darkly dramatic.
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u.k.-based photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes dropped me a note about his latest endeavor and i just had to share these fab interiors with y’all. this is one darkly dramatic space and i fell in love with all the splashes of modern color in this east london townhouse, which has been designed and styled for photographic location shoot rentals.

location78 is owned and managed by photographer-stylist team Graham Atkins-Hughes and stylist Jo Atkins-Hughes. i can see an amazing elle or vogue shoot taking place here, no? or how about a smashing halloween soiree? or, i could just move in! for more gorgeousness from the talented duo, visit their website, seven and eight.

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  1. Oh, I knoooooooooow. I just posted some of these the other day, and I can’t stop thinking about them. I really feel like repainting my entire house now (an expensive and time-consuming proposition!).

  2. i think just a few rooms is the way to go. after painting my dining room and the nook black, i love them. but i also love the peaceful feeling of the white rooms, too. but, i totally want to redecorate…AGAIN! :)

  3. oh so gorgeous! just came from the sf antique show where a few of the booths had painted thier walls dark grey or black. i love the mood it sets. and these images are fantastic. the first of the mantel!!

  4. That first image looks straight out of a great Giorgio Morandi still life. One of my favorite painters if you know his work. If you don’t I think you would like him. He did hundreds of paintings of bottles,just bottles, (his entire life) in gorgeous grey hues like these rooms. Totally genius!

  5. gorgeous – i’m just dying to know the name of the picture in the 3rd from bottom photo! i’ve seen it a few times and it reminds me of growing up in the far east (am not sure if she is malay or asian) – but i can’t find out. nice to see it again tho. love your blog – i’ve only just found it and am going thru old posts. samx

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