i spy: a clothesline.
by victoria comment



there’s something about a clothesline i just love. all those warm, fresh smelling clothes and sheets billowing softly in the wind. they inspire a romantic, nostalgic feeling for me, and my imagination wanders to what is must be like growing up in the country, or even a european city. today, i spy the clothesline. clean, simple, full of everything delightful. they even make doing laundry look good.

no penny for them.


simply hue.


hello bum.




Nikole Herriott.

wild goose chase.

chiara balza.

22 responses to “i spy: a clothesline.”

  1. so beautiful…and sad that in some parts of the world (mainly ours) drying ones stuff on a clothesline is considered not cool? Twenty years ago I had my apt. manager call me to get my duvet off my balcony or else? Now in my own backyard in PA I spread out my duvets and blankets whenever I feel like it so there! They smell wonderful!

  2. I love it when you go to Europe and everyone slings their laundry off their balconies and ties up their washing line to each other’s railings. It’s so honest and real and unpretentious. I love it. I have my sheets on the line right now in fact!

  3. Growing up, my grandmother, who lived in Detroit, had a cloths line she used till they moved. When I found my home, I discoverd in the backyard, there was a cloths line! People thought I was strange to want to keep it. I use it often in the spring and summer and couldn’t live without it. They remind me of the simple times.

  4. I love the pictures and do use my own clothes line myself… although we do have a very nice “new” dryer living here in arizona i can hang several pairs of 501 jeans outside and they will be dry in 15 to 20 minutes and the feel and smell are awesome… love your blogs as they remind me of all the wonderful people i grew up with in the bay area. thanx. :)

  5. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always have a clothesline! There is something so beautifully simple about prettily hung clothes on a line! Great feature!

  6. Pulling these beautiful images of clean-laundry- drying-on-a-clothes-line together is an art in itself.A tribute to the honorable,simple,practical tasks performed all over the world for as long as the human race has washed it’s clothes!

  7. I looked at the first few pics and went “but those underwear are so pretty”. My smalls on the line are a) not so small and b) not so pretty. But then I saw the sheets and went “okay, it is pretty after all”. Now I just have to find me a meadow to let them flutter over… Quite often bits of my washing ends up on the ground courtesy of the dogs. Now that’s not pretty.

  8. what a lovely selection! and thank you for including mine… :)

    clothes lines always bring back childhood memories for me. the one i photographed was tied between two old apple trees at a friend’s summer house on the baltic sea. i wish i had one like that myself…

  9. I love clotheslines! I keep bugging my parents to put one up but it hasn’t happened yet. I live in a condo so I don’t really have the option. My grandparents had one that went from the house to the barn. It was super long. I used to clip my dolls to it and wheel them back and forth. Such nostalgia!

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