the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
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seriously, how have I let myself get to room no.6 without including this?! any house that is completely inspired by fabulous artwork absolutely, positively, needs an art studio! and so, here it is, the house that jealousy built – room no.6 – the studio:

1) studio space can sometimes feel a little cramped – but not in the house that jealousy built! just get yourself one of these fantastic/sneaky curtains and you’ll be all set! {bauke knottnerus}  2) oooh, i love this table so much, and i would definitely want it in my studio – although i don’t know if i could ever bring myself to actually paint on it. nope. i just don’t think i could do it. {shay carmon + ben klinger} sigh. alright, moving on, time to get creative:

3) lighting! every art space needs perfect lighting, and i think i’ve found it. not only does this “favourite things” pendant lamp cast a warm glow, it also allows you to show off your latest, and obviously, most favourite creation {chen karlsson}.  4) so, what to make today? time to have a seat in a comfy chair, upholstered entirely in australian tea towels, and think about the infinite possibilities ahead of you {suzie stanford}. and while you’re there, why not do a bit of doodling to get things going — or in this case, flip through a few insanely inspiring sketchbooks belonging to other artists: 5) thick paint, and hilarious thoughts make up the contents of this gem {martha rich}. 6) these images are from a series of nine collage books that were handed back and forth between artists, working with, and over top of each other’s contributions – who wants to try that? me too! {wafa}  7) any sketchbook that has stuff spilling out of the sides is all right by me! {ted mcgrath}. sigh. so good. ok, well, if we’re going to make anything like those books, we’ve got to get to the best part of any art studio – the supplies!

8) first stop – paris! this little shop in paris is filled with the craziest bits and pieces that any artist could ever hope to find {tombées du camion}. can’t make it to paris today? no problem, i have other options. 9) let’s start with a brand new box of hand-carved wax crayons {diem chau},  10) a pair of scissors, a thick pile of rainbow-hued construction paper {jen stark},  11) and obviously, you’ll need a few rolls of multi-coloured masking tape {rebecca ward}.

lastly, something that every great artist needs to keep those creative juices flowing —

12) lots of coffee, and chocolate/espresso cupcakes! {anselmo swan}

ok, now get in there and start making stuff – but please don’t get chocolate icing on that beautiful table!

~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. Loved this post!!! All I can say that the coffee mug is the only thing I can help you with ;) Fell in love with that lamp, maybe it’s time to get started with my studio!!

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