fit for a queen.
by victoria comment


the cool hunter.

some people collect stamps, dolls or china. me, i’ve been collecting bedrooms. lush ones, ones that are fit for queen. not just a queen-sized bed, mind you. nope, just really luxurious ones. the kind of bed you want to linger in and sleep really late, or crawl into on a rainy day and laze about and read a favorite book. the sumptuous ones you can’t wait to get into at the end of along hard day. plush, yummy, soft and feminine beds!

laura fulmine.

emmas design blog.

desire to inspire.


solid frog.

portland mitchell.

sandra lane.

dreamy whites.

tobias harvey.


light locations.

sophie brown.

living with white.

15 responses to “fit for a queen.”

  1. There’s a photo there by tobias harvey that looks like something from the set of Criminal
    Minds. Especially that lamp made from a roller skate. Scary!

  2. oh V! your posts are such an inspiration!!!looking at these photos made me dreaming…..and wanting of course!!!thank you!!

  3. Does anyone know where the chandalier is from in the dreamy whites photograph? Or where I can get a similar chandelier?

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