wood and faulk.
by victoria comment


okay, so back to the matt. i mentioned earlier that matt, who’s a portland-based designer, had introduced me (via the www) to his girlfriend lisa’s photography. well i just discovered matt’s been holding out on me (or, at the very least, being quite shy) about his new blog, and shop of the same name wood & faulk.

i’ve followed matt’s crafts and creations for a long time on flickr, and now he’s sharing his diy tips on his blog, wood & faulk. matt builds bikes, he’s restoring and decorating his new home, he builds headboards, and refinishes furniture, all with sublime style. so i was pretty excited to see he’s made it all official, and is sharing his secrets with us on wood & faulk.

he even shares his pickling tips — as well as his great musical taste! like everything matt does wood & faulk is super swell, i think you’ll be impressed. and be sure and check out the handy diy tools and paumes books (below) he’s sharing in his shop, too.

*as you may have imagined, many of these photos were taken by lisa warninger.

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  1. Oh my, another amazingly talented Portlander! I had come across that blanket blind the other day and fell in love. Now, for that bag, amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. AWESOME! It is so refreshing to see more guys blogging, don’t you think? – esp. ones with so keen an eye for style :) I am officially in love with Matt’s home now, as well as his utilitarian-chic tool bags. Thank you Victoria! What a find! xo Laura

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