stopping by studio violet.
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it’s most definitely a true-ism that i am in love with anything and everything created by studio violet. studio violet is a creative collaboration between two very talented swedish souls – elisabeth dunker and camilla engman. not coincidentally, two of my favorite artists.

i’m not quite sure how they do it, but i have an idea they were just born with a natural talent for taking the most simple and making it sublime. i thought i’d stop by studio voilet and share with you a random sampling of what camilla and elisabeth have been up to, on their website, and in their shop.

they’ve just published their Mr Mustache book! and it’s now available in english, too. you can see more pictures in the studio violet shop.

studio violet has also launched two new re-used porcelain collections this autumn. The collection is a small, exclusive one of a kind-series.

studio violet’s postcard collection comes in a pack of six. count ’em six super cute cards.

studio violet’s matte black vinyl drop wall decals.

studio violet wallpaper, available at studio nommo.

camilla’s 2011 calendar.

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  1. I’m with you. I love following Elisabeth’s blog. She’s a true inspiration. I think it’s the way she sees the world that makes her so special. And her appreciation of nature too. I received just this week my copy of “Mr Mustache”. I felt quite weird knowing how far it had come to be mine (I live in Sydney)… The blogging world is amazing, even though it’s so huge, it’s also quite small. Pruxxx

  2. Gasp! I need that wallpaper–the one with the bear smoking the pipe. I went to the link but couldn’t find it. I hope they make it into a wallpaper soon. Even better, I hope I just missed it.

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