satisfy your lonny-ging.
by victoria comment


i think we all long for the days of the now demised domino. and thankfully some of the new magazines, like anthology (coming soon!), and online magazines like rue, and lonny are helping to fill that void, providing us with those pretty pictures we miss. the online mags may not be the same as flipping through and unintentionally dampening the pages in our bubble baths, but i think lonny really heard our cry for help, when they created their new website ‘decorate’.

just like domino’s deco files, decorate is filled with all kinds of decor inspiration for every room, and just about every style you might be looking for. it’s no secret that many in the lonny camp came from the pages of domino’s editorial staff, so i think you’ll find some of what you’ve been missing here. thanks, lonny! maybe i can’t take you in the tub, but i think we all appreciate you hearing our plea for pretty.

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  1. I just posted on the new fab RUE magazine and picked among others your lovely place in SF!
    Not only did I discover a fabulous new magazine but also found your gorgeous blog!

  2. Lovely – thanks for that, didn’t know there was a decorate part!
    But I do object to the trend to use animal skins, animal heads (and fake versions thereof). Just continues to degrade animals. Hateful stuff.

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