pssst. it’s a sneak peek at rue, issue 2!
by victoria comment


hmmm, i wonder what they keep in these lockers? and, i wonder just who these rad vintage lockers belong to? to find out, we have to hold our breath just a few more weeks. the upcoming holiday issue of rue will expose all! rue, issue 2 goes live on November 21st!

*oh, and if for some reason you missed last month’s issue (including a peek at my humble abode) you can view the first issue of rue magazine here.

*photos by Emily Anderson.

28 responses to “pssst. it’s a sneak peek at rue, issue 2!”

  1. oh sweet lord :) i was thinking exactly the same… what do they keep and where do they come from? :) i can’t wait to see more, last issue was amazing!!! answered your e-mail! ;)

  2. Amazingly gorgeous so far. I can’t wait to see more! Those bathroom shelves alone are brilliant — I love the milk glass paired with the old first aid kid.

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