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hello again! so, i’m back this week with room no.11, which just happens to be a very pretty sewing room. now, i feel obligated to add that i haven’t sewn since my last home-ec class, which was more than a few years ago, and i have absolutely no idea what i’m doing in here. all i do know, is that i really want to make lovely things! so, long story short, i figured that since the house that jealousy built is totally fictional anyway, i might as well give myself a few fictional skills, right?! great! well then, come on in:

you really can’t have a fictional sewing room in your house and not include something from dottie angel – well, maybe two things! 1) these lanterns were made to keep her sewing machine (who goes by the name of “miss.ethel”) company while dottie was away – well, if they’re good enough for “miss.ethel” then i want nothing less for “miss.stella”. oh, and the second thing – something pretty, and handmade by dottie, to sit on while i’m hard at work!  2) ok, so “miss.stella” isn’t actually a sewing machine, but she sure is cute! {ruggy design on etsy}  3) every sewing room has to have a set of drawers filled with insanely creative stuff, and by the looks of things, this one should be perfect {sarajo frieden}. alright, let’s fill it up with supplies:

4) being the sewing goddess that i am, (just roll with it) i don’t really need to use dress patterns, but i’ll make an exception for these lovely oil paintings of exactly that {holly farrell}.  5) “little boxes of positivity”! yes, yes, yes! and especially yes to you tiny little pink horse button! oh, and i will also need that soft piece of art that, apparently, can be used for storing my pins and needles. sigh. so pretty {all the luck in the world via sfgirlbybay ; ) }. 6) most people would just pick up a few plain embroidery rings, but not me. i prefer mine to be filled with delicate collages {lillianna pereira}. well, i think we’re almost ready to thread the needle – hm, maybe just a quick snack first:

7) ah yes, a cup of tea and a little bite of something sweet would be perfect – but i think i’ll just grab a paper plate. i’m quite sure these fantastic silk covered pieces aren’t dishwasher safe {diem chau}.  8) and as my grandmother always said (she didn’t really, but she probably should have), make sure your hands are clean before beginning any sewing project. um, let’s use paper napkins though, yes? these cotton hankies are much too cool to wipe anything on! {kate o’connor}.
ok. somewhere to sit, amazing supplies, and a little snack. finally! we’re ready to sew:

9) i’ve never had the guts to get a real tattoo, but a hand-sewn tattoo? well now, that’s a different story! there’s still a needle involved, it’s just nowhere near my body! {theresa honeywell}. 10) oh, quilts. i’ve always wanted to make a quilt, but they seem so overwhelming. these beautifully wonky, meant to be imperfect, quilts however might inspire me to give it a shot {the quilters of gee’s bend}. now, if my fictional skills were really good, i could make a whole bunch of these and we’d all be set for life:

11) yep. hand-sewn cash from all over the world. brilliant! {lauren dicioccio}

well, that was fun! i highly recommend giving yourself a few fictional skills for the day. in fact, before these wear off, i’m going to sew something for the next room – oh the possibilities! see you in two weeks!

~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. There are so many things I like about this post: the lanterns, sarajo frieden’s piece, diem chau’s plates, sewn money… Everything makes a perfect sewing room.

  2. oh my! Lanterns!! Its really a surprise to see it posted here. I love Lanterns too! During Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore, families love to bring their children out to parks/streets and walk around with the glowing lanterns. Its so beautiful.

  3. My jealousy is getting ugly. Somebody shoot me now! Your whole house concept is making me crazy because I am becoming wanton with desire. This sewing room hurts it’s so beautiful. More more more!!

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