it’s a dog’s life.
by victoria comment


okay, so as some of you may already know, i finally adopted a new dog, after many years of missing cooper (i do hope he approves!). meet miss lucy, who has stolen my heart. she’s a rescue dog, a tibetan terrier mix, but really more of a sweet muppet! after living on the streets, i think miss lucy deserves to be a little spoiled!


so, i thought it would be fun to do a little round up of must-have dog accoutrement and accessories. there’s way too much cute stuff out there for the canine (and felines!) in your hearts, but here’s some that i think would look quite smashing with many decors!

i’m going to start off the ‘best in show’ with fleabag beds. the girls at fleabag, chelsea and sabina, have kindly extended the sfgirlbybay readers a 20% discount on any of their adorable FleaBag beds — simply type in the promo code: sfgirl2010 at checkout. thanks girls!

Fleabags were created to fill the void of affordable, contemporary dog and cat beds in chic, washable fabrics, and most importantly, eco-conscientious. Fleabags are manufactured locally to minimize their carbon footprint, and special attention was paid to the selection of organic cotton and bamboos. and so cute!

1. Penelope the Dachshund Napkins from claywood & cotton 2. i love catherine ledner’s glamour dogs, from chronicle books 3. hipster periodic table collar from ruff haus, made from reclaimed leather. 4. harry barker’s well-packaged fetch balls.

1. jonathan adler’s stylish doggie salt & pepper shakers. 2. very cute crochet bone ball toys from funny fur. 3. george’s enamel dog bowls. 4. cute collapsible water bowls for road trips, from indie shop. 5. gemma correll’s i like you stretched canvas.

1. a classic, the sock monkey dog toy from muttropolis 2. sweet red gingham checked collar from george. 3. tibetan terrier from paint my dog, custom dog portraits. 4. and george’s it’s a dog life i.d. tags.

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  1. Cute Miss Lucy! My husband and I have been looking to get a dog as well, but it’s been difficult…apparently not that easy here in Italy. We were thinking of adopting as well, but don’t want to miss out the puppy experience either…sigh sigh…

  2. I love her! How great of you to rescue her. And her, you. Keep the great photos coming. There are a lot of us pet people out here.

  3. she’s precious! I love that you described her as a muppet. I may have to borrow that when describing my little terrier mix, too. They’re such fun dogs, aren’t they?

  4. she is a doll! how do you keep her so clean? i also have a sweet pup and she is also white. every walk and her feet are black.. then it’s into the tub to wash them and then dry them. it’s a lot of work every day. if she lays down when we stop to eat or have a drink then it’s her whole body that is dirty! she sleeps with me so you get the picture… any handy hints that you have?

  5. thanks all – i’m so happy to have her in my life!

    geri – she gets pretty dirty, but as long as i wipe her paws off she stays pretty white. we’ll see what happens once the rainy season hits! :)

  6. Hi there! If you haven’t been already, check out Molly Mutt! They over a wide range of super cute dog bed duvets at a reasonable price, and get this: You can purchase a “stuff sack” to fill with old blankets, towels, clothes, etc to put in the bed. I bought cheap basic pillows at Target and saved tons of money.

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