tuesday’s girl: urban weeds.
by victoria comment


the internet world is full of ‘six degrees of separation’. i find out all the time, that i know someone, who knows someone else that i know. or want to know, or i admire. i’ve been following the matt on flickr for-like-ever, and i recently found out he has a blog, and a shop — but more about that in a little bit (that’s matt on the left, below).

i also found out matt’s girlfriend, photographer Lisa Warninger, started a blog called urban weeds, founded with another blogger and stylist i know, chelsea fuss of frolic. see, very small internet world!

Urban Weeds is a street style blog wherein lisa shoots some very interesting local portland residents in their most fashionable attire — a bit like the sartorialist, but perhaps a bit more real, if you know what i mean. it’s really fun and informative, because urban weeds also shares how/and from where these fashionistas put together their ensembles. anyway, i love lisa’s images and thought you might too! here’s a look at urban weeds.

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  1. I love street style blogs! So glad you shared this one, it’s a gem!! I was considering starting a San Diego one, but then I realized I don’t see epic numbers of great outfits, so I scratched that idea.

  2. Oh now I miss Portland! I studied there but haven’t been back for a few years. Need to visit…if only to get my Powell’s on. Thanks for sharing these images! Adding urban weeds to my daily reads :)

  3. one of my favorite blogs, pdx is my hometown, and it is fun to see if i can pick out the corner she is standing on.

    i too once spotted a friend of a friend on the blog. i got all excited, “i know that guy!” haha.

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