i spy: chalkboard black.
by victoria comment


fog linen work.

i love the look of chalk writing on an old blackboard. smudged, erased — a soft history of something once said, or at least written. black and white. old and the new, right there all overlapping each other. so today, i spy chalkboard black and the chalkiest white. i spy the simple elegance of black & white.


silvia song, via halcyon days.


shanna murray.

ibán ramón.

anthropologie, via poppytalk.

molly june.


jonathan legate.

reflect / refract.

maira kalman.

maira kalman, via the new york times.


cuba gallery.


vivienne strauss.

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  1. I love this. I’m soon going to decorate a new room, and b&w items, vintage furniture and old wood are definitely the items I’m going to use!

    Saving this post to bookmarks for inspiration:)

    Thank you!

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