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i’m kinda worried. i’ve only been in this new home since may, and already i’m feeling the itch to redecorate. perhaps change up the colors a bit, and get a little more comfy. not everything will change, but i think adding some of the things i want this week could do the trick without starting from scratch. let’s face it, i’ll never stop changing it up!

1. oh dear, seems i’m obsessed with kate p. i’d loved to wrap myself up in her fur coat original painting! 2. i was strictly a throroughly modern girl there for a while, but now i’m getting all slouchy again. i’m craving a nice, deep, super comfy rachel ashwell sofa like this striped one! 3. i am simply mad for these pendant lamps made from re-purposed map bits – this one’s called deep sea, from umbu.

4. abc home adds a new twist on birch bark vases — cast in antique silver over copper! 5. i love this waterfall print enhanced with wood-grain and printed on paper from jefdesigns, via design public. 6. the primitive look of this large ash wood cutting board is a unique look for serving snacks, made by a family of woodworkers, from shop terrain.

7. i quite admire and very much desire the moon craft’s fabulous hubble print. 8. i could fall into these bella notte bed linens and possibly never get out of bed. 9. and, lastly, i’m thinking this vintage luxo clamp light would add a modern touch for bedside reading, from found vintage style.

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  1. Oh that nesting instinct! Add fall branches to those vases and they’d be on my list too. I’d also need a ‘virtual’ bowl for walnuts in their shells – any ideas?

  2. I am totally in love with the ‘fur coat’ painting! I love the tilt of her head; it’s like she’s saying: Yes, hello dahling, I am here in my fur and pearls…whatever did you need from me? Ah, le sigh.

  3. How funny–I work for the manufacturer of those fabulous birch bark vases, and they are even better in person!
    Here they are on the wholesale site:
    They’re not listed on our e-commerce site:
    but you can always call and ask them to ship to you. I think they’re doing free shipping right now, and we’re almost always having some sort of sale on the merch too :)

  4. i think it’s in our nature as creative people to want to change things. i do it all the time… if i didn’t i would be worried and probably a bit stifled too.

    love that black bedroom with the comfy bed linens. *sigh*

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