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so many wants, so little time. or, should i say so little moolah in the wallet! well, all in good time, anything wanted really badly comes with a bit of patience, right? well, most of the time i can restrain myself for a while, by at least sharing my wants with you. i’m still looking to add some color (think pink!) and some fun vintage items to the pad, so here’s what’s on my hit list this week.

1. i really want this diamond jungle dhurrie rug from anthropologie. 2. i dream of owning one of smalltown’s macrame knotted egg lamps for my breakfast nook. 3. it might be for wee ones, but i think i could get away with this taj blanket from giggle.

4. well shoot. i can’t see one thing wrong with having any one of these insound 10 for 10 band posters created by sonnenzimmer. nope, not one thing. better get four!

5. this is more of an aspiration, than a want, but i still completely covet elisabeth dunker of fine little day’s book collection. swoon. 6. so, i’m pretty much height-challenged, and i’d really kinda like this distressed gray vintage step ladder from eden & eden. 7. curling up with a pile of elisabeth’s great books on this Winifred Colorblock Sofa from anthropolgie seems like a pretty nice place to be.

8. and lastly, oh yes, i think i could live quite easily with a yasmine surovec print (via booooooom) adorning one of my walls. yep. yessiree.

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