my love for you…
by my illustrious guest blogger comment


hey all! it’s meighan, from my love for you. i have recently fallen in love with the virtual pinboard site, pinterest. it’s addictive & fun & very inspiring! victoria has posted about pinterest before. however, i thought i’d pick a bunch of inspiring pics to coast you through this wednesday before t-day. ;)

if you are on there please follow me, and join in on the fun. victoria is also on there as well!

love these colored chalk from poppytalk’s inspiration board.

cats + the interwebz = love. from purple deer’s board kitty cats.

gorgeous. lazylisa’s board of winter fairy tales.

mmmmm, sparkles. ez pudewa posted this ethereal pin (from abby try again).

wow. wow. wow. tootsies from chris eich.

ahhh. balloons & an ominous sky pinned by jen renninger.

i think pinterest will def be a great place to make virtual holiday cards. love this festive pic from rinee shah.

pawwwws. from yours truly’s pinterest.

good enough to eat! from andrea cheng.

well, that’s all for me now. please have a safe and wonderful thanksgiving. until next week you can find me on twitter, facebook and tumblr. and of course on pinterest.


my love for you is a stampede of horses.

7 responses to “my love for you…”

  1. I absolutely love the pieces of colored chalk. Sometimes the simplest objects can be a work of art. The shiny silver toes are very cool as well. Excellent picks!

  2. Wow! Love your blog, which I found through etsy. Do you know how i would get more info on those shiny toes? I’d love that on my own nails! Thanks

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