the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
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who says basements are only for musty old boxes and cobwebs? well alright, some basements might be exactly that, but not in the house that jealousy built! no sir, this underground oasis has just the perfect amount of wood paneling, shag carpet, and fabulously 70’s-esque paintings – ok, and maybe the odd box or two! flick on a light and come on down to room no.9 – the basement!

what did I tell you? 1) a little wood paneling {jennifer o’keeffe} and 2) a lovely hand-hooked rug {jim houser} and we’re already creating the perfect rec room! 3) and of course, with no natural light down here, we’ll need a lighting plan. 3) i’m going with an animal theme – moose head wall lamp, check. a pack of black bunny table lamps, check. giant ceramic poodle with a very fancy shade, check!!! {abigail ahern}. now, onto those fabulous 70’s-esque paintings i mentioned:

4) it doesn’t get much more fabulous, or much more 70’s than this! i love, love, love these found landscapes turned typographic masterpieces by american painter wayne white. ok, so now that the mood is set, let’s have a little fun:

5) that’s right, you’re in a basement – it was only a matter of time before someone suggested playing “spin the bottle”, but please don’t use these beautiful hand-painted bottles {meghan paterson} – 6) oh, and don’t even think about throwing a dart at this lovely crepe paper target! {kristi malakoff}. hmm, maybe games aren’t the best idea. well, basements are also a great place for just sitting around:

7) ahh, the boxes! i knew we’d find a few. that’s some pretty amazing cardboard, don’t you think? {julia} i especially love that shelf – now we just need to fill it up:

8) who needs games when you have this many vhs tapes! granted, these ones are marker rendered, but still, there are some classic movies in there – ghostbusters, risky business, porky’s II – good times! {hollis brown thornton} 9) not in the mood for a movie? no problem – sit back in your cardboard chair and enjoy a hand-drawn mixed tape {kate bingaman burt}. 10) while you listen to “feelings, side a” why not flip through “pulp” – it’s a gorgeous photography book that manages to tell several stories without any words at all {neil krug and joni harbeck}. 11) knick-knacks? yes. we’re going to need all of these little ceramic orphans that have been rescued, repainted, and lovingly named just for you! ps. i call dibs on pat & una thorpe! {emma harding}.

ahh, i love it down here – although, i do have another dream basement that i can’t seem to get out of my head:

12) i know! it’s the coziest room ever!!! {sarah applebaum}. oh no, how am i going to decide? i love both. wait – i’ve got it! as of this moment, the house that jealousy built has two basements! yep, that’s the beauty of a completely pretend house – and i didn’t even have to call a contractor! nice.

well, i’m going to spend the rest of the day hanging out in my basement(s) watching return of the jedi, but first thing tomorrow i’ll get to work on the next room! see you back here in two weeks ~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. Oh my goodness, just loving this basement! Can’t seem to see the product info for 8,9 and 10 – am I being blind or is it missing? Just ask because whatever the retro VHS thing is, I want it!

  2. Oh my! It’s all covered in awesome sauce! My favorites – the tape/vhs drawings, and the crepe paper target. I now have an urge to go watch The Last Unicorn. Or maybe Tron.

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