the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
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every week i love my pretend house more and more (if only i could actually move in!). the living room is eclectic, the bedroom is dreamy, and the basement is, well, kinda crazy. today’s room, however, is going to raise the i.q. of the entire property! pop on your reading glasses, pour yourself a cup of earl grey, and come on into the house that jealousy built – room no.10 – the library:

1) yes. i need this – who doesn’t need a circular book shelf in their personal library? {david garcia}. oh look! a book by your favorite author, and wouldn’t you know it, her portrait is hanging in a fancy gold frame right over there:

2) in my imagination these two portraits are of the same woman in different stages of her life – i’m guessing pre-oprah book club, and post {kate pugsley}. alright, now that you’ve picked a book, you’ll need the soft glow of a reading light, and somewhere to sit:

3) do you think it’s possible to have a crush on wallpaper? yep, me too {abigail ahern}.  4) a book lamp. obvious, yes – but oh, so pretty {via apartment therapy}  5) alright, this seat doesn’t look very cozy, but hear me out – books are made from paper, and paper is made from trees – ok, ok, i just really love this tree bench and that’s the only reason i have for it being in here! can you blame me?! {jurgen bey}  6) book club meeting tonight? no problem – this brilliant multi-reader seating is the perfect answer {yvonne fehling & jennie peiz}. now, where did I put my glasses:

7) ah, yes, there they are! it’s hard to miss them, considering they’re over five feet wide. ps. this artist does commission work, so you can have a pair made to match your own frames! {etcetera whatever on etsy} 8) this pendant lamp really has nothing to do with a library, I just think it’s insanely beautiful. it’s made from wooden fabric (yes, I said wooden fabric) – gorgeous, flexible, wooden fabric that you can crumple and reshape as much as you like {elisa strozyk}.  9) hm, all of that lovely lighting must help you read very quickly! alright then, grab another book from one of these flatter than flat tables/shelves {brandon lattu}.

now, if you’re thinking, “I sure would love a library like this, but I just don’t have an extra room in my house”, no problem:

10) gather up all of your books, go outside, and stack them up in a stunning installation! ta-dah! instant library {rune guneriussen}

well, i don’t know about you, but i feel smarter already! i’m going to use all of this new found intellect to work on the next room – see you in two weeks!

~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. i always so enjoy your posts! i see it all in my little imagination and it is looking so peachy, thanks for always making me smile :)

  2. i’m so glad you’re all liking these posts… i LOVE putting them together!
    and tif, i’m pretty sure that you actually live in ‘the house that jealousy’ built from what i’ve seen on dottie angel! ;)(thanks for the sweet words)

  3. About ten years ago, I used to work at a remainder bookstore, and we would buy books by the pallet. We would remove the cardboard and shrinkwrap from the pallet, and they would look just like photo #10, except about half the height.

    Like your picks. That circular bookcase is uber-awesome.

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