friday food files with molly watson: homemade coffee liqueur.
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Liqueur is simply sweet, flavored booze. Very sweet and highly flavored booze. If you start now, you can have this homemade coffee vanilla bean liqueur in time to give away (or entertain with) at Christmas. I’m just saying.

Are you freaking about Thanksgiving? Just excited to get that menu planned? I’ll be posting all about the big feast next week, but if you can’t wait check out the Tday offerings over at over at Local Foods.


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*photo courtesy of peacefulbean.

4 responses to “friday food files with molly watson: homemade coffee liqueur.”

  1. My mom makes homemade liqueurs every year and gives them out at X-mas. Kahlua, irish cream, margaritas, orange liqueur! They’re so good. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe out!

  2. I was completely inspired by this. I made coffee bean vanilla liqueur, pomegranate and vanilla bean infused vodka, and peppermint infused vodka. My holidays will be full of infused imbibing!


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