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look’s like i could be headed into fall (although it’s in the high 80’s here in san francisco, so what the heck am i thinking!?). but this week on wanted, i’m feeling a little auburn orangey-red meets basic black, and i’m a bit all over the board, from birds to boxy, to bubble baths. here’s what’s wanted.

1. this is one cute gold-beaked door stopper from anthropologie (shut the door! oops — i mean keep it open). 2. and well, just how rad is this felt Asymmetrical Hexrunner from branch? (and, Homeless women at the YWCA Portland Shelter are trained and provided employment assembling each piece by hand = more rad). 3. this harry’s garden wallcovering evokes a bit of old europe, from the wallpaper collective.

4. i adore artist kiki & polly and can’t get enough of her work. i want her painting night swim huge on my wall. 5. and, i think it would look quite smashing above this gorgeous black free-standing tub from Gruppo Treesse, no? 6. and just to indulge myself a little bit more, i think i’d add a dash of anthropologie’s TokyoMilk Bon Bon Bubble Bath.

7. i’ve coveted the claude sofa from pinch for a really, really long time. so deep and cushy, it belongs in someone’s reading library. 8. mikey burton’s oh yeah go ohio! wood type print is a fun little graphic! 9. lastly, quite in love with jonathan adler’s funky bargello chamomile pillow – just the right touch of super seventies.

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  1. Some lovely picks! And I must say, get the Russell Pinch sofa…I own it and it is my favourite piece of furniture ever. Delicious to look at, but so, so comfy. A true classic.

    L x

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