my zebra print wallet and checkbook, and, of course, my trusty i-phone!!!!!!

  244. This giveaway is awesome, i love it! <3
    in my bag:
    .white citrus hand cream
    .purple Coin purse
    .flower pattern wallet
    .makeup bag with: carmex, stila cream blush, brown eyepencil, sephora mineral powder, kimchi blue lip tint
    .Kleenex tissue on the go

    crossing my fingers!!(:

  245. I’m not even sure what is at the bottom of my bag, I never get that far down. Nearer the top… board books, rattles, wallet, lip gloss, nappies. These bagas are beautiful… a good reason to purge all my bottom-of-the-bag dregs!

  246. yarn(heathered gray wool and angora), knitting project (huge shawl), lip balm, keys, plastic bags(for doggie boo-boos), loose change, runt candies, sunscreen, keys, old receipts for cornflake Ritter Sports from World Market, wallet. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t see the bottom (too much yarn.)

  247. So fantastic. My bag is currently a bog of sundry baby items, receipts, chapstick, and notepads. I don’t really dare venture to far in there :)

  248. Wow, super uber giveaway!!!!! my big huge bag, which my husband calls the pit of despair (think Princess Bride). Inside on most days is: my polaroid sx-70 (‘cuz you never know ), Burt Bees lip shimmer in Champagne, Lamy fountain pen in glossy white, moleskine notebook, wallet, keys, key card for work, lists of things to do, buy, think about, and my blackberry.

  249. wow, not many people have posted crazy-lady bags, hopefully it will bring me good luck since I’ve been eying those purses for a while now.

    highlights from my curvature of the spine inducing beast of a bag include an acorn, a check for seven gazillion dollars from my husband (its about 5 years old now, but when a gazillion is officially recognized I’m in the money), a tangled mess of telephone wire I’m trying to finger knit in my spare time, stamp collection, loose pebbles, miscellaneous bottle caps and matchbooks, a date book, a sketch book, several discontinued papermate xtend mechanical pencils with 2B lead, sewing kit, odd buttons, a stash of souvenir flattened pennies, favorite fortune cookie fortunes including “its better to have beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear” (what?!), and a koolaid-dyed felted knit bag of about ten different shades of RED lipstick.

  250. My bag usually carries a good book, some school work, my wallet, change purse, keys and whatever goodies I’ve picked up downtown that day.

  251. I’m absolutely drooling over these bags! Oh my goodness!
    Currently in my poor worn out vintage hand tooled leather bag I carry my wallet, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, hand cream, chap stick, Garmin, cell phone, mirror, loads of old shopping lists and receipts, gum, change, check book, pens, extra paper.

  252. Love the bags – gorgeous!
    What’s in my bag? Diapers, wipes, lip gloss, keys, board books, iphone, first aid kit, sunscreen, bug repellent, gum, note book, pen, hat, wallet, sunglasses, and at least one water bottle.

  253. beautiful bag! I have way too much stuff in my bag and no matter how often I clean it out it fills back up again.

  254. whats NOT in my bag??

    i for some reason feel the need to carry everything i could possibly need for any instance of the day, whether it be:

    -total inspiration (notebook and pens)
    -food shortage or mental breakdown (little zippy of snacks)
    -sudden change in climate (sweater and scarf – it was 102 today but i still gotta be prepared!)
    -memorable moment (camera and flipvideo)
    -tragic hair day (bobby pins and hair things)
    -oh! and i guess a wallet for if i even needed to pay for anything : )

    beautiful bag by the way

  255. Seriously lovely bag. I could fit so much more stuff in there! My current purse is never without, my planner, idea notebook, wallet, keys, umbrella, and tangerine Altoid sours. They are a must have!

    Great giveaway. Here is to hoping I win!

  256. very adorable. i’m working as an intern this summer so i have a “work purse” and “fun purse”. work purse = laptop, pens, folders, etc. fun purse = wallet, reusable coffee sleeve, tide pen, lip gloss and camera. i pack fairly light.

  257. Always a knitting project, diapers, Burt’s Bees incredibly fabulous lip stain, and my super-annoying-Blackberry-that-needs-to-turn-itself-into-an-iPhone.

  258. Oh my- perhaps the better question is what isn’t in my purse! My husband calls it my “Mary Poppins” bag because you just never know what might be hanging out in there. Highlights currently include: three pars of sunglasses, lip gloss, phone, hand sanitizer, my old fashioned agenda, little journal filled with inspirational quotes, wallet, bobby pins and keys.

    What a fabulous bag- oh how I would love to fill it with my necessities!!

  259. sketchbook, watercolor pencils, Niji brushes, paintbox, and then all that other stuff that gets you through the day, metrocard, money, credit card, id . . . .

  260. so pretty!

    in my bag: planner, sketchbook, ipod, phone, wallet, black and red pens, tons of my daughters’ barettes, keys, plant cargo lipstick, smarties, a grocery list and a love note from my husband.

  261. Right now my bag has about 25 business cards from all the amazing artists I talked to at the Renegade Craft Fair!

    Hello Kitty *glamorous* house key (made my bf a matching one)

    Rhodia sketchbook

    Le Pen in several different colors

    Joanna Newsom concert ticket from Monday night (2 tickets actually: 1 that I bought for a mediocre seat, and the 1 that a very generous girl gave me at the show for a *shamazing* seat that I actually sat in. Thanks Moira!)

  262. I love these bags.
    I am kind of a minimalist: a small chilewich zippered clutch that holds my daybook (no iphone here or blackberry) and checkbook and small notepad and pen, my camera, my cell phone, a small leather clutch to hold my nicotine gum that I am now addicted to, my fake Prada wallet that my once very young son gave me after his trip to New York with his Auntie,my silver hair stick, MAC ‘high tea” lipstick and comb. Now I don’t sound like a minimalist at all.

  263. AwEsOmE bAg!

    For me? Well, I have my wallet, keys & phone. Then there are the wipes, dipes & random pairs of toddler socks for an indoor playground we frequent. In a separate pocket, I keep gift cards and paint swatches.

  264. Lovely, lovely bags…I could gaze at them for hours. In my bottomless pit of a bag? Wallet, camera, Ipod, phone, chap stick and doodles on scraps of paper my daughter has done in various stages of the day.

  265. My bag holds a lot…some of which includes: Wallet, L’annine hand lotion, Buxom lip gloss, tape measure, velvet samples, ipod, hand sanitizer, Extra spearmint gum, etc.

  266. I seem to carry my state of mind around on my shoulder…when my life is busy so is my bag! I currently have 2 tennis balls, many crumpled reciepts, keys, purse, 3 lip balms/sticks, “The Crafter’s Devotional”, fabric cut offs/swatches & a couple of mechanical pencils, but no notepad, hmmm.

  267. Delish bag!

    I have in my bag: white handkerchief – pack of kleenex tissues – rose-scented lip balm – emergency tampons (for me and/or any woman in need) – coin bag full of quarters (i live in san francisco!) – camera – wallet – nail clipper – bobby pins – hair elastic – sharpie – ink pen – gum – floss – phone – purell – something fuzzy – keys.

  268. forgot the keys, to the bike, the house, and the car, These are special keys, they are two silver sacred heart lockets with my sons’ faces looking at me, on an amazing industrial gizmo my boyfriend made, and they make the most beautiful sound when they clink.

  269. What gorgeous totes! In my bag right now, I have a wallet, chap stick, an ipod, granola bars [you never know when you might get stuck without a snack!], and a travel sized emery board. All a lady needs!

  270. love this bag– hard to find something utilitarian enough for carrying life around in that still looks great, and will even better with age!

  271. Oooh, so pretty! Here’s what I’ve got:
    sweater, jacket, lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss, foolishly small notebook, perfect orange-red Japanese pen, gum wrappers, so so many muni tickets, cocktail pick from a great night at Vespertine, old issue of Martha Stewart, & twine. If I win I promise not to junk up my lovely new bag! Thanks, Victoria!

  272. Mmmm, I have been dreaming of a leather tote for a long time – I always carry books and when it rains….they get wet :( A leather tote would be perfect for me. I always have obviously – wallet, keys, phone, asthma inhaler (dorky I know), paper, pen, and right now two books about Hegel and a banana. Yum.

  273. I’m trying to purge what’s in my bag right now – used to always have a camera, multiple notebooks and planners, and some melted gum. Now, lipgloss, my iphone, and a pen are my staples!

  274. only in my dreams to have a purse like this one!
    hopefully a dream come true!
    let’s see, what’s in my bag?
    cell phone
    planner and pencil (because nothing is set in stone)
    change purse
    make up bag
    house keys & car keys (separate in case i loose one)
    small sketch pa/note pad (so i don’t forget the many ideas i have
    wrigleys winterfresh gum
    business card to the nearest chiropractor for my back (just kidding)!!!

  275. Ooh, Such a lush bag!
    What’s in my bag?
    – L’Occitane shea butter hand cream, a few Pens, a small Notebook, Cellphone, Sunglasses, Wallet , lip liner and lipstick, Altoids mints, Excedrin, Compact, House keys, Camera, a few folded up paper towels, my iPod and a bus transfer

  276. Well, I’m basically a mom when it comes to my purse (even though I have no children). I have the basics: wallet, phone, keys, etc. But in addition, I always carry a snack, enough change for any emergency, some ibuprofen (someone always needs it), extra chapstick, gum, a couple pens, and any random thing that I think I might need that day. Let’s just say, my purse can sometimes be mistaken for a cinderblock.

  277. I love the simplicity of those bags, they’re absolutely beautiful! In mine is a moleskine full of all my favorite places and addresses, the hold-all wallet, and my blackberry. I like to keep room for unexpected surprises found throughout the day!

  278. Ah, cedar! I live in cedar country and never tire of the smell. In fact, yesterday I bought four cedar hangers for my closets and I’d love the bag.

    What’s in my bag. I’ll try, but it’s probably easier to answer what’s not. Receipts, pens (lots of pens, I love pens), keys, camera, glasses, hand cream, hand wipes, Frisk, Tazo Earl Grey teabags (several), and lipstick. No wallet, no comb (none needed for wild, curly hair).

  279. i’ve been eyeing off this exact bag for a while!
    in my bag ~ wallet, iphone, earphones, lip balms, work security card and keys, moleskine diary and notebooks, and cutlery

  280. oooh so pretty!

    I try to make my bag as mary poppins like as possible! Inside, I have a travel sized bottle of aspirin, gravol (for carsickness!), deodorant, and bandaids. I also have a wallet for my credit cards and money, and another wallet for receipts. iphone, earphones, journal, bible, hand sanitizer, and a bag holder. Sometimes there’s an umbrella in there too!

  281. That bag and me were made for each other:)

    In my bag: a bike lock, sunscreen, a book, a magazine, a headlamp (You never know when you’ll be stuck on the bus at night), cell phone, keys (a lot of them) a stash of receipts that I haven’t thrown out, a wallet, a usb drive (always good to have one on hand) and Cashews (always have to have a snack close by).

  282. I confess. I carried a hammer around in my bag for a bit. I needed it to rehang pictures in my flea market booth and forgot to take it out for a time. Then there is my actual wallet, keys, cell, calculator, 5 lip glosses, a giant eyeglass case for my prescription sunglasses, 4 pens, a bag of almonds and dried cranberries, a pocket Bible, ipod, and a bajillion receipts.

    But c’mon… a hammer. That’s worth a new bag right?

  283. Yes!! I love their bags!! whats NOT in my bag – keys, wallet (durrr), 3 notebooks of varying sizes, cosmetic pouch (with a hundred more knick knacks inside), pencil case, phone, moisturizer, sunblock, hand sanitizer, umbrella, socks, tissues, scissors.

  284. most boring bag contents ever: iphone (probably uncharged), pack of gum (most likely empty), LOTS of thrifting receipts, a debit card or two, lens cap, advil…see what i mean?

    i am so confident this pretty bag will make me more interesting and over-prepared ;)

  285. I recently went to a friend’s bridal shower and we played a rather fun game, which all depended on what we had in our bags! I had the lowest score, which was 13 and one of the ladies had over 200 points. I’m pretty minimal when it comes to carry things around… I carry 4 things in my tiny canvas tote bag; a wallet, phone, lip gloss, and keys!

  286. beautiful craft. I love bags. in my BAG:
    keys date book, one million pens, chapstick, a baggy with fresh lavender, wallet and journal. woooooooo hooooooooooo! thanks for the chance of winning!

  287. Water bottle.
    Book (don’t leave home without it).
    Wallet (which is actually just a small leather-zipped pouch).
    Hair pins.
    Lip gloss (that I always forget to put on).
    Some ladies necessities (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
    Business cards (mine, and of other places I think are neat).
    Sometimes, I even carry a flask with me. (Ok, not all that often, but it has happened.)

    Great giveaway!

  288. Whats in my bag? A travel bag of diapers and wipes, an extra onesie, delicious wallet I just made from beautiful Japanese fabrics, Origins compact, old lipgloss in the shape of a Christmas tree (cause thats how I roll), a paper fan, and some coins from South Africa.

  289. oooo! LOVE!
    Currently? Lots of things that do not need to be there.. receipts.. chap stick. Stella Lipgloss. Wallet. Way-fares. Bobby Pins. Avenno lotion. some bangles. Aleve. keys. small notebook for wedding nots ;) and ipod!
    :) hooray for giveaways!

  290. Wallet, business cards, phone, travel items (loyalty cards), randoms (bandaids, mints).

    Just the essentials…

  291. What’s not in my bag? We’ve got lip gloss, wallet, lots of business cards – my own and others’, a couple gift cards, a postcard from a cute shop in the Mission, sunglasses, a camera, directions I printed out yesterday (I should throw that away), keys, and my cell.

  292. Doctor’s are heralded for their bag O’Tricks. Mary Poppins had a good one. You open the Bag o’ Tricks, and there is a sudden explosion of sounds, colors, and random flying objects. I think organized purses are a rare breed. Right? Mine too. I try to have a place for everything which lasts for … awhile. And then … evolution. What can I say? Everything explodes into chaos.

    Currently, if I were to spill the contents, you’d find.

    – Way too much makeup. I do it in the car while the hubby drops me off at work. I think of it as time saver.
    – Unpaid bills – I’m trying to remind myself to be good.
    – Netflix return mailer – yes we watched it last night. Billy the Kid. Check it out.
    – Camera. Can’t do without that can we? Might find a good shot.
    – Notebook. For recording Deep Thoughts a’la Jack Handy. Or random things I need to check out.
    – Tweezers. For my anal habit of immaculate brows.
    – Glasses. I’m blind folks.
    – Water bottle. It’s still way to hot. Wanna make sure I don’t die of heat exhaustion.

    I guess it’s all “N” Da Bag.

  293. wow these are beautiful bags!
    in my bag is: wallet, cell, ipod, note book, pen, lip gloss. just the basics cause i tend to switch purses every day or two!

  294. Vinnie’s tampon case. People always laugh when they see it for some reason… It’s handy for my Burt’s Bees lip balm, tissues, bandaids, Tylenol, and well, tampons.

  295. I just got back from a trip so my bag is overflowing at the moment… I have a little red leather clasp change purse, a zippered bag I made for lip gloss and what not, my iphone, 3 Moleskines, 2 magazines, an assortment of colored sharpies, and heaven only knows what else.

  296. Oh, I love this bag! In my awesome moop bag I have lip balm, iPod, crochet hooks, pens, notebooks, sunglasses, regular glasses, bandaids for my kids who think bandaids cure everything, sometimes some wool and some hyperbolic space if I’m lucky. Cheers!

  297. i tote hemp lipbalm, a tiny zip purse from thailand that my uncle gave me, a moleskine dayplanner, and my itty bitty phone. you guessed it, my bag is about the size of a pocket.
    with a new (much improved, more spacious) one i would definitely lug around my latest pleasure read and a water bottle.

  298. oh man! I love this bag! Currently in my bag there is: wallet, toddler pouch [diapers, wipes, crayons, etc.], glasses, notebook, vitamins, and at least two scarves. In my toddler’s purse: Dora wallet, Dora phone, Dora figurine, a play stick of butter, and a deck of cards she swiped off the coffee table.


  299. Aaaaggghhhh these are PAINFULLY beautifull! ; ) Just LOVE them!

    My bag contains my passport (just incase I get whisked off to another country, hie hie hie but this month I am doing a bit of African traveling), ID book, Pen, handcream, umbrella, 6x eniroasax for the impromptu shopping spree, albeit groceries ; ( handbag hook, eye drops and the odd receipt that ends up cluttering my whole bag…

    So as you can see I really do make good use of a largish bag! ; )


  300. looks well crafted. exquisite!

    in my purse: my moleskine planner, my blackberry, my keys, coin purse, and my little traveler’s bag (which includes a mirror, burt’s bees lip balm, oil blotting sheets, gum, & a pen. it moves from purse to purse) i try to keep it minimal since i switch bags so often!

  301. That gorgeous tote – oh, how nice it’d look hanging off my shoulder!

    me: kids stuff, baby stuff, kids stuff, my wallet, phone and keys.

  302. Wallet containing way too many credit cards, makeup bag with lots of lipgloss, gum, keys, smart phone, checkbook…pretty boring actually. I need this bag to spice things up!

  303. Wallet; about a dozen lipsticks, glosses, stains and balms; phone; sewing kit; sunnies; sunscreen, aspirin, bandaids; tide to-go pen; iPod; planner; gum — lots of gum. I just downsized, but I’d love to go back to a larger tote to fit in a water bottle, books, journals, and a scarf or two.

  304. Wow. Love the bag.
    Not sure if they would send it to norway, but fun to participate anyway :)

    My bag contains:
    sunglasses, umbrella, notebook, Paul Auster- the New York trilogy (book), a couple of letters that should have been posted last week ;), 4 different types of gum, lemsip(cold and flu medicine), nailpolish, wallet, compeed, lipbalm, lipstick, summermagazine for a Norwegian bookstore, fisherman’s friend, aspirin, pen, Iphone, keys, change, creditcard-holder, fabric-bag for shopping, toothbrush and toothpaste (dentist last week) and some different kinds of candy, receips and old cinematickets.

  305. Awesome bag. Love it.

    My bag contains a book (biography of Margaret Olley), ipod, lipstick, wallet, lucky elephant key ring, keys, pens, notebook, hair ties, blackberry, brush, glasses case, bandaids, sunglasses, nail clipper, nail file and work id.

  306. Lovely bag!

    Sunglasses, Book (currently The Power of Now), postcards I should really send home before going home myself tomorrow, my UN Intern badge, iPod, receipts I should throw away, Pepto Bismol, Bandaids (I was a nanny for way too long), hopefully some cash, at least three hair elastics…

  307. i am in ct but my mate di is in sf now and back to ct in a month.totally utterly in LOVE with the tote. in my bag: pendulum for decision making; book on how to get kids not 2b fussy eaters; cheap perfume; huge bunch a keys; pens in case i forget hair clips but have kids hair clips; purse; necklace chains 2b fixed. heaps and heaps of patience

  308. What’s in my bag? Well, well, it’s full of magic: moleskine notebook with secret maps and misspelled love messages that only I can understand, treasures collected by the kids like feathers, stones, pine cones and then of course the usual paraphernalia: credit card, coins, sunglasses, keys, metro tickets, a screwdriver (yes, I swear! Because I have the strange habit of salvaging used things abandoned on the sidewalk). Well, in a nutshell, I could use such a large and wonderful bag. Let the magic wand decide!

  309. Well hi there beautiful tote, that Scabby Robot sure is clever at making gorgeous bags…
    My bag this week will be mostly full of sand… I am on holiday! I am reveling in the joy of no keys, no phone, and no responsibilities for a whole week!
    A chic new bag would sure make going back to work ALOT easier ;-)
    H xx

  310. What a gorgeous bag!
    In my bag at the moment I have nappy change stuff, a knitting project, string bags in case I need to get some shopping or carry library books, water bottle, camera, phone, wallet, sunglasses, sunhats for me and the kids, pen and notebook.

  311. Really love it!
    In my bag are always a lot of pens, my little watercolor box, keys, a clasp knife, my sketchbook, whatever I am reading and chocolate! :)

  312. FAR TOO MUCH!!! I wonder why I get a neck and shoulder problem from time to time. Well here goes…pen/s(some how I always end up with about 3), coin purse with at least 4 lipsticks (you never know what colour you may want), wallet, phone, keys, my set of 3 baggu (Eco grocery bags, Ray Bans, hair brush, handkerchief, pack of tissues (not sure why I need both), todays shopping list (plus about 5 old shopping list, breath freshner, daughters passport (my daughter needed it to get her learners drivers license today!)and there is more lurking down there…some days I try and add my SLR!
    Love the Tote!

  313. Oooow – these are gorgeous!
    Today in my bag I have: ~
    Purse, coin purse, cheque book, keys, a red Moleskine diary, a small Moleskine notebook, a pencil, a crocheted pouch containing wipes, tissues and dog poo bags, a leaflet from a sofa-cushion repair service & my phone.
    Not very thrilling, but there it is!
    (Thanks for arranging this lovely giveaway!)

  314. In my bag: Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik, passport, sunglasses, wallet, water bottle, hotel key, and black licorice.

  315. lovely bag! I try to keep it simple – the basic cards, burt’s bees lip balm, dog pick up bags (usually 2), face powder, android phone, pen, sometimes canon powershot.

    Kerri – Paris to the Moon is the BEST!!!!

  316. I covet. What’s in my current, admittedly pathetic-looking bag: Wallet and keys, cell phone, extra diaper or two, notebook and pen, a constantly rotating book (currently The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee)

  317. Lovely bags, lovely blog!

    Today’s bag load includes: iPad, iPhone, Moleskine DayPlanner (and yet I’m no where near organized), my work badge bag, cigarettes, kleenex, wallet, pencil case, altoids, keys, glasses, mini make-up kit.

    Thanks for organinzing

  318. Great bag!

    In my bag (which I try to keep light since I’m always climbing on and off my boat) are a: Mesh zippered bag with too little cash and a few cards, Filofax, two keyrings, Moleskine notebook for lists (without which I cannot function) and pen, lip balm, mints, protein bar, tin with various pills for just-in-case, phone, a book. (But now I’ve decided I should be carrying things such as a passport, a hotel key, an airplane ticket, and a magic wand.)

  319. Love those bags!

    In mine: sharpened pencils, notebooks, fountain pen, wallet, iphone, keys, lip balm, paperclips, white out, pencil sharpener, file folders.

    and I agree with above decision to ad passport, hotel key, plane ticket and magic wand. awesome.

  320. In my bag: Burt’s Bees lip balm, Moleskine sketchbook (personal), Moleskine sketchbook (for the Sketchbook Project), wallet, keys to the bug, vintage compact mirror, sunglasses, headphones, a variety of pens and pencils, and my iPhone.

  321. In one wee red bag I’ve fit: my keys, markers for my sketchbook, my sketchbook, a pen and pencil for morning crosswords, today’s crossword 1/3 completed, a list of deadlines for an upcoming show, my current reading material, my ipod and headphones, a stuffed wallet, notebook, roll of film waiting to be developed (contents unknown), binder clips, nail file, and lipstick by sonia kashuk (shade: bordeaux).

    Visual representation via cell phone (which was previously in the purse. Not pictured.): http://www.flickr.com/photos/closertotheocean1/4862579505/

  322. Woderful bags. My bag – has old receipts, new receipts, a small can of urethane, just in case, no keys, as we don’t lock out doors where I live, a baguette bag, for my loaf a day, just a little money, mostly coins scattered at the bottom of the bag that I rifle for everytime, prayer beads and “A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian.”

  323. my big bag.
    at the top:
    the wallet. the notebook. the phone. the usual.
    at the bottom:
    tiny bits of road metal.
    good parking lot pebbles.
    strangers’ lists from grocery carts.
    the shape of this beautiful bag is designed for a magpie.
    best to you all!

  324. let’s just dig through and see… 2666 by Roberto Bolaño, my wallet, a few vagrant bobby pins, half a pack of Belmonts and, miraculously, my keys.

  325. beautiful bag!

    as for what’s in mine…
    ticket stubs, several of the quote tabs that come at the end of tea-bag strings (a growing collection :)), several pens, chapstick, a book (today, it’s “saltwater buddha”), planner, cellphone, i-pod, keys, wallet, pad of post-its, the occasional banana and box of altoids

  326. In my bag: roughly 10 chapsticks/lip glosses/gooey products, bobbie pins galore, sunglasses, coupons, a notebook, pens, phone, tiny iPod, and a rotating cast of other bric-a-brac.

  327. Love those bags!
    My current bag has 8 pockets which means I can never find anything when I need it.
    This exercise has forced me deep into each pocket.
    1- Phone
    2- £2.51, a lighter, fruit pastels, keys
    3-i pod, lip stick
    4- a pack of kirby grips
    5-scarf, purse, umberella
    6-hair brush, sketch book, pen and magazine
    8- empty!

  328. I would purge it all for one of these beauties! Right now, I have money from Italy, England, and Greece in pitifully small amounts, and lots and lots of lip balm.

  329. No matter what’s in my bag, I ALWAYS have a book. When I get stuck in a line or a waiting room, I always have something good to read.

  330. i am enamored with that bag!!
    in my current bag: 2 sets of keys, 4 different lists, band-aids, burts beets res-q ointment, 13 lip glosses/sticks, dental floss, wallet, hand sanitizer, business cards, a hair tie, iphone, and a sample of tom’s toothpaste.

  331. Whats in my bag? A good ole mystery novel,keys,lipstick and gloss,a couple diapers for the wee man,a wallet,cell phone,and a a zip lock bag of walnuts in case I get hungry and I don’t want to cheat on my diet!

  332. Holy Cow! Fabulous bags and I am in need of a new one. My bag is light…wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick.

  333. LOVE IT!!!
    My bag wears many hats! In one moment, it is by my side trying to upgrade my feminine appeal stashed full of bright lipsticks, big earrings, lots of rubber bands, and of course sunglasses. In another, it is jammed packed full of handy wipes, tiny tubes of tylenol, spray neosporin, easy to tote little figurines of dinosaurs, cars, and whales, small books, and organic suckers. My bag helps me bounce between these two people that I am, I need to be and I want to be all at the same time!! A new bag could really give my old one a nice break from such a demanding job!!!

  334. Hmmm…what’s in my bag? Wallet, mp3 player, phone, sm. umbrella, band aids, keys, coupons, moleskine….sometimes curious cat paws.

  335. What a GREAT bag! I have so much in mine- extra socks for my son, and inhaler, extra dog lease for helping strays, advil, lipgloss, wallet, and more crap. :)

  336. If you could call it a purse (its big enough to be a weekend bag) :)
    my phone and keys, never in a place I can find them, i-pod touch, two journals, one for writing one for my photography notes, various pens, a dozen lip glosses, all my bills so I don’t forget to pay them, whatever novel I am reading at the time (Eat, Pray, Love), wallet, usually a skein of yarn and some knitting needles or crochet hooks for whatever project I am working on, Sunglasses, and of course my point and shoot camera so I never miss a memory! Oh and did I mention I L.O.V.E this bag! :)

  337. Darling bag!!! Sometimes I’m embarrassed to say what’s in what my fiance calls my “Mary Poppins” purse…. aside from the usual wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, and girl supplies, you will find… oatmeal packets, green & chai teabags, contact lens case, lip gloss galore, a scarf, “wipe-ees”, Luna Bar, and the latest novel I’m glued to. :)

  338. bags are so beautiful…camera always, crayons, usually a toy my son doesn’t want to hold anymore and lots of “treasures” he finds while we are out and about…then wallet, cell phone (that I never hear ring), car keys, etc…

  339. such a cute bag! in my bag is: my wallet, two chapsticks, mascara, a brush/mirror, hand sanitizer, hair ties, a sookie stackhouse book, meds, loose change, cell phone :)

  340. Great bag! What’s in my beat-up purse.. a Swiss army knife (MacGyver type), wallet, gum, pen & paper, camera, lip stick, brush, lotion, phone, keys, cd. This purse needs to come to my house and hang with me… Thanks

  341. Gorgeous bags!
    In my purse: my agenda (cannot live without it!), lip gloss, wallet, hand cream, small notepad, eyeliner, keys, pen, and a whole lot of misc. receipts that I never get around to throwing out!

  342. oh that bag is so cool…

    as far as whats in my bag…the question should be what isn’t!

    i of course have my BB, at a minimum 5 lip glosses, yes i have a thing about my lips, keys, at least 1 mag, a reusable bag to hold any goodies purchased, wallet, sunglasses, digital camera, flip cam, body sunblock, facial cream, hand cream…

    and that’s on a light day!

  343. Gorgeous bag, so delicate and perfect!

    Today my bag contains:
    my pink wallet
    a little vintage mirror
    a sketch book and some color pencils
    my cellphone
    a book to read while in the subway (Nausea by J.P Sartre)
    and my iPod

    Your blog is brilliant by the way!

  344. gorgeous, simple, structural. in my bag: wallet, iphone, aquaphor, comb, other lipgloss, film camera, moleskine, umbrella, some form of reading material, headphones, mints, etc :)

  345. Cell phone, lobster mints from LL Bean, big old wallet, lip gloss, and a pen. I’d LOVE something like this so I can also carry my laptop!

  346. In my bag: wallet, keys, my mother’s camera, phone, headbands, chapstick, Burt’s Bees lotion, Bar M ticket stubs

    All in all quite practical.

  347. Let see: One folded pad of yellow paper, sunscreen, wallet, keys, iPod, change, Ben and Jerry’s coupon, a bag of paper clips, and some pens.

  348. 9 pens, 6 lipsticks, 2 chapsticks, 3 notebooks, a whole lot of receipts, a wallet, a cellphone, an unidentified piece of what apparently was a food product in a dirty wrapper? tape measure, a corian sample, 3 separate coin purses (because i love them all) my camera . . . .and a . . . . .

  349. currently in my bag: my wallet, three pairs of sunglasses, the map thingie you pick up on your way into Ikea, two Ikea mini pencils, a necklace, a ring, an empty pack of gum, 3 highlights (yellow, orange, and pink), my cell phone, my keys, a camera, lipstick, a couple of packs of raw sugar, a hand full of tissues, a birthday card, a bill that I need to pay, my check book, a bunch of random papers I should really go through, a plastic bag with gift cards, a yellow zebra print notebook, and some misc stuff just floating around

  350. gorgeous bag

    in my bag: a myriad of paper lists of things to do, ipod, wallet, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, altoid mints

  351. Love this bag! In mine: two wallets, several leaky pens, a small blue notebook, cell phone, gum wrappers, keys, several kinds of lip balm, loose change, and a coupon for my local coffee shop.

  352. Dark sunglasses, cool Japantown tin being used as a wallet, a wad of cash, lip gloss, lip balm, and a french red lipstick, a turquoise blue fine point felt pen, gum, an old movie ticket with the names of movies I want to go see, old receipts, my groovy coin bag, my cell, my camera and two ticket stubs from last nights Blondie show at the Fillmore.

  353. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and indeed, YUMMY BAG! I’ve been on the hunt for new bag for months and can’t find my perfect FIT! This would sure be it!!!
    In my falling apart, but long time friend, my purse/kids backpack/hubby’s misc things holder – I have MY VIP lipstick & gloss, wallet, VB credit card holder, pens, checkbook, Blackberry, stray McD Happy Meal toys and/or Hot Wheels (that come out at the most inappropriate times!), wipes, purse size Lola and many, many old candy or gum wrappers! :( Must have good reason and POSH bag to clean that sucker out! :)

  354. whats in my bag? I shall lay out the evidence:

    exhibit a. a diary (cause one should always have something sensational to read on the train!)

    exhibit b. an ipod (stuffed with an eclectic random mix)

    exhibit c. a “baby-bottom-soft” yellow wallet

    and last but not least, exhibit d: stuart little (who was rescued from in front of the Hope Diamond in Washington DC)

  355. in my bag: kurt vonegut’s slaughter-house five, pocket sized notebook for drawings and note-taking, yashica t4, an extra film just in case, wallet from free people, iphone :)

  356. oh my goodness, that tote is amazing!! i try to carry a small purse to eliminate junk accumulating, so currently all i have in my bag is a phone, wallet, keys, lip balm and some peppermints :)

  357. Hi! Running around town & in my “hood” (I live in a marginal area) – I use a grocery sack for a purse. Since SF banned plastic bags, I’ve accumulated darling totes & sacks, so why not use them as a purse! They are roomy, inconspicuous & if they get wet or dirty, no biggy. BUT if I had this GEORGOUS Cedar Tote – I could use this for the evenings or special times. This tote is timeless and I trust will last forever….Crossing my fingers! tesa@mymelody.com

  358. I’ve been following you on google reader for a while now and love every post, so consider this my “I love this site” inaugural post!

    What a lovely tote!

    My little leather purse (found free in a give-away bin… love freebies!) is practically bursting at the seams.

    I am carrying:
    -wallet and checkbook
    -small collection of pens and a small notebook for catching my thoughts
    -one stray quarter
    -lavender face papers
    -ticket stub from “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky” last night
    -mail box key
    -vintage pocket mirror with a picture of the “Last Supper” on the front
    -“Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress” hardcover with receipt from the cleaners as a bookmark


  359. That tote is gorgeous!
    I schlep: Sunglasses, notebook & pen, ipod, phone, wallet, hairbrush & hair ties, mini umrella, envirosax, lip gloss, eyeliner, advil, hand sanitizer, keys, gum, and nearly always a snack. One shoulder’s stronger than the other from carrying the weight!

  360. what a lovely tote!

    in my satchel…
    – a bag of fresh four barrel coffee
    – moleskin planner
    – yarn and crochet needle
    – vintage coin purse
    – various postcards from local artists
    – power crystal
    – renegade craft fair program
    – rent check
    – keys and iphone

  361. Amazing bag! I have to carry a larger bag to work – 45 minute subway & walking commute, so I always have wallet, blackberry, iPod (crucial), lip gloss, sunscreen, umbrella, and often a change of shoes.

  362. Nice bags! Let’s see, in my bag at the moment: 4 reusable shopping bags, cell phone & charger, i-pod, 2 gig jump drive, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ‘White Chapel’ perfume in a roller bottle, change purse, prescription sunglasses, Altoids peppermint & ginger flavors, lip gloss, checkbook/creditcard clutch, one ice cream cone bubble blower, a pair of kitten heels ‘that ate my foot’, a penny car, 3 rocks, a square nail, the paperback book i’m currently reading….^_^ sheesh no wonder this thing ways a tonne!!!

  363. I always have the usual: lip gloss, sunglasses, wallet, mixed with random crazy stuff: paint brushes, a fork, tape measure…

    I have been obsessed with this tote for some time!

  364. A bag after my own heart. Nothing better then a beautiful yet functional leather bag. Makes you feel strong and important while looking snazzy all at the same time.

    My Bag Stash:
    1. camera (I’m a pro photographer…would be weird if I didn’t!)
    2. wallet
    3. keys
    5.lip balm
    6. two pens (black & blue)
    7.reusable shopping bag folded into it’s own neat little pouch
    8.agenda book
    9.business cards in a nifty little holder
    10.hand sanitizer
    12. gum (I’m anti-bad breath all the way)

  365. Lot’s of stuff: dog treats, cell phone, keys, extra shoes, tape, note pads(at least 2), pens (all of them purple), make up bag, hair sticks, barrettes, business cards, receipts, ipod, tape measure, this is today’s list t changes daily.

    Scabby Robot’s work is fabulous.

  366. Now that’s a dangerous question because it begs a long and tedious answer.

    So really: camera, wallet, keys, sunglasses, pen/notepad, 2 envirosax, business cards/holder, hand sanitizer, smart phone & ipod (soon to be combined!), wee makeup bag full of glosses, and a tin of ginger chews.

  367. what beautiful bags! in my purse: Altoids (they are a food group), makeup bag, wallet, iphone, Hello Kitty band-aids, crumpled love note from my husband, and my Kindle. i can’t fit my keys or sunglasses in, i need a bigger bag! please help. xo

  368. Love this tote! So simple and classy: I have so much stuff in my purse. Right now:

    binder full of work documents, wallet, two lipsticks, sunglasses, glasses, cellphone, jewelry!


  369. ooh, yes please!

    ideally: card case, keys, phone, sketchpad. reality: mail from last week, napkins collected over the month, gum wrappers, eck. perhaps it’s best not to go there!

    thanks for the great giveaway :)

  370. Ahhhhhhhh those bags; so beautiful.

    My bag is currently holding:
    a humongous european history textbook for some torturous summer homework, a book of greek comedy, string & beads which i used to make the best hair wrap in the history of hair wraps, my unhappy dying cell phone, ipod (my love), notebook for the writing of songs for my lovely ukulele, sam (named after my great grampa-one happy uke player), raybans i stole from my father, ‘winter’s bone’ ticket stub, lavender sunscreen which will be hugely necessary for my brief visit to the russian river, some coins leftover from the money spent on a terrible henna kit, a never ending amount of leftover sand from summer beach visits, & one purple pen.

    PS your blog is my inspiration

  371. So pretty!
    My bag is currently holding my awesome green wallet, a small bottle of generic zyrtec, a single pack oreo cookie (for those I need some chocolate moments), a target receipt, a gazillion coupons, a contact case, my keys, my work ID, about 3 lipsticks and 2 lip balms, more coupons, more recipes, ponytail holders, a small thomas the tank engine and one (unused, thank god) diaper, a small pack of tissues, my pink wannabe-a-blackberry cell phone, oh and surprise a rather nice makeup brush that I thought I’d lost. Cool.

  372. these bags are gorgeous! my bag contains – reading glasses, sunglasses, a kindle, a moleskin notebook, my favorite pens, my wallet, my phone, and an ipod.

  373. Gorgeous bags! My bag contains nutragena baby stick sunscreen, keys, my ipod, too many lipglosses, my billfold, too little cash, and matches…would love to upgrade to one of these beauties!

    tammy t

  374. wow those bags are awesome! I have the regular stuff, wallet, phone, chapstick, etc … also have 3 bottles of nail polish (not a good idea), camera, a DVD remote, a bag of S hooks from Ikea, a pair of my sons contact lenses and bits & pieces.

  375. oy. i have a book. iphone. work blackberry. forestbound leather pouch with a tiny moleskine, pen, business cards hand sanitizer & checkbook {i know…checks? right? for estate sales/thrifting emergencies}. chicken poop chapstick. tiny combination lock for the gym. travel tooth brush & paste. wallet. two tea bags and one bandaid.

  376. Oh fun! I love those bags. My current summer bag is a small over-the-shoulder that is usually way too stuffed. Right now it’s holding a point-and-shoot, a flip camera, two wallets, a thin handmade journal and sharpie pen, keys and some Philosophy lip gloss :-)

    If I win, email me at notmiranda@gmail.com.

  377. My bag holds my adorable upcycled ’59 Chevy leather upholstry wallet, 5000 keys to lord knows what, lipstick, gum, gel pen, cellphone, mini essential oil for touchup parfuming, & some spare change. I adore these amazing leather bags!

  378. May Canadians enter?

    I don’t have a purse right now (I carry my wallet etc. in my pockets), and the tote bag I have I mostly just take to work. At the moment it contains a long-sleeved shirt, a library book, some postage stamps, some work-related papers, a mechanical pencil, and my water bottle.

  379. I have some hot wheels and baby food, plus all the other necessities (wallet, keys, phone, purel and my check book) such beautiful leather bags!!!

  380. Gorgeous bags! I have my wallet, grocery coupons, planner, library card, office keys, house/car keys, 4 lipsticks/lip glosses, cell phone, Gas-X, Washington DC Metro ticket, sunglasses, and the book, The Happiness Project, in my bag! No wonder it’s so heavy! ;)

  381. Holy Moly that’s a pretty bag! In my not nearly as fantastic bag I have the usual wallet, keys, cell, notepad, book, and numerous lip gloss’ in all my favorite shades and textures.

  382. i love love love rich browns and leathers!

    currently in my bag: etsy lip balm, baggie of granola (you never know when hunger will strike!), crochet hook, little ball of yarn, silkscreened wallet, moleskine notebook, sunglasses, germx antibac hand gel, ipod, pen, pacifica hawaiian ruby guava solid perfume, lai grai postcards (to leave around town) :)

  383. http://www.flickr.com/photos/folkcity/4863350049/

    In my thrifted wheat grass bag (clockwise):

    Smith’s Rosebud Salve, vintage red and white handkerchief, cellphone, vintage Bally wallet, homemade Folk City postage, pens, small moleskine notebook, vile of apis mellifera homeopathic remedy (which I keep on hand, now that I’m a beekeeper,) Obamamints Yes We Candy, retractable tape measure, vintage sunglasses

  384. In my very old Orla Kiely bag, I actually have the usual suspects plus a bird vs. bird chipmunk change purse (I use to hold my business cards), a banana, a Field Notes notebook, an eyeglass case with three little pigs fabric from Three Potato Four and a ton of school forms to fill out for the kids.

  385. In a bag my very crafty aunt made for me, I have: iPhone, chapstick, wallet, change, business cards in a cigarette case made to look like a cassette tape, wads of kleenex (ew, right; but this is Georgia and it’s allergy season), and a handful of guitar picks for when the Mr. forgets to bring one to a venue (it happens every single show). Love the bags, and sfgirl, of course!!

  386. fishy crackers, sunblock, swim diapers, 2 sigg bottles, 4 pairs of sunglasses, a pink leather wallet and evian mineral water spray. hooray for give-a-ways!

  387. So cute! I have my wallet, sunglasses, ipod, snacks for the kids, a compass, measuring tape, address book, hand sanitizer, and various other junks.

  388. Fabulous bag!

    My not-so-fabulous bag keeps my wallet, phone, keys, roll-up grocery bag, lip balm and a pen and little notebook. Of course, there’s a mint and a dime or two hanging out at the bottom!

  389. What’s in my bag? Oh, good, a chance to clean it out and edit. Sketchbook, dream journal, wallet, keys, lip balm, iphone, photocopy of etched base plate for antique thermometer (broken) I hope to find a replacement for when out thrifting, passport in case I ever need to enter/exit Arizona, instructions for trying to re-boot my dead DSL at home, nice pen, two pencils, recipe for limoncello. Edited/thrown out: assorted receipts, small crushed jewelry box, car salesmens’ business cards, assorted boarding passes. *Phew*. That feels good!

    Such a gorgeous bag that is.

  390. ahh! This is a gorgeous gorgeous bag!!!

    I carry WAY too much in my bag… currently: umbrella, wallet with receipts falling out, makeup pouch, “Eat, Pray, Love”, the most recent Real Simple, business card holder, at least 5 different types of lip gloss even though I NEVER put anything on my lips unless it is in the form of food or a milkshake, yesterday’s “Love is…” comic ripped out of the paper by my boyfriend, half a Potbelly sugar cookie wrapped in a napkin, my uncharged ipod, 3 copies of my resume in a folder (getting bent up, I’m sure), and my keys are (hopefully) in there somewhere!!


  391. Beautiful bag! Tons of comments- holy cow. :) I’m throwing my hat in (even though this list is a bit embarrassing):
    -Otsu calendar
    -a pair of 3T shorts
    -a pair of 3T underwear (seriously)
    -3 matchbox cars
    -a bag of pressed pennies
    -hair ties
    -a wad of napkins from our local bakery
    Pretty gross, I know. :) Best of luck to everyone.

  392. i always carry a book, sunglasses, reading glasses, home keys, work keys, transit card and a bright yellow wallet that would look adorable inside one of these totes!

  393. except from my wallet and keys, I always have My moleskin notebook and planner, a little tow and wipes for my baby girl and my camera.
    Wish I could win that one, I’va been looking at that bag for a while now…:)

  394. I love these totes and have been hoping to buy one soon! I carry my hobo wallet, my burt’s bees lip balm, and two russell + hazel planners, one personal and one business.

  395. Love the bag!

    My purse holds everything for any situation I could ever need, it’s a little pharmacy, there’s a comb, floss, tide pen, ear plugs, camera, camera cord, cell phone, wallet, planner, lotion, make up, reusable coffee cuff, keys, sunglasses, hair clips, pens, ipod, tampons, makeup bag, kleenex and of course gum.

  396. Love those bags!
    What’s in my bag? Besides my own cell phone and wallet….everything else is kid stuff – diapers, water bottles, snacks, kleenex, extra onesie….I have 3 little girls!

  397. The contents of my bag are constantly shifting, depending on what I am working on each day . . .in my bag today, a sketch book, a journal from when I lived in Italy, and a ticket to Ellis island.

    as well as the usual, purse, keys, lip balm, belt and vitamins.

  398. my bag: man’s search for himself by carl rogers, cocktail list for new job to learn immediately, calendar, pens, swiss army knife… keys… to my heart and my house!

  399. This is an incredible bag. wow.

    i have the basics of course, wallet, sunglasses calendars and then random bits of paper from receipts to postcards to feathers i pick up. i never know what i’ll find.

  400. Beautiful, stylish bag!

    I currently carry: wallet, lip balm, phone, sunglasses/case, tissues, a few business cards and dental floss.

  401. contents:
    -toothbrush/travel paste
    -two rubber bike lights
    -stray bart card with 30 cent credit
    -fancy earrings
    -dr. bronners chapstick
    -lip gloss
    -phone (very cheap)
    -hardback copy of Cloud Atlas
    -black moleskin planner
    -uniball pen
    -one piece of stale trident gum
    -excedrin migraine

  402. hmm, today a
    -estate sale vintage sewing trim
    -estate sale costume jewlery
    -extra specs
    -my new job acceptance letter
    -hardcopy birth of venus

  403. I carry a large purse so I can fit a book and water bottle in it as needed. I always have my Hobo wallet, cell phone, keys, gum, toothbrush, tooth paste, lip gloss, sunglasses, a wad of napkins picked up at coffee shops and perfume samples. It’s so big I lose stuff in it every day and have to clean it out every night!

  404. what a fun bag – love the shape! my bag is always packed with my big blue wallet, a bag o’ makeup and supplies, my iphone, sunglasses, and probably a doggie doo bag or two :) very exciting stuff…

  405. Gorgeous bag!
    I don’t know why I’m using a canvas shopping bag as a purse right now- not attractive. However, in the bag- wallet, keys, lipbalm, re-usable bags, Joan Didion book, junk my kid found on the ground (plastic army man, beer bottle top, street sweeper rod, nut), half-eaten lara bar.
    Maybe I don’t deserve a beautiful leather purse, carrying such rubbish about(excepting the Didion), but maybe I’ll change my ways if I get a Scabby Robot bag!

  406. Omigosh this mag is so cute! My 100 year old light brown leather Gap bag has a crappy wallet,my iphone,my keys (if I didn’t lock them in my car), my sunglasses (if I’m lucky) an assortment of makeup and at least 12 chapsticks. Also, Netherland, which is a great book that I reccommend!

  407. Blue recyclable doggie poop bags for my gorgeous German Shepherd Fernando (the Latin Lover) Fisher… A small box full of bandages (I hate paper cuts!!!) and advil pills (individual packets – for the headaches I get from my papercuts!!!)… and a large navel orange or juicy, crunchy apple! Oh yes, and my New Yorker.

  408. funny, i was just looking at this bag….
    iphone, whatever book i happen to be reading, sunblock, keys, sunglasses, makeup bag,
    power bar, wallet, business cards,digital camera, paper and pen, ver mints and advil.

  409. Sunglasses, keys, coupon for fabric store, small sketch book, pen, pencil and my son’s ballet shoes.

  410. My mother always said to never leave home without a book. So, there is always (among many other things) something for me to read in my bag!

  411. LOVE THEM

    Always in my bag: a book, or two if I’m close to finishing the first one. Other than that, I’m lucky if some combo of wallet+keys+phone makes the cut, usually 2 out of 3.

  412. chapstick, book,keys,lip gloss, note pad, cell phone(2), dust, leftovers, wallet, bazooka, crumbs………..

  413. Love the bag!

    I carry a small wallet, phone, camera, chapstick, always a few vintage jewelry pieces in need of missing stones, and something to read!

  414. Lovely! In my purse are wallet, burts bees lip balm, many old receipts (mostly hardware store related), and keys. That’s it!

  415. In my bag: lip gloss, Orbit gum, a lime green Moleskine, tissue, sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, iPhone, epipen, and the latest issue of The New Yorker!

  416. Since my purse recently died I carry an Avocado, super glue, tampons, lip balm, cell phone, to do list, black ink pens, receipts, digital camera, battery charger, keys, trace paper (i’m an architect) and a wallet in a canvas bag. I am bag lady. I would only place perfect precious things in such a lovely leather purse. I feel my life simplifying just thinking about it.

  417. wow: i have been looking for a brown leather bag like the first picture and that’s exactly the color i’ve been trying to track down! beautiful!

  418. amazing bag….

    in my tote currently: wallet, book (wind-up bird chronicle), lots of pens, rose salve, bobby pins

  419. beautiful bags! in mine i carry a notebook, a novel, sunglasses, a water bottle, the contract for my new job and a metro pass, in addition to the usual necessities.

  420. I wish I could be as organized as some of these posts! My bag currently contains my iPhone and wallet, chapstick, sippy cup, sunscreen, Petpo Bismol (left over from a recent stomach bug), baby hairbrush, kids sunglasses and sunhat (this is starting to sound more like my daughter’s bag), five clothespins, swiss army knife, comb, and space pen.

  421. the bags look luscious. in mine: old receipts, hopefully my phone, a pen without a cap, a grocery list on the back of an envelope from incessant credit card solicitations, my daughter’s hot pink sunglasses and a tube of chapstick

  422. In my HUGE leather studded bag currently is:
    House of leaves
    Small leather studded clutch when I don’t want to carry the big boy
    Droid phone
    A small pouch with stones and crystals
    Ipod touch in home made felt carrier
    Makeup bag with 5different glosses and 3 different mascaras
    Reading glasses
    Checkbook and vintage cigarette case for plastic and my business cards
    A camera at all times
    A urn pendant with my godsons ashes so he’s with me at all times
    Pink brocade journal, pen, sharpie
    A cardigan because I’m always cold no matter where I go
    Tom ford black orchid perfume and hand blended beautifully smelling lotion
    Small hand mirror from morrocco that was gifted to me from a great friend

  423. my bag is a little bit boring since i finally disided to clean it out after weeks of putting it off.
    so there is the book “Hammer of the Gods” it is a Led Zeppelin book that i started to read while waiting in the doctors office today.
    a pouch that i won from a giveaway…it is holding all of my cards and what not.
    ipod touch
    advil and midol
    small journal

  424. love the bags!!! so cute and simple! I have my wallet, my iphone, a coin purse, keys, moleskine notebook, pen, candy, bobby pins and aspirins because i get headaches so often… Great blog!

  425. Those bags are SO adorable!!! I lost mine on the train this week so this would definitely make up for it….what was in mine were a sketchbook, lip balm, phone, sunnies and a wallet…miss you bag!

  426. My purse/diaper bag carries:
    -diapers & wipes
    -booboogoo (for cuts, scrapes and other ‘owies’)
    -water bottles
    -fold-up shopping bags
    -an assortment of stuffed critters, small cars and occasionally a dinosaur

  427. Ah. What’s in my bag. It really depends where I am. If I’m going to work, then there is my mini-laptop and work documents, my wallet, a shopping bag, my sunglasses, band-aids, womanly things, bike pump, etc. If I’m going somewhere else, I’ll lose the laptop and the work documents but otherwise everything is the same. Even the bike pump. I always carry it because I’m more often than not on my bike.

  428. My bag always carries my digital elph, my wallet (library card, credit cards, a bit of cash), reading glasses, fragrance (Chanel No 5) and – if I think I am going to have a peaceful moment – my moleskin sketch book and an assortment of graphite & inktense pencils, and a small paintbrush. Unfortunately, I usually carry a cell phone for emergency calls – I have children.

    Thank you for this marvelous opportunity. If I am lucky enough to win this beautiful bag, it will be the first time I have won anything.

  429. Hello and thanks for this giveaway! These bags are so beautiful!

    In my bag: Carmex, makeup bag (w/makeup) medication for my heart and diabetes. My Glucose monitor. Wallet, adorable bag where I keep my receips, FlipMinoHD, digital camera, gorilla gripper, small notebook and pen.

  430. I love these bags!!! What’s in my bag?? My moleskin journal, a sketchbook, gel pen, pencil, a book, wallet, lip gloss, phone charger, business cards. Too many extra things….. which is why I need a large tote =)

    Love your blog!!

  431. Beautiful!!!!
    When I want to keep it simple I only carry in my bag, my house keys, my wallet and my ipod.
    BUT When I go out with the kids…I also carry
    a bottle of water
    some snacks
    band aids,
    a story book or some toys,
    AND the house keys, my wallet..etc : D

  432. I live out of my purse. People regularly marvel how I carry around the weight of a small child on my shoulder everyday, but I have some editing problems (and I tend to be away from home/car for long stretches of time so I need to keep things with me)

    The usual contents of my bag include:
    3+ lip products
    powder compact
    rose salve
    several glasses cleaning cloths
    travel toothbrush
    travel floss

    ipod/shuffle (and frequently the charging station)
    1-2 sketchbooks/notebooks
    reading material (book or magazine)
    a fist full of pens, pencils, markers, sharpies
    a pencil sharpener
    some mail, may or may not be recent
    1-2 pairs of gloves (fingerless/fingered)

    check register
    wallet (larger clutch variety)

    may also contain a camera

  433. I forgot I also usually have some food and/or drink in there as well. Either a water bottle or a travel coffee mug and some candy, chips/crackers, fruit, and/or granola bars.

  434. o0o how beautiful

    my bag has my wallet, phone, camera, train tickets, sunblock, sunglasses, umbrella, and gloves in prepared for any season!

  435. Beautiful purse!

    In my bag I have: wallet, phone, iPod, earbuds, Moleskine, black pen, red pen, book, lip balm, small tin case for my earbuds, nail polish, candy, sunglasses, old train tickets, tissues.

  436. gorgeous bag!
    here’s what’s in my bag…
    red patent faux leather wallet,keys,carmex,tweezers,camera,mini kleenex pack,crumbled grocery receipts, sunnies(sunglasses),hair binders. :)

  437. What a lovely bag!

    My bag holds my own treasures–Burts Bees lip gloss, micron pen, tiny moleskine journal–as well as some for my kids–pacifier, granola bars, bee sting salve, and a digital camera.

  438. I would love a new bag seeing that I’ve been carrying the same extra large one for 6 years now! :)
    It’s frightening in there…
    Wallet, free roaming bobby pins, fabric samples for my outdoor patio furniture, a few random earrings (not whole pairs of course), lip gloss, The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo book, 2 different types of floss, A light weight Cardigan in case I get cold, Camera, Extra contacts, Netflix movie, 5 stolen G2 Pilot pens from work (love those things!), A piece of coral I found on the beach, MLS listings of condos in South Beach, Krazy glue, Wadded up receipts as left over reminders of my past transgressions, A gift card, cell phone, random change, pay stubs, and a weeks worth of patient call lists. Did I mention it’s scary in there?

  439. I have been drooling over these bags for months – in my bag is burt’s bees lip gloss, loose change, a pair of super hero underwear (thanks to my four year old son) and random receipts.

  440. I just downsized my purse, so now I have my wallet, weleda hand creme, keys, say yes to carrots lip balm (mint), sunglasses, sheer red lipstick, a vintage hanky, and business cards of places I’ve recently been (Little Star Pizza, Paulette’s) or are funny (doodie pak).

    P.S. I need this bag! It is awesome.

  441. What’s in my bag? …. sorry a girl never tells whats in her handbag – but I will say I am able to MacGyver my way out of any situation in sparkling lip gloss.

  442. Helloooooo leather bags!

    Since the contents of my bags vary with seasons, I’ll keep it to my seersucker summer clutch from JCrew:

    melon orange Hobo leather wallet
    Ample Pink MAC lipgloss (perfect shade)
    checkbook held in a Vera Bradley patterned cover
    my iPhone
    one pen that preferably has an extra-fine sized tip
    my L’Occitaine hand cream (which technically isn’t in there now since I just got off a plane)
    my keys on a monogrammed key chain
    my Moleskin weekly planner in red.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  443. I love this bag and absolutely love your blog!

    My bag is a small cross-body bag, so not room for too much in there. However, I do manage to carry around my car keys, classroom keys, phone, my favorite pen and small notebook (i’m a constant list-maker), rose salve, baggu bag, small wallet, the first “i love you” note i ever received from my husband, and a picture of us in case i could use the encouragement.

  444. That bag is yummy, seriously, it looks like caramel! Besides the normal – keys, wallet, phone, reusable baggu – my bag always has my bike lock and at least one camera – digital, Holga, or Black Bird Fly – and the film to go with them. When biking around the bay you never know what beautiful scene you may pass, got to have your camera ready!

  445. Beautiful bag! I don’t carry too much except a wallet, lipstick, keys, sunglasses, powder compact, small bottle of tylenol & aspirin, a pen and sometimes I stuff my current book in there too. :)

  446. What a beautiful bag! In mine currently there is currently an Earthlust stainless steel water bottle, wallet, (old!) cell phone, daily planner, keys, notebook and pen, camera, Korres lip butter in rose, and a few cough drops! (Fisherman’s friend mixed in with some Hall’s.) It’s summer, so I like to travel light. In the winter, I’ll have to switch to a larger tote to fit all the necessary winter gear (think tissues and earmuffs) along with school books and a laptop!

  447. What a fabulous bag! My current bag features wallet, Toms deodorant, phone, 3 types of cameras, Maruman Mnenosyne Todays Act pad, sunglasses, reading glasses, whatever current magazine/book I’m reading and an array of bits and pieces.

  448. what a beautiful bag! I’ve got tons of stuff in my little bag: money,keys, sunglasses, coupons, receipts, notebook with all my lists of places to go to and what I need to buy once I’m there, cell phone, pens, tea bags, girlie stuff, mirror, toothpicks, spare cell phone battery, tissues, spare contact lenses, hand cream, pepper spray, contact lenses solution. Wow, I do have a lot of stuff in there. Looks like I’m ready to be stranded on a desert island!

  449. What beautiful roomy bags you have!

    Plenty of room to carry my … rechargeable batteries, camera, loose change, stamps, chapstick, and a couple suckers aka bribes for the kids! :)

  450. Gorgeous bags!
    I’m currently doing fieldwork, so my bag’s filled with: sunscreen, chapstick, bug repellent, notebooks, a birding book, snacks, a water bottle, a spotting scope, a GPSmap 76Cx, a tripod, cell phones, a box cutter, gum, pens and pencils, a screwdriver, a camera, a headlamp, and lots and lots of sand.

  451. simply beautiful. such craft!
    i am a simple gal myself and fit all daily needs is a large wallet:
    BART card
    lip gloss

    this guy then gets thrown in my backpack during the week or a tote during the weekend.

  452. Well, let’s see. A package of candied ginger, a broken stick of cinnamon, a couple of moleskines -one mostly filled, the other, getting there quickly – my coral wallet, my pink lunch bag, my eyeglass case, phone, keys, my favorite pen, my red planner, a tea-stained copy of “My Life in France,” and the camera case that I made. Oh, and tissues my mom sent me with my initials on them.

  453. oooo…such sweet bags….love love love them all! currently in my bag: the usual mom/woman stuff plus nylon shopping bags, camera, swatches of paint, fabrics, inspiration journal for my re-design business.
    love your blog and look forward to hearing who wins this beauty! maybe me!?!

  454. beautiful work. in my bag right now – wallet, keys, herbal tinctures, book, umbrella, nylon grocery bag, half-full water bottle, empty coffee mug, asthma medicine, pen, small notebook, loose change

  455. in my purse atthisverysecond:

    a wadded up peacock teeshirt
    my broken camera (4th one this year!)
    ipod in a sock
    head phones
    1 loose massachusetts quarter circa 2000
    a pencil
    viva la moustache business card (?)
    virginia power phone number
    **the power company turned off my power on 8/5 instead of 9/5 (woopsie), so here I sit, waiting for an unknown period of time in said powerless, air conditioner -less apartment.

    I’d like a cool apartment. and a cool bag to match.

  456. in my purse atthisverysecond:

    a wadded up peacock teeshirt, my broken camera (4th one this year!), labello, ipod in a sock, 1 loose quarter circa 2000, a pencil, wallet, viva la moustache business card (?), and the phone number for virginia power (power company shut off my power on 8/6 instead of 9/6 (woopsie), so here I sit, waiting for an unknown period of time in a powerless, air conditioner -less apartment in the sweltering august heat, so as to let the fix it man into my “inaccessible unless someone let’s you in” building).

    I’d like a cool apartment. and a cool bag to match.

  457. I have to have at least two books. One for pleasure and one for learning. I also have my favorite thrifted vintage wallet a small mexican print change purse for business cards, eyeglass cleaning cloth, marker felt pens, pencils, cell phones, gum and I must have a small note pad to draw, doodle, write. Oh yeah and a tea bag!

  458. What a striking bag!!! I always have to carry a large purse to lug around all of my stuff. Currently in my purse I have:
    Kindle, phone, Vera Bradley Frill wallet, Vera Bradley make-up bag (because I am one of those that does her make up on the way to work), Brush,
    an array of lip glosses and lipsticks, hair ties
    legal pad and a journal for any wonderful spontaneous ideas, pens & pencils to write down those ideas, power bar for when I need a boost of energy, small tape measure for when I go antique shopping, my coupon envelope, phone charger, ipod, and right now a TV remote control (I don’t know why that one is in there), and a gift for a friend for next time I see her.

  459. wow…I posted this exact thing without knowing about the giveaway post! My post is here: http://sunnysblog.typepad.com/mornings_light/2010/08/whats-in-your-bag.html

    BEAUTIFUL, stunning, gorgeous bags. Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

    The contents of my bag are: laura bennett’s book (she’s from project runway fame and has amazing style), an evening coin purse as a wallet, a marimekko zip pouch as a makeup bag, keys, phone (samsung solstice in a cute pink/purple case), a printout of sally s him’s latest girlie gift idea…so that I can recreate that gift at home, and that’s pretty much it!

  460. WANT.

    in mine: iphone, large blue quilted wallet, brown glasses & case, keys to the volkswagen, burts bees pomegranate lip balm, sapphire blue nail polish, compact sephora mirror, cobalt blue 5 gum and a purple pen.

  461. i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited about a giveaway! gorgeous bags!

    i am a busser/biker, so i pack a lot in my latico purse:

    hobo wallet in ivory (what was i thinking?!), russle + hazel planner, little shinzi katoh water bottle, reusable shopper, ipod, slim graph paper notebook & pen, bus pass, business card case, cell phone, camera in coinpurse, keys, sunglasses, a mini-medicine cabinet in a clutch (ibuprofen, tide pen, tampons, lotion, cuticle cream, nail clipper, bandaids, gum, lip gloss) – i am a virgo, after all! AND whatever book i’m reading.


  462. Always lots of lipgloss, hopefully my wallet (I forget it once in a while), cell phone, hair brush, and always a book. You never know when you’ll need a book…

  463. Sweet sweet bag love!

    In my purse: Woman: An Intimate Geography (incredible book, by the way), a plastic dinosaur, deodorant, keys, a cranky pen, old altoid tin with bobbypins in it, an opinel knife, water bottle, homemade salve, floss, some random grocery notes and to do lists, wallet, address book, and a receipt. Oh and a screw ( I need to get more just like it and so it has been living in my purse..).


  464. I am drooling over that bag! In my purse/bag, I have:
    my wallet
    souvenir coins (like the ones you press in a machine) and cards from vacations past so I don’t forget where I have been!
    sharpie pens
    a gazillion tubes of lipstick, but the most important one is my blistex
    benadryl spray – the bugs are eating me alive this summer and i can’t survive without it!
    my cell phone
    a bottle of asprine
    an orange notebook
    measuring tape for house shopping
    a yummy lotion
    and a tide to go stick!

    My bag is starting to sound like an emergency kit!

  465. My beautiful diaper bag is filled with….diapers, toys, and random odds and ends. You never know what you will find in there. something for everyone, perhaps.

  466. Lovely bag…
    Currently my bag holds: keys, a notebook, wallet, ipod, phone, chapstick, sunglasses, and some crumpled up receipts

  467. oh wow, those bags are gorgeous! besides the standard wallet and phone, my everyday purse usually has used bus tickets and random receipts with cryptic notes on the back, lip balm, scratched sunglasses, a dog-eared book, dead pen(s) and always a fine and mysterious layer of grit at the bottom. i think a really nice bag would inspire me to up my game and carry around things worthy of it!

  468. These are beautiful! Traveling light since dinner out last night – cell phone, reading glasses, sunglasses, powder, lip balm, lipstick, driver’s license, insurance card. Would be fun to win for my birthday which is August 4! :o)

  469. leather in cedar/cognac is the only color i seem to buy these days. i love the design and perfect size.

    i either carry just my ID, visa, car & house key, and phone or everything you can think of. the most useful recently was a spare top and jewelry to transition into night and still feel fresh.

  470. my purse was affectionately nicknamed “the truck” by a boyfriend and it’s stuck ever since.

    the truck is currently home to the following items:

    two books (so i’m not stuck without a book in case i finish one), wallet, c.o. bigelow chap stick, harvard – my iphone – , an assortment of bobby pins that have sunk to the bottom and require me to haul EVERYTHING out before i’m able to get to them, gum, two ball point pens and a reusable grocery bag that folds up into the shape of a panda.

  471. Scabby Robot! – It just doesn’t get any better than that for a brand name. In my purse I have 3 lipsticks (all basically the same shade), fancy notebook for random thoughts, wallet, pens, earrings, the cutest picture ever of my niece, a parking ticket and a pile of change that I should have used to plug the meter.

  472. my trusty-sidekick-of-a-bag contains my: wallet, stray receipts & empty gift cards, utter mess of bobby pins, polka dot umbrella, swiss army pocket knife, moleskine city notebook (seattle!), c.o. bigelow lip balm, pens & pencils, scissors, glue stick, feminine necessities (why yes, i just shared that), books, fancy-schmancy i.d./elevator passes for work, crinkled post-it notes, and headphones. oh dear! time to do a little cleaning…

  473. LOOVEE that bag!

    in my bag:
    wallet, chap stick, airline tickets, change, crumpled receipts, pen & notebook, bronzer, mirror, make-up brush, headphones, ipod

  474. beautiful! need i say more?

    currently in purse: wallet, coin purse, checkbook, dr. scholl’s moleskin padding, bible, cellphone, pens, keys, sunglasses, hair ties, hand sanitizer, chapstick, and lip gloss.

  475. Tenants of my purse: wallet, checkbook, Ray-Bans, lip gloss, camera, gum, iPod + headphones, iPhone, keys, tape measure (because you never know where good furniture will turn up), pens, highlighters, bobby pins, hair ties, Moleskine planner and always a book – this week it’s “Crooked Little Heart” by Anne Lamott

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  476. The items in my purse rotate, but the mainstays are: sunglasses, sunscreen (for face and to avoid that left arm tan), lip balm, dog treats, the book I may be currently reading, a small pad of paper, my phone and usually some sort of music, either an ipod or various cd’s I am lugging around at the time, I actually still buy them from time to time.

  477. what gorgeous bags! my poor bag is in desperate need of a break and always holding too much – notebooks, reusable grocery bags, water, lip gloss and of course my iphone.

  478. my little purse got stolen, but my wallet had frida kahlo on it from a tiny shop in east LA, a bunch of great business cards from the craft fair at Fort Mason last weekend, my journal of people’s doodles and notes and quotes overheard at work (psst check out Jovino on Union & Fillmore =) and my two fold-up to go Lakers bags– since I just moved here from LA. …also Burts bees liptints, my phone, library card, and my wonderful camera.

  479. What a fabulous tote! In my bag now: beginnings of a scarf with pattern/yarn from purlbee.com (how I discovered your terrific site!); New Yorker Magazine; photos of my lovely grandchildren;sunscreen (it’s boiling hot here in NYC!);notebook & pen;mini-camera;cellphone;& change purse. Bravo for such an informative, beautiful site & great sponsor links!

  480. I carry a lot of things in my bag, most of the days I have my laptop on it, my cellphone, a leather journal with a cute pen :)
    And a book, of course…

    Lovely totes!

  481. Right now I have a shopping list, Body Shop lip balm, keys, a pen, a small tube of Clinique moisturizer, some sand (from a trip to the beach), my wallet, a penny that fell out of my wallet and a little pill case with some Advil in it. Oh, and my phone.

    I want that bag. It is divine.

  482. In my bag. you will find…
    Lipbalm, Benefit Dandelion Powder, Peach Lipgloss, A Serious looking Cellphone, a small notebook with a pencil, car and house keys, a black leather wallet with a seashell and a lucky coin in it, a fat pill pouch, a small pack of tissue, some coffee shop receipts and a cheque.

    That beautiful leather bag is just exquisite! It’s perfect for my current addiction to anything BROWN.

  483. Basics: wallet, phone
    1) 3 Ball point pens
    2) Several marks from aforementioned ball point bens
    3) Battered copy of Sarah Bernhardt’s biography
    4) Moleskine notebook
    5) Portfolio of photos
    6) small umbrella
    7) Empty juicy fruit container
    8) Several loose sticks of juicy fruit
    9) A sewing kit from the Walford Astoria Hotel
    10) Lipstick

  484. moleskine planner, wallet (handmade by My Favourite Dress), japanese hairbrush, sunglasses in handwoven case, hand sanitizer, chap stick, lip gloss, cell phone, keys with key chain by Archicraft, pen, pencil.

    hope i win! thanks for the chance!

  485. Awww this is awesome! In my bag I have 2 lipsticks, 1 chapstick, 1 lipgloss(hehehe) some old receipts, my car keys, wallet and some gum!


  486. I really don’t carry much in my bag: My little wallet, sunglasses (even on overcast days), and a change purse where I keep my change and Dr. Pepper lipgloss. Oh, and a pen plus a tiny notebook. If it’s threatening rain I’ll add an umbrella, and if I want to take photos I’ll stuff in my big heavy camera.

  487. pink lip gloss, small black moleskine notebook, small black moleskine daily planner, black pen, cocoa butter hand lotion, spearmint gum, keys, sunglasses, and a gold clutch wallet. I try and travel light so I can actually find things in my bag without too much digging. I love the bag! :)

  488. Wow, what a wonderful bag! I have my wallet, sunglasses, a waterbottle, a comb, some lipbalm, a sketchbook and some pencils with me. oh and my phone of course…
    Lovely giveaway!

  489. fabulous bag! i have a “my 2 cents” wallet, my phone slash camera ;), small sketch book, pen, usually a few hairbands/bobby pens, peppermint gum, laffy taffy, kleenex, business cards/handmade leather case, several lipstick/gloss options, lotion… and, i think that’s all. **contents change often** ;)

  490. I live in NYC so I carry my life in my bag. Wallet, phone, iPod, calendar, shoes, water, lipstick, hairclip…and who knows what else. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag. I hope I win!

  491. Oh, such a lovely giveaway! That tote is SO adorable!! I’m hopeless when it comes to bags, I always drag a multitude of things along. Among other things: cellphone, wallet, lipbalm, tissues, keys, old receipts that I eventually clear out. Getting a new bag might inspire me to be more organized :)


  492. Those bags are awesome!! I’m a mother of twin 5-year olds, so I always carry their stuff along with mine, right now: 3 dolls, crayons, notebook, wallet, ipod, phone, camera, chapstick, sunblock and bug repellent. I hope I’m the lucky one to get the bag!!!

  493. ahhh, gorgeous bag!

    my bags generally contain: wallet (which is actually a card case), lip gloss, lipstick, phone, sunglasses, a million old receipts, loose change, and a container of tic tacs. Always. I’m totally addicted to them :)

  494. wow.. amazing bag! The bigger bag i have the more stuff i carry.. the bigger the bag is the heavier it gets.. But one thing except from my wallet and phone no matter size of the bag is that i always carry my notebook containing everything from yummy recipies to pictures of decoration stuff.. want to have things.. etc..

    Now i keep my fingers and toes crossed! :)

  495. In my bag? Wallet, Aquaphor for anything/everything, pink lipstick, sig bottle full of water, the book I’m reading, my day planner, blackberry and black ball point pens. On and an endless supply of bobby pins, because you never know when you’ll need some.

  496. Hmm…..in my bag is way too much stuff. A scarf, umbrella, lip balm, poetry book, bobby pins, chocolate (essential), coffee cup plus the usual wallet, phone, keys. It seems the bigger my bag gets, the more I need!

  497. My wallet, my keys, geranium solid perfume, green tea mints, Neutrogena sunscreen, cheapo sunglasses, dental floss, lipbalm, hand sanitizer and Post-It’s.

    And, thank you for such a generous giveaway. I LOVE THE BAG!!!

  498. I have all sorts of junk in my bag. Beside the normal wallet, a fist full of keys and mobile phone. I seem to be incapable of leaving the house without an umbrella (despite every day recently being abolutely beautiful), old bus tickets, three types of lipbalm (why so many I don’t know!), mints and well I dear not dig any deeper.
    I think this wonderful bag will fit all this stuff in it.
    email boyer dot anna at gmail dot com

  499. What an exquisite bag :)

    Mine contains the usual: wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss, sunglasses, water bottle, reusable bag, lots of food :p

    My email is jkblumberg@onlinehome.de

    I’m not a follower yet because I usually follow via Google Friend Connect…but I can’t fin a link on your site…a little help please?

  500. gorgeous bags! In mine: chapstick, keys, phone, silver cigarette case-turned-wallet, snacks, Moleskine, pens and change.

  501. The question should be what’s NOT in my bag! I had a banana in there for a few days. I always have a few chapsticks, my wallet, a pen, lottery tickets, and a coffee mug. I sometimes have money in there too!

  502. i agree, love the bags! i have the usual items in my purse – wallet, keys, phone, gum, receipts (which i often write to-do lists on), plus multiple forms of chapsticks & lip glosses!

  503. lovely bags!

    my bag holds my life and then some! keys, my grandfathers sunglasses, day planner, chapstick, marimekko coin purse, usually no less then 3 pens, bus pass, scribbled lists of restaurants/recipes/books/stores/cities to experience before i die, and i think some sand from the last time i went to the beach.

  504. first of all, the bag we are all tryin’ to win is gorgeous!

    what’s in my bag? well, i have a huge tote, first of all, and it holds yet another, smaller bag — a favorite of mine that i wore a hole in — which holds my essentials like money, hairbands, and cards and such. in the tote is my planner, which i purchase yearly from the stationary shop here in sf’s japantown. the ones you can get there make me so happy! silly sunglasses are also important to have, and i admit to wearing them even when it’s not necessary in our foggy city. usually i have a fashion magazine of some sort in there as well and weighing me down. i try not to carry too much and yet i am always bogged down by the sheer amount of stuff in my bag!

  505. Fab Bag!
    In mine is my wallet, iphone, bike and house keys, some kind of snack, some loose cheerios, some kind of kids toy, too many old receipts, and some lipgloss. Really, I should get more organized!

  506. Glad I just made the deadline!

    The bag is simple and strong, a beautiful combination.

    My own bag has two vintage hankies that i keep telling myself I’m going to make use of, but each time I grab for them I know they are too pretty for my nose, a camera, my favorite Fabriano notebook, a book, a cigarette case for wallet and few loose (and unintentional) coffee beans. XO

  507. Oooh, Orbitz strawberry mint gum, sephora lip stain in lip lush, my fabric wallet I picked up at a DIY fair (unfortunately it’s pretty short on cash), my camera, my ipod, sunnies, and keys for work, home and care.

  508. What a fun giveaway! Are you sorry you asked? We’re all carrying around a lot of stuff, aren’t we? My bag is way too big for me to list everything, so I’ll just hit the highlights: wallet, iphone, ipod, camera, glucometer, various lip sticks/gloss/balm, address book, journal, baby journal, hand lotion, granola bar, mints, etc., etc., etc…

  509. Oh my goodness!

    Today in my bag there is: wallet, lip gloss, oatmeal packets, tea bags, my planner, my keys, tile samples, fabric swatches, sunglasses, Altoids, old grocery lists, and a wine opener!

  510. in this beautiful tote I would carry my watercolor supplies, my drawing notebook, Paula by Isabel Allende, a water bottle and my digital camera in order to use my time creatively and wisely.

  511. I love this blog! I am a bit of a mess when it comes to my bag. My wallet, receipts, passport, tampons, change, camera, pen and sketchbook. xooxox

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