at home with ulrica.
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y’all have seen some beautiful photos and some lovely homes from photographer ulrica wihlborg on the blog before, here, here, here and here! clearly, i’m a big fan! but now, i get to share a glimpse at ulrica’s own sweet santa monica bungalow. i love the cool, simple zen of it all — so relaxing and peaceful, with that true Scandinavian style.

With two kids under the age of four, ulrica’s decorating theme is “washable, unbreakable, simple, inexpensive yet esthetically livable. I love simplicity, probably to a fault.”

Most of everything you see ulrica has picked up at flea markets, or made herself from fabrics bought at flea markets or brought back from Sweden. “I love vintage fabrics! And I love the transforming power of paint! There is so much you can do with both at a very low cost. Needless to say, the sewing machine is a constant presence on our kitchen table. I try to reuse as much as I can of what I already own, and I love finding new ways to use old things that I’ve grown tired of.” To see more of ulrica wihlborg’s beautiful aesthetic,visit her website.

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  1. Loved this… so simple and clean… yet with so many lovely details that show so much character! Very beautiful and had me inspired in some ways! Take care! Twiggs

  2. I’m swept away! Makes me dream of scandinavian summers. Such a perfect nest!
    Hope you’re feeling better Victoria, and that someone came by with a cold cloth for your forehead and a glass of San Pellegrino:)

  3. I love everything about this post–the dress, the purse, the bed, the white denim slipcovers!, the light wood floors. Basically, I want to move in with Ulrica! Thanks for the introduction to this great style!

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