abigail’s atelier.
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u.k.-based interior designer ABIGAIL AHERN has an amazing new line of lighting, which she recently unveiled at this years’ exclusive Parisian trade show MAISON & OBJET.

atelier abigail ahern’s lighting is nothing short of fantastical, a menagerie of whimsical animals to light up your parlor! and i do mean parlor, for that’s how i envision these lamps — lighting up a seriously old fashioned room and making it quite magically come to life. for more of abigail’s imaginative home furnishings and accessories, visit atelier abigail ahern online, or drop by her London shop, should be lucky enough to find yourself across the pond. be sure to also check out photographer graham atkins hughes’ website, who shot these wonderful photographs!

*photographs by graham atkins hughes.

10 responses to “abigail’s atelier.”

  1. How funny. Some of my daily blog readings include Abigail Ahern & you. I just read her last word this morning then clicked over to my fav sf girl and there was Abigail again! I must say she is bringing me over to her dark side. We just spent the weekend rolling on incrementally darker shades of grey paint!!

  2. Those are curiously cute lamps! Funnily enough I bought a poodle the same as the one shown here, except it’s black – looks as though it’s retro?

  3. eres genial te escribo desde el ultimo rincon del mundo desde isla negra Chile
    ojala te llegue este mensaje me gusta mucho tu estilo y las lamparas son maravillosas
    te conoci por un recorte de revista lei que tienes un libro maravilloso
    un beso y felicitaciones Amelia

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