the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
by the jealous curator comment


i’ve just realized that this is the seventh time i’ve invited you in to see my fabulous (albeit pretend) house, and i’ve never asked you to stay for dinner? how terribly rude! please do come in and make yourself comfortable — well, not too comfortable, after all, this is one of the fanciest rooms in the house! oh, it’s fancy alright — in a traditionally ornate/golden/outdoorsy/nature kind of way. hmm. maybe you should just see if for yourself? welcome to the house that jealousy built – room no.7 – the dining room:

1) an elaborate area rug? well, sort of – but please don’t step on it! it’s made entirely of hand-squeezed silicone goo {heike weber}. oh, but we need to get to the table for dinner. let’s tiptoe:

2) ahh, the lotus lamp. I’ve been dying to put this delicate glass pendant lamp {vivaterra} somewhere in my house, and I think I found the perfect spot — 3) directly above this gorgeous, rustic, big old slab o’ wood dining table! {brothers dressler}  4) phew. ok, we’ve made it to the table. pull up a chair and have a seat. i’d recommend one of these fabulous white antique chairs covered in layers of fibre-glass strengthened polyester, the outermost layer silk-screened with a flowery pattern {jurgen bey}. and now, i ask you, what would a fancy dining room be, without fancy art?:

5) this lovely little painting, titled ‘funny joke‘, is to get you in the mood for a gathering just like this! {tali yalonetzki}  6 + 7) seriously, i cannot get enough of these thrift shop orphans turned fabulous art — i’m thinking one for the wall, and one for the table, yes? {chad wys}  8) YES. I want this one too {trey speegle}. sigh. ok, i could talk about art all night, but i think it’s time to set the table:

9) oh my, i haven’t even served dinner yet, and I’m already offering ‘seconds‘, which just so happens to be the title of this series of stunning plates! {jason miller}  10) i realize that this is a fancy dining room, but i don’t think any of us are too fancy for these hilarious salt & pepper shakers. these are only a few from a huge photography project, titled quite appropriately, ‘the shaker project’ {dan frazier}  11) ta-dah! dinner is served – and thanks to painter tracy miller, i think it’s safe to say that there’s probably something for everyone on the table! don’t eat too much though — you’ll want to save room for dessert:

12) these gorgeous mixed media pieces are titled ‘bonfires’, but they always make me crave baked alaska {tom edwards}  13) i call dibs on the green dessert plate – for obvious reasons! {trixiedelicious}

mmm. well, thank you so much for finally joining me for dinner! i’d invite you to stay the night, but i still need two weeks to put the finishing touches on my guest room — pack a bag, and i’ll see you then! ~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. is it weird that i’m starting to believe that this is actually my house? ahh, one day! thanks for your lovely comments ladies… you’ll have to stop by in 2 weeks and check out the guest room… rock paper scissors for who gets to stay! ;)

  2. This is one of the best posts I have read in a while, and I really read a lot of design/crafty/pretty blogs! Thank you thank you! I might design my “home” too!

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