the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.
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hi again! so, i know what you’re thinking – this house has every kind of room you could ever want except, of course, a very girly trophy room to showcase an outstanding taxidermy collection. well, never fear, because that’s going to change today! here we go, the house that jealousy built – room no.12 – the trophy room:

{note: no animals were harmed in the decorating of this room}

1) pretty wallpaper, a fancy sofa, and a big old stag. yep, that’s exactly what this house needs {barely domestic on etsy}.  2) i’m quite sure every trophy room is required to have a fabulous bear skin rug – this one just happens to be made out of a zillion tiny pieces of wood instead of an actual bear {shawn smith}. now, there’s really only one way to properly illuminate a taxidermy collection:

3) yes, clearly, we’re going to need a cast ceramic antler sconce and a matching table lamp {jason miller}.  4) oh, and for optimal lighting, we really should include the cutest owl lamp in the entire world {white rabbit england}. ok, so before we get to the animals, i thought we should warm up with a little antler-related art work first:

5) fantastic and oh so girly – literally. and very humane as well! look at how cozy that deer’s hooves are in those stripy gym socks {charmaine olivia}. alright, it’s finally time – bring on the beasts:

6) ahh, cable knit stags and delicate cashmere does. taxidermy doesn’t get much prettier than this {rachel denny}.  7) mounted crochetdermyTM rabbits. yes, i’ll take two please {shauna richardson}. alright, those are lovely and very sweet, but prepare yourselves – things are about to get a little bit weird:

8) i don’t think i’m alone when i say that there’s really nothin’ like a few candy-colored pompom creatures to add that “something special” to any décor {troy emery via design for mankind}.  9) more pompoms, and yes, those are real parrots under all of that rainbow-hued crochet work {louise weaver}. ok, now i’m just caught up in a haze of pompoms and creatures, so of course i had to add these:

10) not only are these plates amazing, but now i’ll be totally prepared if any of you show up for a fancy dessert while i’m relaxing in my trophy room – the appropriate dishware is obviously crucial {lisa grue}. hm, and if you’re popping by, i should probably dress up a little:

11) ok, that wasn’t the smoothest transition, but oh my word, i absolutely had to include these gorgeous necklaces! {elaine ho}

well, there you have it. i never thought that my dream house would include a trophy room, but what can i say – the heart wants what the heart wants – and i want pretty much everything in here! alright, i’ll see you in two weeks with another addition to this increasingly crazy house.

~ the jealous curator xo

7 responses to “the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.”

  1. Love so much the necklaces of Elaine Ho….so cute….
    But OMG I was pretty scared by the Troy Emery taxidermy….
    Your crasy house stuffs are so funny….Great choice Victoria!!!!

  2. What a selection!! I love deers the first photo is great and the own lamp a must!!
    Stop by my blog I am doing a give away of one of my tote bags, leave a comment to enter the competition. Good luck!!

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