do you rue?
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did y’all see the amazing premier issue of rue magazine yesterday? i’ve been on the road to from san francisco to los angeles, so when i found out it was live, well, i gotta say i was shocked and humbled at the beautiful spread of my home the girls at rue featured in the launch of their gorgeous magazine. i was also so flattered and grateful to log-in and see all your kind comments on twitter and facebook — thank you so much!

this brand new design magazine is the real deal, so polished and professional and i am so honored to be a part of what has to be a most successful and much-congratulated launch! the spread on my home is just one of many beautiful features in rue, and i can’t wait get home to san francisco and have a moment to grab a cup of tea and sit down and read rue cover to cover — i am in some most esteemed company, and there’s some wonderful home tours!

a very heartfelt thanks again to anne, crystal, caitlin, photographers caroline  & daniel from tinywater photography, stylists tess wilson (such pretty flowers!) and Image ProvoCateur (thanks for the girlie make-up!) and the entire team from rue who made my home come to life so beautifully on its pages. i hope you are all toasting yourselves quite properly this evening! you are most definitely the toasts of our online town! xo, victoria

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  1. Stayed up until the wee hours to read the whole thing. Congrats on the beautiful spread!! Your house looks amazing. The whole time I was thinking…can she swing by and give my house a face lift? I’m serious!

    Anyway, love Rue and congrats to you!

  2. Total visual overload — I loved it! And it was absolutely fantastic to see your place (gorgeous!) and cute photos of you. I have to go back and read the whole thing over again. (And again. And again.)

  3. I have just spent the morning oogling at it (who wants to work on a Friday anyway…) your apartment looks amazing Victoria, I can’t believe you only moved 3 months ago!


  4. i think the spread about your apartment definitely is the best in this issue. your apartment is fantastic – it’s difficult to be both fun and stylish, but you’re managing it very well! i also noticed that you’re into grete prytz kittelsen design – i’m proud (she’s a fellow norwegian)!

  5. wow, this looks incredible, congrats! i live one neighborhood over from you here in sf and yet my apt is miles away from your stylish, bright beauty. :) you are inspiring.

  6. Victoria! This turned out so great! My favorite is our office, bedroom, dining and kitchen…I know…kind of all of it. It looks great! So happy for you. I do hope you’ll post more photos, as I’d love a big one of your office. It’s pretty darn dreamy! Happy Weekend. xo

  7. hello victoria,

    i met you at the curiosity shoppe’s party w/something’s hiding in here-bow-tie party. i am the gal with the dachshund named bella. i am not sure if you remember, it was a while ago.

    your new place is gorgeous. how wonderful to see more photos of it!

    i love love love the dark walls!

    congratulations, you look lovely and so does your home…


  8. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! i’ve been on the road traveling and unable to comment until now, but i really appreciate all your kind comments! i can’t get over what a great good the rue team did with the entire magazine – it’s really fantastic!!

  9. Gorgeous!! I went to school with Crystal, and (I’m a little slow on the uptake, I’ll admit) it took FOREVER to figure out what she was working on. (Piecing it together from FB posts.)

    The magazine looks fanTAStic. I’ll have to go check it out now!!

  10. I absolutely love your home! It is the perfect mix of white with beautiful pops of color. My favorite is the gallery wall of vintage portraits. There is a good chance you will see something similar in my home one day!

    oh and I forgot to mention, I will be moving in tomorrow…..So if you could just have my room ready, that would be superb.

  11. I loved your house in Rue. I have read your blog for ages and was tickled pink to see it in Rue. I’m already looking forward to the next issue!

  12. I have to add though… if you paint the floors white it will look like Willy Wonka’s television room. But much nicer of course. Just sayin’. Really, what would I know, I live in a cave. I’d post a picture of it but it’s too embarrassing.

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