dropping in on abigail ahern.
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i recently shared with you the stunningly unique lighting fixtures and atelier of designer abigail ahern. and, well, i had a feeling her home might be as equally amazing and asked abigail if she might share a little peek with us, and she most graciously agreed! abigail ahern’s east london home was built in 1860, (wow, what history!) and is four stories tall, and abigail has taken the back wall out over two floors and replaced them with a wall of beautiful glass.

abigail’s philosophy about design much mirrors mine, and as she says in this video for her decor book a girl’s guide to decorating, “you can inject a lots of personality into you space without spending a load of money”. the book* includes stylish and hip design tips, and what she calls ‘lazy sunday afternoon’ diy ideas which don’t require a lot of tools.

*due at amazon in the u.s. this week!

a girl’s guide to decorating also features abigail’s sister gemma’s beautiful apartment (on the cover, and below), which they designed together. abigail and her sister Gemma work together, and they share the same love of almost everything, abigail says “her pad looks like mine and both our pads look like the store (sad, hey)”. doesn’t look one bit sad to me! these beautiful images appear in the book and were photographed by Graham Atkins Hughes.

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  1. oh, no – not yet, but will go look!. abigail said they have very similar taste, so i’m sure i will love it. the images from the book are gemma’s space. makes me want to infuse pink into my dining room!

  2. Victoria – You have a package at the old apt. Do you want me to hang on to it for you? It has been on that table for a while now – just remembered to track you down. :)

  3. LOVE, love her (and her sister’s) style!! That first picture is out of the world gorgeous! Do you know when the book will be available again in the US? I missed it the first time around and have been waiting and hoping for it to come back :)

  4. Thanks Victoria – I literally just pulled pictures of Gemma’s living room out of an old issue of Living Etc. for my design files – love the bathtub with fabulous lighting in front of a working fireplace too!

  5. Hi! I’m a new reader and your blog is full of beautiful images!

    I love how in all these images, nothing obviously goes together but then, it all looks perfect together.

  6. I absolutely adore Abigail’s aesthetic, & hadn’t seen all of these pics of her home. She really knows how to do saturated colors, & mixing eclectic & beautiful pieces. I remember drooling over Gemma’s home when I first laid eyes on it (& continue to do so each time I lay eyes on it). What a team! Thanks for posting this.

  7. AH la lala!!!!!! Big Big Sigh!
    I’ve been looking everywhere for a Mayan folding chair (wooden chair on the first picture) for years, since seeing some in Nicaragua.
    I know you can get them somwhere at least in France (saw a picture of one, once -long story)
    Anyway, if anybody had a suggestion about these I would tremendously appreciate it. Thanks everyone in advance!

    Great visit btw!

  8. jesse – i heard back from abigail and she says she hates to say the red chair was a one-off picked it up at a student show years ago and the student didn’t make any more.

    béa – also the other chair is a vintage 1930s roseward chair, used on the deck of ocean liners that abigail bought in an antique market in paris.

    sorry, girls!

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