hothouse flower.
by victoria comment


the new issue of covet garden is live (apparently we no longer say ‘available on newsstands’ in this century!), and it’s got a stylish, manly-man feel to it. and i mean that in the most gentlemanly of ways.

this issue of covet visits dennis, a professor and real-life curator of a hidden hothouse of plants and books. i love this look at his kensington loft, as well as covet garden’s guide to getting the look, including a diy terrarium! for a complete look at the magazine pop in at covet garden.

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  1. Awesomeness…..I will go check this out now. But I am in love with the plant in the typewriter. I just picked up an ancient typewriter the other day when I was thrifting, I doubt it will work again but this could be an excellent way to re-use it!

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