my love for you…
by my illustrious guest blogger comment


hi all, it’s meighan of my love for you. last week, i mentioned that i am willing to wear the same t-shirt and jeans forever as long as i have enough accessories. i know, you may think i am kidding for emphasis sake, but i’m not! don’t get me wrong, i love clothing. heck, i talk about old clothes that have since been retired as if they were old friends. but, my true love is jewelry. i have been fascinated with adornment since i was a child. as i have gotten older it has only taken on a wilder, more refined and mature spin. here’s some of my favorite, wilder jewels that i either personally own or are hoping to one day add to my treasure chest.

melissa joy manning’s extra, extra large soup can hoops are timeless. i have two pair, one in silver another in rose gold. gorgeous.

do you like valentines day? i could take it or leave it, this past vd i bought myself a sweet nothings pendant from in god we trust in brooklyn. i like the idea of buying yourself something on valentine’s. i’ve worn it everyday since i bought it.

i received two packages in the mail today. one from my friend faythe levine, with the macrame earrings by call me kristy (out of milwaukee) i purchased from her pop-up shop. i can’t wait to pile my hair on top of my head and wear these sexy, bad larrys!

the second package was from leslie shershow, and in it was her antler necklace which i have had my eye on forever! such a sweet surprise! a great layering piece for sure. it was these two packages that made me realize i must write about jewelry here today. ;)

those of you who have read my other blogs, know what huge fan i am of oakland based jeweler, alana douvros. i own her extra large python hoops. i love that she has cast them in bronze too.

a friend of mine recently bought erica weiner’s raptor talon necklace. it looks amazing on her. i’m a bit jealous and have told her i plan on completely biting her style. ;)

unearthen. oh man. so much to say about her crystal bullet necklaces. in a word, stunning. i really believe that she single-handedly kicked off the crystal craze, not to mention a ton of wannabe bullet necklaces.

i own a smoky quartz crystal necklace from stone & honey. i wear that everyday as well. it’s sold out now, but her crystal point necklaces are so subtle and chic. perfect for any style.

i am not one for too many bracelets, as i have a lot of tattoos and they actually clash. but this keestin wintrup snake bracelet/belt from st. kilda would blend in perfectly.

well, that’s it for me. i hope you enjoyed my pieces. let me know your favorite jewels in the comment section…i am always interested to find more jewels! until next week, you can find me over on ml4u or follow me on twitter or facebook.

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  1. I totally agree with your laid back style. I always feel really relaxed and happy on days when I wear one of several cozy t-shirts. It really makes the day flow quite nicely. The only thing that could make any typical t-shirt day better is paring it with some flirty jewelry that is classy as well as eye catching.

  2. I need a part two! I adore every piece that you showcased and am very excited about the bronze python hoops. Oh and the simplicity of the crystal point necklaces are incredible.

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