i spy: aqua.
by victoria comment



today, i spy, with my little eye something that is aqua. soothing, calm, cool collected aqua. maybe because san francisco’s in the midst of a mini heat wave (it will never last!) i needed a dose of aqua. there’s a reason it means water in spanish. rest your eyes on this.



elements of style.

dania hurley.

alex cornell.

Molly | Orangette.


apartment therapy.

music philosophy.


heath ceramics.


assignment, by clare grill.

susannah * photobird.

dottie angel.


Aimee with 2 E’s.

22 responses to “i spy: aqua.”

  1. Oh boy, this post stole my heart… I’ve consistently always had a room painted this color–and it’s constantly my favorite accent shade, too! Thanks for this, what a great way to perk up my morning! (In addition, of course, to the very large coffee at my desk!)

  2. I simply have to list my favourites from this wonderful post!

    1) alex cornell

    2) music philosophy

    3) heath ceramics

    4) susannah * photobird

    5) sfgirlbybay

    I limited it to a top 5…!!

  3. I think I could stare at this post all day….so soothing and pretty. Reminds me of the ocean or a blue sky day! Just love the color aqua!!

  4. Such beautiful and inspiring photos, thank you! I’m using aqua as the accent color throughout my Florida apartment. Calming, cool, peaceful.

  5. Oh my gosh! My favorite blog blogged one of my pictures and I missed it somehow! Thank you so much for including mine. These are all great and I’m in amazing company.

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