south african style.
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i came across this gorgeous cape town, south African home while perusing mixr, a wonderful site where you can find a good mix of several of Sweden’s leading design magazines. oh la la, is this home gorgeous, and it’s got a real playful elegance about it, too — something i love — a home that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has fun with color and objects ‘d art.

the furnishings are ornate, but contrasted with light and delicate fabrics, whimsical artwork and personal belongs, makes this home feel really unique and genuine to me, and tells me interesting people live here with a mix of good, and very eclectic taste. in other words, it has great personality and style. the home belongs to artist couple Tracy Lynch and Francois van Reena their daughter, and their bulldog Truman, who they’ve paid homage to in several spots around their lovely home.

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  1. I spent a semester in Cape Town. It’s funny, I associate two very different aesthetics with South Africa. And one of them is what you have here. There are so many lovely shops with this special kind of air to them on long street or in camps bay. Also, you would LOVE the little breakfast joint Queen of Tarts with its savory french toast (with a hunk of cabernet and a grilled tomato on top), black & white striped walls, and white rod-iron tables. Oh, it is pure magic in there.

  2. How marvelous! That vanity is so sweet. I also love the collage on the wall of the kitchen. And – I’m glad I’m not the only one who hangs pretty things on the edges of my mirrors.

  3. fantastic design… huge fan of stripes, and adding their charm in every possible situation :)

    that bedroom with the wallpaper enclosed cubby space is awesome!

  4. There is not one thing in this house that I dislike. The house feels like a home and I love that it is so beautiful and it looks like it was just put together with things that meant something and over time not bought because it was in style. Truly unique and beautiful!

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