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the list of what’s wanted this week is a long one. maybe i should just say ‘world peace’ and be done with it. of course, i do very much want world peace, and i’d also love long legs, but i’m not holding my breath, so in the meantime i’ll settle for some of these lovely items.

1. this first thing i really want is gonna come at a cost. i’ve gotta diy this one. i need to paint the inside of my armoire white and then wallpaper the heck out of it. i saw this one created by shannon fricke on decor8 and fell in love. 2. in order to do this, i think i need to pick up some of oh joy!’s new wallpaper designs for hygge & west. simply lovely! 3. and how cute would a couple of lisa stickley’s diy oil cloth garment bags look hanging inside? uh-huh, looks like i’ve got work to do!

4. i’d love alida from tush tush to join my portrait collection. i think she’d fit right in. i found her work through the jealous curator’s etsy gallery show. 5. truth is, i just had to have this print from fifi du vie, so i went ahead and ordered it. sometimes there’s just no stopping me. isn’t it so romantic? 6. i’d also really like to have this 1940’s fold-away card table from hindsvik — quite handy when the dinner party gets too big.

7. how very cute is this refinished vintage dresser from knack studios? really cute, right!? 8. this industrial looking halo chandelier from anthropologie could be just the ticket for my dining room (and affordable, too!) 9. i’ve definitely been coveting this collage cushion bench, also from anthropologie. if i win the lottery, this baby’s coming on home.

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  1. I’m loving your wanted lists – although now things are starting to end up on mine!!! Like wallpapering an armoire…so would love to do that!! Need to find the armoire first though…

  2. Totally love that print. I can see why. I thought of you yesterday in the Victoria Tube Station when I got off the train. They’ve redone it so there’s a silhouetted cut out of a woman in white with a pink background at each bench and above it says VICTORIA, I will try and get a good pic for you. Really cool!


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