my love for you…
by my illustrious guest blogger comment


Hi All! I’m Meighan and Victoria has asked me to blog once a week here on sfgirlbybay. I am so flattered and delighted to be asked to join you guys over here. I love Victoria’s eye and everything she shares.

A little bit about me, just to give you an idea of who I am. You’ve got my name, so we can scratch that off. ;) The next, probably most important thing is I run an art blog called My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses. It focuses on a broad range of new contemporary art. I mainly write about what I am loving and seeing in the art realm today. You’ll find anything from knitted bicycles to paste-ups in South Korea. It really can be that broad! Come visit me to see what I mean. ;)

Each week I’ll be sharing with you what I have been checking out and loving. No art related stuff here! For my first post I am going to kick it off with some of my favorite fall items. My dream outfit for the beautiful fall weather we’ve had recently here in SF…

Nothing spells fall like a brand new pair of gorgeous boots. I am seriously in love (unrequited love as it will remain) with these beautiful boots from Martha Davis.

And what pairs better with boots than a classic, menswear inspired winter coat? This navy darling from Alexa Chung for Madewell will be mine. I adore navy, and may start my own crusade to petition for more navy clothing in this world.

While were at it, let’s up the classic anté with a few stripes from the French. A.P.C is always a fave of mine.

I’m willing to wear the same thing forever as long as I have an incredible amount of accessories. I love the delicate beauty of St. Kilda’s rose gold feather necklace.

A scarf can cozy up any outfit. Fog Linen are the masters of understated chic.

I have a few pair of Round Design earrings, her mountain hoops may be my next. Gorgeous.

I bought a Comme des Garcon pouch about six years ago, I literally used it to pieces. Time for a new one. Red would be perf for Fall.

And there is always something about changing seasons that makes me want to mix up my scents. I recently discovered Portland General Store, and I loooooooove the many smoky scents they have. I’m thinking of trying tobacco first. Hmmm, smoky!

Well, that’s it for this week…I hope you liked my eye candy. Oh, wait! Let’s top this outfit off with some knitted goodness from Yokoo.

Thanks for having me! And until next week, you can find me on my blog or over on twitter. <3

15 responses to “my love for you…”

  1. Thanks so much ladies! I love that all three of you mentioned the accessories! I swear…I could wear the same t-shirt & jeans forever, if I had my pic of jewels, scarves etc. ;)

  2. someday i will have to take a picture of me wearing all the beautiful things i’ve acquired thanks to Meighan and her keen eye.
    i’m all over those earrings!

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