spaces, frankie-style.
by victoria comment


the lovely folks who bring you frankie magazine, have been quietly working on something new for you — this time a look at eclectic interiors. frankie brings you spaces, a type of ‘mook’ (kinda like a magazine, kinda like a book) all about people’s pretty spaces!

spaces is a collection of eclectic interiors from around world, brought to you in a large-format magazine (oooh, 256 pages of real paper!), exploring homes, studios, shops and cafes of graphic designers, photographers, and vintage collectors, sharing the unique ideas and individuality of creative people living everywhere from Melbourne to Amsterdam.

If you want to buy a copy online, head over here or check out frankie’s favourite australian shops to see if they have any issues of spaces in stock.

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  1. angela – if you’re not in australia, you can order online in the link above. perhaps specialty magazine shops may carry it as well – those that sell euro & aussie magazines.

  2. I am so excited that ‘our’ (me being Australian!) beloved Frankie magazine is becoming a hit around the world!
    Can’t wait to get this book and seeing as it’s my birthday soon, I think I might have to buy myself a present. ;)

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