professor plum in the drawing room.
by victoria comment


i loved playing ‘clue’ as a kid. definitely an all-time favorite board game. and when i saw some of these interiors that’s what came to mind, ‘professor plum in the drawing room, with the candlestick!’. i do hope to goodness you know what i’m talking about. anyhow, i digress. i really loved these rich, plum colored rooms. shades of pale purple, eggplant and mauve mixed with soft hues of gray, and pale green they make a very soothing, and yet bold and dramatic statement. take a look.

*all photos courtesy of light locations.

25 responses to “professor plum in the drawing room.”

  1. Is it weird that I am sincerely enjoying the photos of the bathrooms more than all the rest? Maybe it’s a clue I need a night to indulge in relaxing. Great round-up!

  2. What a fabulous idea for a style shoot – professor plum in the GORGEOUS drawing room of your first image – then all the other characters in lavish rooms – imagination bubbles everywhere with the sumptuous possibilities! Colonel Mustard in a golden parlour….oh, oh, oh!

  3. Wow- I am totally in love- I am thinking that I need to disect these photos again to gain futher inspiration. Thank you for posting them.

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