the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
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hello! so, who’s ready for a sleepover at the house that jealousy built? after weeks and weeks of being distracted by dining rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms, I’ve finally designed an artsy little oasis just for you — so, let me take your bags and show you to your room:

1) in honor of your visit, i’ve whipped up this gorgeous diy chandelier — ok, well, i didn’t actually make this, but if i was as clever as tracy lorna nors i could have!  2) seriously, what could be better in a guest room than a chair made from a suitcase? that’s right, nothing! {katie thompson}. so, now that you’ve found the place without any trouble, you can put away your maps — or hang them on the wall if you like:

3) sigh. an ordinary map, carefully cut into flying birds, and pinned to the wall, so that their lovely shadows can become part of the piece {claire brewster}. 4) i love these united states maps cut from wood-mounted paint-by-number kits. i managed to control myself by only showing three of them – but just so you know, i was very tempted to cover an entire wall with them! {something’s hiding in here}

alrighty, it’s been a long day of traveling so why don’t you freshen-up, and get settled:

5) may i offer you some hand soap? ha! get it? hand. soap. ahh, so funny. my grandmother always had fancy soap for guests, but never quite like this {foliage}.  6) ok, let’s get these fabulous, custom-made suitcases of yours unpacked! {sarah williams}  7) now, this is the only shelf i have for you, so i’m really hoping you only brought your swan planter, a deer, an electric fan, a thermos, that great red pot of yours, etc, etc {misha kahn}.

well, you must be exhausted! once you’ve got everything neatly tucked away, we can call it a night. oh, and i’ve put a few books by your bedside for some late night reading:

yep, it’s the suitcase series – of course! after all, there is a bit of a suitcase theme developing! 8) camilla engman was the first artist to have her life & work featured in this gorgeous series of books by uppercase gallery, and 9) the craft queen/alter ego of a brit named tif, dottie angel will be the second when volume two is released early summer 2011. so pretty, and so inspiring.

10) wow! dottie angel really did inspire you — i see you’ve made a lovely pajaki, or polish paper chandelier, before turning in for the night. very impressive {decor8}.  11) well, climb up, and into bed – very “princess and the pea” wouldn’t you say? {carrie christian}

well, sweet dreams! i’ll see you in the morning for some coffee — i’m assuming that’s why you brought the thermos?

~ the jealous curator xo

13 responses to “the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.”

  1. I loved this post! Thank you for including me Victoria. :) Also that chair is amazing. I want one for my guest room now. And that Dottie Angel book looks amazing, WOW! Also I love the shelf, it’s a riot.

  2. Our friend/photographer gave us a bag of hand soap in our wedding day ‘goodies’ bag a year and a half ago. I think she either knew I’d been ogling them for a while, or just knows me too well! We haven’t had the heart to use them just yet but they hang out in the bathroom.

    p.s. This post is full of win.:)

  3. The baby soap hands are a bit spooky. What if they come alive and creep about at night? If you sat one on the plug hole it would look like the baby got thrown out with the bath water and was going down the gurgler. Bye bye baby…

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