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i’m starting a new weekly post: wanted. we all have wish lists. stuff we don’t necessarily need, but we definitely want. sometimes i don’t even need to actually purchase these things. i just need them to inspire me, to ignite my imagination and help me create. but sometimes, i really, really want them, and sometimes it passes, or has fueled another fire. it’s okay to want, you don’t always have to have. but here’s what’s wanted this week around the house.

1. a whole row of beautiful penguin classics; 2. a few vintage bistro chairs for my garden, from Maison Rêve; 3. this gorgeous blue coral linen wall hanging from natural history.

1. i’d love this lindsey adelman pendant lamp for my dining room, via plush palate;  2. these mongolian lamb pillow covers from west elm are cozy; 3. i love this gorgeously soft klippan retro wool blanket from huset.

1. jennifer o’keeffe’s wall of fame photographic print from the beholder is super rad (found via the jealous curator’s guest curator set!); 2. charming fog linen tablecloths – i want a checked one; 3. i quite like this retro fun 8 x10 independence collage from ironside’s etsy shop.

so, that’s what’s wanted this week. what do you want? anything you want to share?

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  1. Nice set of wants! I have lots of wants as well. Is it bad that I would want one (or two – just in case I’m dining with my hubby) of everything from Anthropologie?

  2. I love this new weekly post idea! I, too, would love to have a whole shelf of those Penguin Classic books; they’re just so pretty. And the warm throw would be perfect on this East Coast rainy day.

  3. I love this post it is really fun to see your want list with pictures ;) I have spotted your bistro chairs in France at the brocante somewhere for 5 euro each.. and ofcourse at the Marche Vernaison (have a look at my latest post )

  4. How funny, I also started a weekly “wanted” post on my blog. :) Great minds think alike!

    Not sure how you plan to continue with your image collecting, but I’ve found Polyvore to be a great place to assemble image boards from items that I find online and save to my Polyvore faves. I’ve planned a post next week that incorporates some housewares!

    Love your blog :)


  5. i was head over heels in love with those penguin classics, too. so after a super long week at work, i treated myself to three. they are perfect on a shelf in my bedroom under a cute yellow vase. i realized after while that i didn’t need all of them – just a few favorites.
    love your list!

  6. Yes! Great idea! Sometimes it’s enough (and much cheaper) for me to just have a picture.
    I’ve recently developed a deep love for toadstools… not the hallucinogenic kind, but lamps and footstools!
    I just bought this…
    AND had my cats’ scratching post custom made in toadstool colours by Michael

    Crazy, I know!

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