sixteen days in december – a uniform natural giveaway!
by victoria comment


yep. count ’em. uniform natural is giving away not just one pretty scarf, nope! martha at uniform natural’s scarfshop is giving away a long and skinny sized scarf a day, for sixteen days! that’s one of each color!

to enter to win one of the pretty sixteen scarves, please comment below by december 16th (and don’t forget to leave a way to reach you!). just share with us what you’d pull together to wear with one of the scarfshop’s stylish long and skinny sized scarves. we want to hear!

648 responses to “sixteen days in december – a uniform natural giveaway!”

  1. Oh these are beautiful! I could see them for all seasons! Right now I might do all black for work and then one of these scarves, just to highlight it completely!

  2. What beautifully colorful scarves! I would wear one with my printed jersey dress that falls just above my knees, tall black boots with tights and a simple cardigan. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. So beautiful! Agree with Gia’s comment above. These scarves can be worn any season…

    For me, I would wear it -all the time- with my denim jacket and my cutesy red beret for my L.A. winter… <3

  4. These look super cozy! I’d definitely sport my scarf with a warm, long-sleeve knit top and corduroy skinny pants tucked into my new black shortie boots. Winter weather here I come!

  5. Oh yay! Well, I wear a lot of grey & denim, grey & ivory, grey & navy so I think I’d have to go for…the mustard! On the other hand, the cayenne would go perfectly with my olive and denim, olive & ivory, olive and camel…

  6. wow! those are amazing. i’ve been on a big scarve kick lately. usually i just wear them with comfy jeans and a simple t-shirt. i also have a cute sweater with a lace back that looks great with scarves!

  7. I’m not a big jewelry person, but I love scarves for the cold winters. One of these scarves would go well with my grey NAU button hoodie and my Indian wrap skirt with boots!

  8. These are Gorgeous!!!! I have a black coat and boots that seem to be my uniform when it’s cold and I’ve been looking for the PERFECT scarf to spice it up. This would be the perfect look and I might just have to find a bag to match whatever color scarf I win! ;)

  9. SUCH gorgeous scarves. I’m in a simple dressing mode right now-well worn jeans, flat brown riding boots, wool sweater, puffy down vest, and scarf=winter happiness.

  10. As a new mom, I am sticking to a pretty basic (read: boring) wardrobe of black yoga pants and black nursing tank tops. I would love a beautiful scarf to dress up my outfit and make me feel a bit more pulled together! I adore the fuchsia…oh, and the rust…and the teal. They are all gorgeous!

  11. Those are wonderful! I would probably put them together with a pair of skinny jeans, boots and a lovely plain blouse. I would accessorize with some big chunky rings too – adorable!

  12. I would surely wear one of these over a preppy button up shirt with a blazer, matched up with some skinny jeans and boots!

  13. Wow, these look fab for SoCal. I would love to wear one with jeans, t-shirt and jacket for that easy, breezy layered look. Throw on some UGGs and you are set!

  14. Black trench, blue jeans, and a navy scarf. Or teal. Or plum. This is my problem with Martha’s scarves, I want them all!

  15. Since over here the summer is just starting, I’d love to wear one with a tank top, loose denim shorts, sunglasses and some sand on my feeth at the beach. It get pretty chilli by night, so after the sunset, maybe just put on a pair of jeans, a knitted sweater and the same scarf :)

  16. i love the colors, all together! i would wear one with a cardigan, gray tee, and skinny jeans, along with my wooly moccasins :D perfect fall/winter outfit!

  17. So cozy! The mustard one is calling my name. I’d wear it with a slouchy top, a brown tweed mini and herringbone tights. Throw on some chunky booties with it and I’d be out the door.

  18. I’ve been lusting after these scarves since the moment I saw them. I love layering in the winter and have been living in black skinny jeans, comfy sweaters and my favorite boots. Now I just need an awesome scarf to complete the look.

  19. Oh gosh, I’d love to wear that olive green one with a black motorcycle jacket, a white tee, some dark skinny jeans and booties. I have always wanted to try that look out!

  20. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on the Hawaiian islands this year and im drawn to the colorful style! I’d wear one of my hawaiian fleamarket dresses with a pair of colorful tights and fun heels, and maybe throw on a blazer jacket if i was going out to work, or back on the east coast, and wrap up a lovely scarf – the Cayenne one is my favorite, but any color will give a great little pop of style! and of course, fabulous earrings :)

  21. Oh, I’ve been wanting one of these since you posted about them previously! I’d wear just about any one of the colors to keep my neck warm with my daily uniform of jeans, blouse and navy cardigan.

  22. What a wonderful colours!!!
    I can imagine lot of posibilites to wear one of the scarfs. I would like to wear one with my yoga white outfit. Yes, this is what I´d like.

  23. They are beeeeautiful!! I would wear a short dress, some sweater tights, knee high or mid calf boots and a jacket with one of those lovelys!!

  24. black mini skirt and a beautiful tight coat, in black as well with my favourite boots…
    after I won, hihi, and know which colour the scarf is I will go and buy the tights…matching the scarf… (I love coloured tights)
    So fingers crossed!

  25. oh these are beautiful! i’m moving to india in the new year – so it would go perfect with every single outfit i wear while there as scarves are worn by ladies with most everything! would be wonderful to casually wrap around my neck with a loose fitting tee and a pair of jeans or to cover my head when entering temples… (imnotreallyadiva(at)

    my fingers are crossed!

  26. love all those scarves! is there anything more coveted and enjoyed than the perfectly toned winter scarf?

    i love throwing a scarf over everything & anything. Today’s choice is a simple black boatneck, jeans, boots and a beautiful lush scarf to really focus on.

    i love all those colors! and the scarves’ texture is soooo nice!

  27. I love the mustard color – a pop of color with my usual gray/black wardrobe. I would wear it with a white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans, by brown knee high boots, and my black boyfriend blazer.

  28. what?! SIXTEEN?! i have been trying to order one of marthas scarves for at least 3 rounds of updates here and i keep missing out!!!

    i pretty much see myself putting one one and leaving it on. so, pretty much wearing it with everything. loving the almost black, and the mustard as well.

    what a generous giveaway, XOXO

  29. I’d LIVE in one of those scarves. I’d wear it with jeans and a form fitting sweater on weekends. Slacks/work pants and a blouse for the office. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  30. Ouy, what a generous giveaway! I’d bundle up in one of these beautiful scarves with a pair of gray skinny jeans, my brown riding boots, a cream sweater & a baggy cardigan. Topped off with a few bangly copper bracelets and that’s my ideal outfit.

  31. Oh gosh, these are gorgeous. I would wear one of these whenever I would dare and go out into the wintery cold with my new skirt and Klondike winter boots.

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Could wear one everyday in the winter here in Southern Cali! Gorge colors and perfect to add a splash of color to an all black outfit or jeans and a tee.

  33. Oh my goodness I LOVE these scarves. I’d wear it with a black jersey dress with a cardigan and leggings -pretty much what I wear every day. I could LIVE in one of these scarves!

  34. Ooh what pretty scarves! I could see myself wearing these with a nice & cozy dress, some tights and a comfy sweater to keep me warm while it’s snowing!

  35. These are amazing… I would bundle up in one of these with my favorite black dress, patterned tights and booties. of course, the color would come from the scarf!

  36. I’m a huge fan of uniform natural scarves! (I regularly peruse the flickr group devoted to the scarves and what to wear with them!).

    I’d wear it with a dress, cardigan, tights and chunky shoes. (I just posted today about what my winter uniform is….and a scarf is always part of it.)

  37. I adore these scarves! I would pair one with all my cozy knits to add a pop of color all winter and with fun floral dresses in spring!

  38. One of these would be fantastic over the tank top/cardigan combination that I seem to wear to work every day in the winter. The “weather” in our building is so unpredictable that I never know when I will need an extra layer.

  39. Living in Minnesota, scarves a must. I love this giveaway! I think they are pretty versatile, but I can picture wearing one with a cardigan, jeggings and a nice pair of boots.


  40. It’s already cold here in Virginia and these scarfs look so perfect :) Skinny jeans, a comfy sweater, boots and this scarg = perfection!

    Thanks for sharing!

  41. I LOVE these scarves. I bought one of her scarves last winter and it’s gorgeous. I would wear one of these pretty things with jeans, a sweater and my suede boots. Cozy and stylish.

  42. I’ve been eyeing these scarves for a while, really appreciate the chance to win one! I would wear it with anything and everything, but for me that usually means skinny jeans, a tank top and cardigan, maybe some big earrings to dress it up.

  43. Any of these would look fabulous with my new/old Belgian Army Pea Coat that i just got off of ebay. It’s Navy wool with Silver buttons and red trim, and i can’t wait! to get it.

  44. i adore these! i’d wear i with my new 50s style dress, black tights and equestrian style boots (or jeans and a tee). i’m a huge fan of scarves and these are to “dye” for :)

  45. I rarely leave the house without first draping a scarf over my long cardi (or favorite down vest from JCrew) with skinny jeans and a casual tee, here in the bay area a scarf is the perfect accessory year around!

  46. I’m a scarf junkie! This is like a dream come true giveaway!

    What would I wear with these? Everything. A scarf in each colour means there’s one for every outfit. :-)

  47. I love these scarves so so much! I would pair one with a deep contrasting t shirt, my gray boyfriend cardigan, a belt, denim pencil sirt, gray tights and black riding boots. Winter perfection!

    mcdelauro at gmail dot com

  48. I need all of these. I would wear one every day. I am most excited about wearing one of the scarves with layered long sleeve shirts, my new skinny jeans, and any of my boots I have been obsessed with lately. Living in Alaska, I can put these to use!

  49. Definitely worn with a grey t-shirt (my staple!) and navy pants, with my Eleanor Grosch keds and a warm fuzzy pink cardigan from JCrew!

  50. These are gorgeous. Like many others here, I have a fine scarf collection. This looks like the perfect one to layer with everything! I have a lot of patterns, so a simple elegant solid colored scarf would fill in that gap of what to wear with my polka dot tights!

  51. I got this sweet French vintage striped shirt that I am going to alter to make into a dress because it is super wide. I would wear it with that and tights!

  52. Ooo how I could use some cayenne in my life, although I adore color and could make any of them work for me.

    I walk to work and would wear one of these scarves everyday.

  53. I love the wisteria…any of the blues or the olive or…all lovely! I walk to work and a light layer of warmth around the neck saves the day with skinny jeans and a cashmere cardigan!

  54. i LOVE scarves.
    i wear one every day in the winter no matter what i’m wearing.
    i would love to pair one of these with a grey cardigan and my boyfriend jeans from gap.
    these are all beautiful.
    what a lovely giveaway.
    i hope i win!

  55. i love accessorizing with scarves, so i’d play up a striped tshirt and jeans. and if i don’t win one, i plan on buying one! :)

  56. lovely! scarves are a huge part of my standard look that is cute and keeps me warm here in minnesota: jeans (with flats or tucked into boots, depending on how much snow is on the ground!), tshirt (long sleeve with a tank underneath, of course), and a cardi topped with a scarf. i think the best thing about scarves is the how they infuse a simple look with personality!

  57. I would wear one right now! I am a handbag designer sitting in our drab design studio and these scarves have me salivating at all the outfit possibilities. A big, glorious scarf that you carry with you wherever you go because you might need it at a moments notice. It is so gloomy and rainy outside today in New York and all I want to do is wrap myself in one of these beautiful scarves and sit next to a fire. Dreamy!

  58. I have a lot of neutral work-wear and I’d love a bright color to spice things up for the holidays!
    I’m imagining a white blouse, khaki pencil skirt and and one of the beauties above!

  59. LOVE these scarves! I am all about scarves in winter and love to pair them both with my brown leather jacket that I always try to stretch out fall by wearing until it is TRULY too cold AND with my black pea coat as soon as New England truly settles into winter!

  60. I LOVE these scarves! Last time I checked the website they were all sold out and I was so disappointed. I would wear one as a sarong over my swimsuit in the summer and with my parka in the winter (NYC is very cold)!

  61. Oh goodness, I love scarves!
    I could really use one of those asap for my Christmas tree hunting escapade. :) We usually go up to the mountains to chop ours down in the snow, and this year I’m trying to gather an outfit that is cozy, but still super cute…
    I’m picturing a wool coat over a long sleeve striped shirt-dress and a boyfriend cardigan, with my new thick winter tights and some wool socks and boots! Plus of course a gorgeous scarf, a cute hat and mittens. I’m getting so excited just thinking about it. :)
    Happy Holidays!

  62. These scarves are fantastic. I love the bright hues and slub fabric. I would wear one of these scarves as part of my winter uniform – black princess coat and tall black boots. The color from any of these scarves would be the perfect accessory for this boring, black clad city girl.

  63. oh, their scarves are so lovely… i would pair one with my vast array of black tops for the office, skinny jeans and tall grey boots.

  64. I am completely in love with these scarves. I have one giant and plan to give three more as gifts this holiday season. I would pair mine with any and everything I own.

  65. I would wear the wedgwood or the cayenne when I bring out my favorite soft black velvet pieces that I wear during the coldest months. I like the contrast of textures in those fabrics, and the pop of color on black. An elegant scarf!

  66. Oooohhhh, how exciting! I think I’d wear one of these big, beautiful scarves in the Utah winter, just to have one fashionable and fabulous piece to distract from my otherwise wuite unfashionable snow gear. :)

  67. These scarves are gorgeous. I just started wearing scarves, and I love wearing them to dress up a plain outfit, so I usually wear a pair of jeans or khaki pants, a solid tshirt, and a scarf in a contrasting color.

  68. I love these cozy scarves! I would would pair them with dark skinny jeans, a long-sleeved and long-waisted white t-shirt, and simple flats. The scarf makes the outfit.

  69. My father just gave me a hand carved cameo that he bought for my grandmother when he was backpacking around Italy in the early seventies. It features a lovely Roman looking woman and is peach and cream. I remember my grandmother often wore it pinned to her wool winter jacket, which she accented with a scarf. I’ve been looking for a new scarf (my favorite green one just doesn’t match), so I can do the same!

  70. getting dressed this morning I realized I do not own a blue scarf. My fall/winter go-to outfit is long drapey sweater, tank, scarf and skinnies tucked into anthro boots. Love these scarves – perfect weight and texture!

  71. When going to work I usually wear your typical suits. One of these scarfs would really jazz it up! I’d love to wear one to pump up the color!

  72. Gorgeous! I’d wear them with everything and anything, but right now I’m especially loving the idea of a simple black maxi dress and high-heeled black ankle boots with a cozy cropped sweater. I’d top it off with one of these scarves in any colour and be good to go!

  73. ohhh these martha scarves! at hula’s opening we were discussing the million different ways we could wear these beauties – the endless options! scarves are a layering must in the bay area; i think my pulled together outfit would be the everyday outfit with a pretty martha scarf on top as the prize accessory :)

  74. Im in Southern California so Id wear this scarf with a tank top and flip flops, pretending that I was still in SF when I accessorized everyday with a scarf.

  75. These are gorgeous! I think I’d pair it with jeans, cute sparkly flats and a plain top, so that the scarf would be the focus of the outfit.

  76. I love scarves and wear them with everything! These are beautiful, I’d be thrilled to have something new and lovely in the mix.

  77. this would be perfect ’cause my birthday IS the 16th. I would wear it with jeans, a chunky sweater, and skinny heels…but really, the scarf is so beautiful and my apartment is so cold that I would probably wear it with my jammies too!

  78. I’ve had my eye on these every since you first featured them. Despite scarves being so ubiquitous lately, I still think it’s hard to find the perfect one. These have always been so amazing! I would wear one to work every day (chilly bus commute) with anything. Dress and boots, jeans and flats, slacks and heels…it’s the perfect pop of color and feminine softness w/o being excessively girly. Perhaps they should hire me for sales write-ups? :)

  79. i’m a uniform dresser, too… black t-shirt, skinny jeans, dansko clogs. I work with paint and ink, and dressing up gets me into trouble! i rely on interesting accessories like SCARVES to keep things interesting and clever! one in every color!

  80. I adore scarves and I’m in love for blue since I was my “uniform” might be a blue shirt, my turquoise boots, a simple blue skirt and a colored scarf as a contrast!

  81. Wow, so beautiful! I wear a lot of black — fitted black tops and black trousers — so any of these scarves would look gorgeous and provide the perfect pop of color.

  82. I work in advertising and therefore wear a lot of black :). I would use one of these scarves to accentuate my all black look!

  83. I wear a scarf every day of the year. Seriously! Last summer in Mexico? Scarf. All year long in the Bay Area?? Scarf!! My friends are getting tired of seeing them over and over….Black is my uniform, so I would wear these with black shirts, tops, jackets, coats. So beautiful!

  84. Love, love these pretty scarves in vivid colors and an organic texture. All the colors are scrumptious and green is my usual go-to color but I’d choose the mustard one and wear it with plum, grey and black. I’d add a vintage sparkly broach to the scarf and ready for a nice dinner out, a museum show or gallery opening!

  85. I wear a scarf everyday because I work in drafty historic buildings and chilly museum collection storage facilities. I especially like the cayenne and rust shades!

  86. I have the same ohhhhh and ahhhhh feeling about these as everyone else. For me it is definitely about wearing the scarf with my dark skinny jeans, slouchy dark brown boots, loose powder blue sweater that falls off one shoulder with a white cami underneath and you gotta have a big hobbo tote bag to go along to. Any color I would love :)

  87. These are so lovely! I would wear one with jeans, boots, and a black jersey knit top. I would also wear it in the winter with my charcoal pea coat. Pretty much with anything!

  88. What a wonderful giveaway. Perfect time for me…I’m in need of warmth since this will be my first real winter since 1997. I’d pretty thrown on a neutral gingham print button-down, some jeans or a skirt, some boots, and I’d change out a scarf everyday.


  89. My “uniform” is gray, white, and black, so one of these pretty scarves would dress up almost any outfit I wear! I do need a little color in my life…

  90. I’d love the mustard-colored scarf. I’d definitely pair it over with a cream tank, coupled with charcoal colored silk harem pants with short black, wedge oxfords (from Steve Madden). Hair in a bun, with gold accessories to balance out the mustard color. It is going to be the second of the mustard color would be perfect for the end of the week Thursday college gal(at least in California).

  91. I am crazy I know.. but I love to use scarves as table runners… thats what I would use one for so that I could enjoy it daily!

  92. I have this off-white linen dress with a very full skirt that I’d pair with a denim jacket with sleeves cuffed up, chunky black harness boots, one of these fab scarves…and I’d top it all off with aviator shades and a pile of silver bangles on one wrist.

  93. I’m going to jump on the jeans and tee bandwagon. With a pair of boots and a fabulous new scarf, I’m ready to go!

  94. i am head over heels for scarfs, especially these! they are beautiful, i actually have a really hard time finding ones this size and material. I would go with t shirt dress, jean jacket, leggings, mens woll work socks and my motorcycle boots..and lots of jewels on my hands!

    Thanks for the opp to win!

  95. I would love to wear one of those scarves with a neutral look (maybe a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans and my cognac colored boots); these scarves would provide the perfect pop of color for a cold, dreary winter day.

  96. If I won I would give my scarf to my beautiful fifteen year old daughter and see what she comes up with.
    Thanks for a chance to win.They are gorgeous!

  97. Scarfs are a part of my daily routine. Which is why I need one of these scarves to switch things up a little.

    I choose the cayenne one. Put it with a comfy cardigan, skinny jeans and my riding boots. yay!

  98. The thing that I LOVE about these scarves is that they are wide enough to wear as shawls!

    With this cold cold weather I’d wear it with my tall rainboots, a skirt, and a cardigan – wrapping myself tightly with the scarf (aka makeshift shawl) to keep me cozy! Perfect thing too is that once spring starts to come around I could easily pair the scarf with a dress and flats or denim, flats, and an flowy blouse.

  99. i LOVE martha’s scarves and would wear one to dress up my “uniform” of black skirt, colored tights and grey sweater that i wear to work most days. Thanks for the giveaway ladies!! Happy Holidays!

  100. Gorgeous colors, all of them! I wear a lot of black and neutrals, as many of the others that have commented. Would love to wrap one around and add more color to my wardrobe via one of these scarves!

  101. Those are so great! I love the colors. I think for many of the colors, a black top would allow the color to POP! Depends though, so many options! :) That is the beauty of scarves!

  102. great scarfs!
    i would put any of them with a long boyfriend style cream cardigan, and mushroom knee high boots, dark jeans and a basic shirt

    love the saturated colors and the woven textures

  103. Even though summer has just started where I am (down under), I still manage to find ways to wear scarves (especially cotton ones!) as much as possible, especially on slightly chilly nights out and about! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  104. Any one of these gorgeous scarves would bring some color to my standby uniform gray t, black sweater and jeans w/ black boots. Just lovely.

  105. You wouldn’t need much to make a chic outfit with one of those scarves! I’d just wear skinny jeans, a boat neck white or black t-shirt, and my Toms shoes!

  106. I absolutely adore these scarves! I would wear them with my skinny black jeans and a longsleeve black v-neck with my tan FRYE boots and chunky earrings. This would add a pop of color/warmth to any winter outfit! Thank you.

  107. Those come in gorgeous colours! They would be the perfect thing to liven up the black winter coats we’re getting into the season for.

  108. These are lovely! I’d throw on my All Saint’s black harem/drop-crotch pants, thrifted military boots, and my oversized/stretched neck navy and white nautical stripe shirt. I would add a thin gold necklace to hang underneath my shirt. A grey beanie may or may not be included. And! To top it all off and complete the look I’d loosely drape the scarf twice around my neck and leave it hanging in front! Thanks!!

  109. all of the colors are so perfect. Black skinny jeans, a navy and white striped shirt, frye boots, and ANY of those scarves!

  110. I love these beautiful scarves! I would wear one with my dolman sleeve half faux suede half patterned shirt and some high wasted bell-bottom jeans. Depending on where I am I would wear some killer heels or some flats!

  111. I’d wear it w/ the designer jeans I bought at the thrift store the other day, along w/ my tall brown vintage boots and a blazer. So cute!!!

  112. “Hell yes” is what I said when I saw this post. I want one….so bad. I am a grey, black and white wardrobe person. I would love one to give me that punch of color I need in the dark cold winter of Boston. Black leggings, grey long tunic, black boots and my beautiful my head, I am looking mighty fine.

  113. I would wear this with my favorite Zara skinny jeans and a black top – those colours are so great I don’t want to overpower those beautiful colours with anything – to beautiful!

  114. I’m picturing me running for the bus on a cold rainy December morning. Skinny jeans tucked into my navy hunters, my navy Raw Star rain jacket , my orange child’s umbrella that lights up and one of these beautiful scarves wrapped around my neck.

    Sounds so good if i don’t win I may have to buy one.

    Lovely giveaway.

  115. I love all the rich colors! I would wear one with my favorite multi color Salaam skirt, black boots and a black top. The skirt has about 20 different colors in it so it would match just about all of these scarves!

  116. These scarves will go with pretty much any outfit, (and boots!) – and there’s always a need for something snuggly around your neck with the fluctuating Bay Area weather.

  117. I have a black wool dress and a pair of Japanese tights in the same ochre color as the first scarf pictured; I would wear it with those first!

    After that, just about everything in my wardrobe is designed to go with scarves – I would love to wear one of these :)

  118. I would wear it with my charcoal grey sweater dress, my brown vest, lacy tights and tall brown crinkled boots… and all the other clothes I own!

  119. These scarves are so incredibly gorgeous that I’d probably wear one constantly! One outfit that comes to mind: scarf (in teal or rose) worn with my gray-and-white-striped boatneck top, full red skirt with giant pockets, textured gray tights, and cream-colored mary janes with wooden heels and thick, stud-covered straps.

  120. One of the 16 lucky winners would look like this: she’s reclining before a cozy December fire, wearing a stylish Uniform Natural scarf, and a dreamy smile.

  121. Oh my goodness, I’ve been lusting after these scarves for ages! I would love to wear one with my favorite skinny jeans, boots and a cozy cardigan.

  122. Have to say I love the mustard colored one. I would pair it with some jeans, boots and my favorite winter plum colored jacket.

  123. these are gorgeous! i’d wear one with a slouchy sweater layered over a lace-trimmed cami with my skinny jeans tucked into my awesome gray boots! oooh, i hope i win one of any color!

  124. Definitely skinny jeans, cowboy boots and a white long sleeve t-shirt. The scarves are beautiful and should be the highlight!

  125. These are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the chance to win. I would wear one with a v neck t-shirt, beat up jeans and my reliable frye boots.

  126. Gray cargo skinny pants, black satin/cotton shirt, black booties – add a pop of color with one of these scarves and I’m set to go!

  127. Scarves are my favorite accessories, and I love how warm and comfy these ones look! I love wearing brightly coloured scarves with a simple black dress, tights, and tall boots.

  128. The great thing about these scarves is they go with literally everything. There isn’t anything you can’t wear them with. I’d pair a bright scarf with some neutrals for a nice winter pop.

  129. yay! a giveaway!
    i would wear it as a security blanket. these scarves are the best and coziest ever, and totally fit the bill for that comfort item you can take + wear everywhere, no matter what.

  130. What great colors! Really lovely. I am a skinny jeans and boots kinda girl…paired with a simple cotton top and you need nothing else…except a beautiful scarf ;)

  131. oh me oh my, these are so dreamy. i’ve been drooling over martha’s scarves for ages. i would wear mine with my worn out cowboy boots, leggings and one of my (too) many sack dresses.

    love love love.

  132. Jodi is right: This is the best giveaway EVER.

    The best thing about Martha’s scarves is knowing you’re wrapped in a little bit of love.

    Anyway, I’d wear one of these with a little shift dress, striped tights, flat pointed toe boots with brass studs that go up the side, and maybe a big grandpa cardigan. And a great bangle bracelet or two plus some dynamite earrings, but nothing that could get caught in the material!



  133. LOVE THIS – I would wear one with a black scoop dress, tights, boots, red lipstick and gold hoops for a cute Holiday outfit :)

  134. I do declare, I’m absolutely SWOONING over this giveaway! I adore each and every one of the colors. I would wear one of these scarves with a cream blazer, plain white blouse tucked into a corduroy skirt, tights, and brown oxford shoes.

    love. love. love.

  135. I love these scarves. Right now my favorite scarf outfit is yoga pant, uggs, a baby tee, and a jean jacket with a fun bright scarf! It’s casual and fun!

  136. Wow, what an incredibly generous giveway! I’ve been coveting Martha’s scarves for so long. I love the look of a bright scarf with an all black outfit, you’ll find me wearing that most days :)

  137. Oh they’re so lovely, and the texture of them is so great…! I’d wear it with my black leggings, the faux riding boots my grandma gave me, and a simple shirt dress… and a nice warm sweater, it’s getting chilly here!

  138. every single item of clothing i purchase now, i first consider whether or not it would work with a uniform natural scarf. jeans and a t-shirt? yes. black slacks and a sweater? yes. i could go on.

  139. What an amazing giveaway! I’m in love with all the colors. I think one would especially liven up my favorite gray dress, but I would totally pair one of these scarves with just about anything!

  140. I love them all. at work to mix up with the daily blacks, greys and tans. for fun time with my rolled up jeans and leather boots. these would most definitely help with keeping me warm in the Pacific NW.

  141. Um…wHAT?!!??
    You and Martha are THE best.
    For reals.
    I already have a pretty orange one and would seriously wear any/all of the colors.

  142. I’m pretty casual, so I’d use one to dress up my jeans and a long sleeved tee, with my cute Anthropologie jacket thrown over it! These are gorgeous!

  143. I would wear the fushia or plum with my winter coat as it flies in the chicago wind.. Or the cayenne with my blue triangle printed dress, layered with my vintage orange bracelets and worn out brown leather boots.. Sheer bliss to say the least.

  144. The possibilities are endless for any season. I wear a scarf year-round…but with the weather being so darn icy these days I’d go for my calf-high boots, skinny jeans, a striped long sleeve shirt from Gap, and a white chunky faux-wool vest my mom re-fashioned from a sweater, oh! and a hat. Thank you thank you!

  145. These are such beautiful scarves! I love the giant size…all huge and bulky atop just a white tank with jeans…let the scarf get all the attention :)

  146. Love these scarves, I’d wear it every day! I’d just add it to my daily uniform of jeans, flowy t-shirt and a cardigan, perfection.

  147. Vintage Frye boots, skinny jeans, and a big old sweater! My favorite winter accessory is a scarf… probably own about 30 of them :)

  148. I would wear one of these gorgeous scarves with a black sweater dress, patterned tights, boots and, of course, confidence.

    I live in Canada, so, wearing a scarf daily is a must!

  149. Ive actually been eyeing these scarves for about a month now!!! I just found out that I’m expecting yesterday so my clothes selection is about to get super boring. I see lots of tights and cardigans and big sweaters in my coming months. And ofcourse a soft awesome scarf would be icing on the cake and make me feel much better about my stretching and growing bod with this unexpected surprise!

  150. i just found out about this shop today and i instantly loved it.

    but, i’d keep my ensemble simple with a white t-shirt and jeans (and a BRIGHT scarf)!

    thank you!

    cd at

  151. Oh My! I’ve missed the boat on these every time Martha posts them in her shop and I’m in MN, too! I’d wear one of these lovelies with my favorite beat up old jeans, a thick chunky wool sweater and my new charcoal gray (finally found ‘it’!) winter coat :)

  152. cotton feather grey onesie, dark blue slouchie socks under warn and highly loved uggs. rustic red beanie. longsteave deep v white shirt. basically, with a whole lot of layered cute comfortableness!

    and the best part, any color would work with it. but, with my (pale!) winter skin, i say teal!

  153. I love Scarf Shop! I would wear my new scarf black ballet flats, ankle jeans, thin cotton layering shirt, and handknit kimono cardigan.

  154. Beautiful scarfs! i would pair my board shorts/t-shirt with their scarf in the “fog” color…

    My friends will be jealous!

  155. Because I have been endowed with a pear-shaped body (sigh), I’ve learned that scarves are a magical way to offset my thin top and curvy bottom. They add extra weight on top where I need it. This being said, I wear a scarf just about every day — even in the heat of summer! I actually found myself sleeping in one a few nights ago … gosh, how I love that cozy warmth around my neck.

    My favorite scarf getup (besides in my pj’s as I snooze…): an oversized, cozy knit sweater (the cozy kind you want to wear every day in the wintertime!), a fitted striped shirt from H&M, dark tapered (skinny) jeans, Tori Burch flats, and a darling wraparound feathered headband from Ban.Do.

    That being said, a girl can never have too many scarves. :)

  156. I was eyeing these delightful scarves months ago. The colours are so saturated, which would turn my dark and gloomy Canadian winter wardrobe up a notch! My favourites are olive green and cayenne…!

  157. I LOVE them ALL! I would wear them with my skinny jeans, I would wrap them around my waist with tights or leggings underneath. I would wrap them around my hair in a beautiful hair wrap. I would wrap them around my shoulder and take a nap. I would wrap it around my whole head when I fly to avoid talking to people and their germs in case they cough HA HA HA. I would use the BIG size to decorate my bed or table.

  158. I would wear one of these with my mustard wool mini, gray tights, black knee-high boots, charcoal shirt and black jacket. A little dose of color near the face is always welcome with any outfit!

  159. oh i love these scarves and they’ve been sold out in so many colors! what can’t you wear it with?! jeans and a tee, dress and boots, lounging around your home, bundling up with your coat and going outside. sigh, the possibilites… :)

  160. Oh my goodness! One of these would save my running-out-the-door-to-school outfit! I’d throw it on with black skinny jeans, any old t-shirt, and a cardigan!

  161. these scarves look so COMFY, light and soft…they have a look of EVERY DAY luxury….I would wear 2 of them at once (maybe combining different sizes, like the LONG+SKINNY with the REGULAR)…I would wear a mid-thigh length soft cotton camisole made of natural undyed organic cotton with the long+skinny ROSE colored scarf, layered with the regular CHARCOAL scarf and I’d wear a short hugging sweater-knit skirt with crazy stripes of different intense colors!

  162. These go with practically everything in my closet. I have a simple black tunic dress from etsy that would look perfect with any of these. I’d throw my thrifted Irish tweed jacket over that, add tights and boots and would be ready for any adventure.

  163. They look versatile enough to span more than one season, but for winter I’d use one daily to add vibrancy and form to a pale, structureless winter coat.

  164. How cozy! One of these darlings would be the perfect addition to a simple long sleeve white tee, skinny jeans, boots and a knit hat. Makes me want to arrange a coffee date just thinking about it :)

  165. oh these are beautiful and essential for us Bay area ladies.
    I would wear the mustard with my beige and cream striped 3/4 length shirt with my high waisted turquoise felt pencil skirt, grey tights, black ankle suede boots…..I would actually wear this with every outfit everyday.

  166. i would wear the sh*t outta that charcoal scarf! while i am at work making floral arrangements for the holidays, i like to stick with grays and neutrals so the flowers can shine…

  167. Ooooh, I’ve been a lurker for a while, but totally coming to comment land for this one! Cayenne, Mustard or Charcoal would look completely incredible with my TreeFace shirt from WinkyBoo, a cardi and my gray skinny corduroys:)

  168. It would become one of my twenty or so layers to combat the blustery Chicago wind! My daily Winter uniform almost always includes tights, knee socks, denim, a thermal shirt and a hat with a silly hat.

  169. Ooooh! I’d love to wear one of these with skinny black pants and a grey sweater now and with jeans and a white tee in the spring.

  170. I wear scarves daily! These light and airy beauties would freshen up my grey and black San Francisco wardrobe. Would love to win one!!!

  171. #3 is my favorite but they’re ALL beautiful. styling for the big girls out there, i’d wear the blue one with my white faded woodstock t-shirt my dad gave me (that he made years ago because he didnt get one AT woodstock), a little grey sweater, my denim trouser pants cuffed half up, and red converse OR little grey flats with the bando sparkly heart clips i just got :)

  172. Lovely colors and super cozy too! I’d wear my scarf with a long sleeved black t-shirt top and my favorite jeans. Black boots and warm mittens.

  173. I would pair any of these stunning neck-huggers with…

    my speckled knitted sweater dress that zips up with a fabulous gold vintage zipper, extra thick black leggings (in case we get more snow than rain in Vancouver this winter) and knee-high soft camel leather boots.

    and when i wouldn’t be wearing it (on the rare occasion), it would sit, looking like a piece of art, wrapped cosily around the neck of my wood and linen mannequin.

  174. Oh my goodness, they all look amazing! I’m seeing dark
    skinny jeans, knee boots, oversized hobo bag, but these are
    definitely goes-with-your-entire-wardrobe scarves! ;)

  175. My office building can be chilly in the winter months, so layers and scarves are literally part of my daily uniform. One of these pretty, colourful scarves would get a lot of mileage in my life. :-)

  176. My favourit colours are fog or charcoal, i think they make a great match with everything i’d wear! Greetings from the Netherlands! It is snowing right now, so a scarve is a must!

  177. I adore the plum!! I’d wear it everyday well almost. Pair it with some worn in boot cut jeans my cowboy boots and print button down with a boy friend cardigan.

  178. i like to keep it simple and functional. i’m usually in my white tee and ripped jeans, and complete the look with a scarf. love it when they’re long and dramatic.

  179. I wear a scarf pretty much every single day, so I’d wear one of these scarves with just about anything. Particularly a dress with boots and a leather jacket, or my leather jacket with jeans and a fall-ish shirt.

  180. They are so cozy. In southern California I am lucky enough to be able to add it to a loose fitting soft T and a gently worn in pair of jean shorts, paired with my favorite knee length boots. I would choose “fog” with a similar color T. Great colors!!!

  181. this is such a lovely idear!

    i’d wear one of these scarves with a loose fitting blouse, high waisted dark denim jeans, little wooden wedges, a nice cardigan, wavy wild hair and a big smile on my face!

  182. O my what a gorgeous give-a-way!
    I would wear the scarf right now because it is freezing outside (and snowing as well, in the Netherlands) and my heating is broke.
    So i would wear it under the big blanket that is around me now to keep me warm and then it would give me some sense of fashion (because believe me, sitting in two pj trousers, a big boyfriend sweater, a knitty hat and a blanket is really a way to feel unatractive…)
    And if i must choose a color i would go with the mustard on december 2nd because that would match my haircolor perfectly!

  183. a handknit sweater, cotton tunics, or anything paired with jeans and boots. it all works! but i’d have trouble keeping it away from the college girl! thanks for the chance! happy holidays!

  184. What a great giveaway! Hmmm…teal swedish hasbeen clogboots…black treggings…my christmas jumper…and that wonderful cayenne coloured scarf to heat it all up!! excellent, feeling warmer already!

  185. I love scarfschop scarves and that cayenne is next on my list! The great thing is you can pair them with anything. Although I tend to pair with solid colors, browns, grays, and blacks so the scarves really pop! Thank you for this great give away!

  186. These scarves are gorgeous!! I would definitely wear one with a black top and dark skinny jeans so as to fully show off the prettiness of the scarf!

  187. I think any of those scarves would look great over a black cashmere sweater. The colors would really pop.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  188. Mmmm. Yes. Brixton brown felt bucket hat, aviators, long skinny scarf wrapped up a lot, gray skinny thermal, brown leather jacket, skinny AG jeans (the kind where you just know your bottom looks divine), tall stripey gold socks, tall flat camel boots. Oh and hunter green zippered leather gloves. And probably a long long gold necklace. With a feather duster on the end of it.

  189. Oh my gosh these are so lovely! I would wear it with everything! It would be so cozy with simple jeans and a t-shirt, but so elegant with a long coat and little black dress for a holiday party!I would wear it with both! They just look like they would make an outfit more fun!

  190. these are so beautiful!
    I would wear them with a black dress and black leggings to a holiday party! or everyday with my regular jeans and tee…let’s be real :)

  191. i do like those scarves…the colors are perfect!

    i’d wear mine with my everyday uniform: skinny jeans, boots, a plain white tee, and a cardigan. maybe accessorize with a simple pair of hoop earrings.

  192. The texture and bulk of these scarfs make them so unique and beautiful. I would wear the scarf with a simple top and a skirt I made in a sewing class this past year with tights and cute shoes.


  193. omigosh! i can’t believe it. i bought the wisteria scarf a few months ago and sadly, i lost it! would be so great if i could win a new one. when i would wear it, id usually pair it with my suede bomber jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of riding boots. oh i miss it so!

  194. I´d wear it with a short black turtleneck dress I´ve just bought, thick black tights and tan boots. Oh…and a black coat.

  195. oh my i love these scarves, the colors are so lovely! i would wear one with many things, as i wear scarves regularly, but just yesterday i bought a vintage “villager” wool checkered blazer that would look amazing with one of their scarves! such a generous offer… i hope i am one of the lucky ones. thanks!!

  196. Ah man, I’ve had my heart set on one of these scarves for SO long. I’d totally wear it with skinny jeans, a black shirt & gray cardigan, either in Mustard or any of the Gray’s. Though really they are awesome enough to go with anything!

  197. I’ve been coveting these scarves for a long, cruddy fall – especially the charcoal. I just got some olive green booties and any of these lovelies would top the boots off perfectly.

  198. i never win anything from blog giveaways but i just had to enter this one. i have been wanting one of those scarves forever! i would pair it with my favorite gray dress, some tights and a cute pair of boots. :)

  199. Oh I think these scarves are so lovely, and I can see them adding a nice pop to one of my frequently-seen outfits, a v-neck sweater, denim skirt and boots.

  200. I would wear my black Frye boots, black tights, herringbone short skirt, black zipper sweater and my motorcycle jacket. Then I would finish it off with the fog colored scarf. I send an electronic smooch to you for this holiday generosity!

  201. Such beautiful colors! I would wear my scarf with everything to beat the winter winds during my extended stay here in Oklahoma!

  202. These are beautiful, what an amazing giveaway! I ADORE today’s (day #2) color and scarves are essential in winter (and anytime). I seem to always have one on wrapped up under my Portland weather rain coat, adding some sunshine to the gray. Happy Holidays!

  203. I love scarves and while I’d want to keep it for myself, I’d give it to my sister instead. She works so hard and has such great style but never enough money to stay on trend. She’d look so pretty in one of these.

  204. I’d dress to the nines for this scarf!! They are so bright and electric I’d wear a black dress with black tall boots and leggings with a hint of color in the color of the scarf. I’d sip on white russians and toast to the good life!

  205. my girlfriend loves these scarves. And indeed they are quite glorious and beautiful. I love it when she wears her mustard colored scarf. It lights up her beautiful eyes and puts a smile on her face. But I think that the cayenne or rose will really bring out the smile. ;)

  206. they are simply beautiful! I would throw on any of the grey or blue scarves.. (love 6,8,15,14,16) altho they are all beautiful… the hues of blues and greys so well with Chicago freezing windy winters! They would make any of my cozy winter (pilates insrtuctor) outfits look more put together, and keep my neck warm!!

  207. oh i have been dreaming of these scarves for ages! i’d love to wear one with a patterned shawl-collar sweater (my fav) and some jeans and booties – or a dress with a classic sillouette. maybe i should stop, i could probably dream up combos all day!
    fingers crossed :)

  208. i love wearing white blouses in the winter, cotton one’s that are summery with a pair of jeans and a coat how perfect would it be to wrap susc beautiful color around me, feeling fresh yet warm.

  209. I love the scarves! They are gorgeous! To accessorize with plain black tunic and leggings. Another day with my jean jacket and black dress. Also to keep warm in winter, around my hair, around my shoulders as wrap,possibilities are endless…

  210. Beautiful scarves! I’d use it to pep up my everyday “uniform” of dark t-shirt and jeans. Just the thing to wear in Hawaii where it might be warm outside but cold inside because of people cranking the office a/c down way too low.

  211. I wear scarfs with jeans and a tee-shirt. Or to add color to a plain dress. Or with a knit cardigan and tank top. Lots of ways.

  212. oh martha, this is one generous contest! you probably couldn’t pay me to leave the house in the middle of a pdx winter without my hunter boots and thrifted j.crew toggle coat (surprisingly suitable for both the dog park and dinner out…), but on the occasion i do dress like a normal girl: oxford heels, tights, and my favorite corduroy mini-dress. sigh. navy u.n. scarves work with everything.

  213. These are just lovely! I think they’d be so cozy for a casual Friday at work with skinny jeans or cords, tall boots, a striped longsleeved tee, a long cardigan, and some fun earrings. And then I’d get to spend time during the day planning how I’d wear it during the weekend, too. :)

  214. skinny jeans + a an oversized white. scarf + black leather bomber and i’m rocking perfect no cal outfit. thanks for the contest, victoria.
    love these scarves + will be gifting them this holiday season.

    *pick me * pick me* pick me* : )

  215. I would wear a scarf like this with everything during the winter. I would also pair it in the spring, fall and summer with a light dress especially when it is cool inside. They are beautiful and have so many uses. :)

  216. I love the look of these scarves!!! I have an old coat that needs a pick-me-up and one of these scarves would be just the thing!!

  217. love! my favorites are the fuchsia, cayenne,and navy. i love to throw on a scarf in a saturated hue with my long grey coat when it’s cold outside… it’s always nice to add a touch of brightness to a dreary day!


  218. Perfect comfy winter outfit: Skinny jeans with my grandpa sweater (the kind with elbow patches) and Brogues shoes. That outfit would be paired perfectly with a uniform natural scarf.

  219. These are gorgeous! I’d wear a neutral shirt like black, gray or white so that the scarf popped. Pair that with my favorite jeans and warm boots and I’m ready for winter in michigan.

  220. Oh I love these, but I would probably give it to my 14 year old who is so stylin in a scarf! I can see her in blue jeans, a white tshirt & any color scarf (but I know she’d love the bright colors best!)

  221. I just got promoted and will be planning all the events for my association. Which means my wardrobe needs a promotion too! I’d use my scarf to upgrade my plain black suit – making the perfect pop of color so I look professional enough to be taken seriously, but people can still see my creative side.

  222. These are gorgeous! I’d throw one on with my everyday fashion uniform – simple tee, menswear-inspired cardigan, skinny jeans, and cute sneaks or flats! It’d be a great way to dress it up just a smidge.

  223. so so beautiful! i’d love to use one of these scarves to accessorize my standard all black outfits… i could use some color in my life! that mustard color is to die for!

  224. These are so beautiful!
    I’d wear the rose colour one with a dusty pink cashmere sweater, black skinny jeans and black boots. Maybe throw in a bracelet too. :)

  225. Oh mustard, you are so underrated! I’d show you off with my brown, cream and mustard Anthropologie delicate-short sleeve large-leaf-print dress, with a brown lace edged slip peeking out from underneath. Some creamy over the knee cableknit socks, deep orange mizmooz boots and orange fingerless gloves, for a spark of autumn’s last sunlit warmth. Ahhhh how I love the last breath of autumn…I’m
    still holding on…

  226. Oooh, or pair it with a nubby and gathered plum fitted top, sexy buttercup and pearl earrings, long chocolate tiered skirt and my old gringo Santa Fe cowgirl boots. Sigh…..

  227. amazing! i can not have enough scarves! i have a little 6 month old baby and scarves are an almost essential part of my daily wardrobe. they function as a quick blanket, a cover for when i nurse him in public, extra warmth, a sun shade for his little head when we’re in the sun, colorful distraction, and of course, fashion! seriously, i could use all sixteen of these scarves!
    paired with jeans, some high boots, my anthropologie ruffle button down shirt and a thick belt… perfect!

  228. What a fantastic, wintery giveaway! My obsession with scarves might actually be appeased. For a little while.
    Can’t go wrong with slim jeans or a pencil skirt and a simple sweater with scarves like that, and maybe a great pair of brown riding boots.

  229. Oh so lovely! I don’t have any non-patterned scarves and its becoming a problem! I would probably wear this everyday I woke up to fog….

  230. Wow, what lovely scarves! In the winter scarves are my favorite accessory to any and every outfit. I would pair any color of the scarves with a little black dress, a pair of black tights, and a cream or black long cardigan. Then I would piece it all together with a tan belt. Tall tan boots would also be a nice addition. What a wonderful giveaway!

  231. Love these! I would wear it with my uniform of skinny jeans, lucky brand tee and long cardigan. Yes it’s sad….that’s what I wear nearly every day. I work from home and have 2 kids, I’m lucky I get out of pjs!

  232. Beautiful scarves! Definitely pair it with a sexy pair of leather boots, dark wash jeans, either a frilly top or a nice basic soft jersey top and a cardigan or my very favourite purple wool “pea coat” with the half sleeves that I got on sale at The Gap a year ago.

  233. I covet these colorful scarves! I’d wear them with anything and everything. Would be perfect with my dark black and greys for work to add a punch of color or to accessorize my yoga/lounge wear on weekends!

  234. i would pair the mustard or cayenne scarf with dark cuffed jeans, a white t-shirt, and camel colored desert boots. simple and comfortable.

  235. I’d make this fab scarf work with anything, day and night. That’s the beauty in the versatility of scarves, especially in the cold months. Wrap it ’round your neck with just about any ensemble and you’re ready for the world!

  236. Black cashmere v-neck tunic. Black skinny pants. Black boots, any length, any heel height. Duster coat. Any scarf, any color.

  237. gorgeous. I’d pair any color skinny scarf with a black sweater and jeans. Boots would be fun, but I have yet to find my perfect pair.

  238. oh, these are gorgeous! i had a baby a few months ago and am now in the awkward stage where i’m too small for my mat clothes, but don’t (yet!) fit into my normal winter wardrobe. so, this holiday season i’m going to have to rely on some black basics but it’s already getting hum-drum. ‘statement’ necklaces aren’t working because the little one tries to grab them off! a scarf like this would be perfect – to jazz up my basics and offer some stylish privacy for nursing. right now i’ve been relying on my baby to be my fashion accessory, but i should probably mix it up a little!

  239. Gorgeous! I’d pair one with dark wash jeans, my tall gray felt boots, and my fitted gray coat. Perfect for a cold weather bike ride!

  240. I would love another beautiful scarf for myself, but if I were to get one I would have to give it to the young lady that I used to babysit for. She is a few months into high school and would love having a fabric support!

  241. Oh to grab a big charcoal scarf and wrap myself up in it. Icould hide out in my house.

    I would blend with the walls.
    No one could find me unless I said Boo! Fun…

  242. Oh to grab a big charcoal scarf and wrap myself up in it. I could hide out from teh world and from bogey monesters inside my house.

    I would blend with the walls.

    No one could find me unless I said Boo! Fun…

  243. How Charming.
    I’d wear the olive moss on those rainy, misty days.
    The navy would do well when I’m feeling patriotic.
    The fog I would wear to blend in with the snow.
    And the rose I would wear when I’m feeling charitable.
    Cayenne would be for those days I have attitude.
    The dusk on those evenings out with my love.
    Wedgewood I’d wear if spring looks just around the corner.
    And the mustard I’ll wear most often.
    Charcoal I’d keep close to my side, for a day here or there when I’m shy.
    And finally the Teal. I’d wear this when when I want my husband to notice my eyes.

  244. I LOVE how feather-light and rich in color these are. Gorgeous! I wear a scarf every single day and I’d love to add one of these to my collection!

  245. Oh! I need a new scarf so bad. These are all so beautiful. I’d pair the scarf with dark denim jeans and my favorite (soft) grey t-shirt. It doesn’t get that cold here in Florida, so I probably wouldn’t need much more than that. But if it did get cold, I’d throw on a black jacket. Damn I need to win this giveaway. My wardrobe is boring without one of these scarves!

  246. Oh my: love that rose. I’d wear it with a cream and black striped top, black skinny pants, and my rose heeled booties. Actually, I might wear any of those scarfs with that outfit!

  247. I’d want to wear it everyday…and while it’s hard to dress up working on a farm, it’d look fabulous w cowboy boots, jeans, and several layered shirts and a vest. And I’d make sure to take a picture wearing it while holding a beautiful, black and white speckled chicken :)

  248. My mother-in-law lives for our annual mother/daughter Christmas dessert night. I think she’d be impressed if I showed up this year wearing the mustard scarf with my gray shift dress, plum tights, and black flats.

  249. Gorgeous! I already wear lots of chunky, ethnic jewelry, but I’m not afraid to layer on a scarf to make an outfit complete! I would wear any of these scarves with a simple black cotton long sleeved shirt, my favorite skinny jeans, Frye boots, and of course my ethnic bangles and big earrings : )

  250. Beautiful, simple, timeless! Literally goes with everything. Would wear them jeans and a tee shirt or with my fav LBD and pumps to add color!

  251. they are so beautiful! i’m a fan of an all grey/black look with a pop of color…what a great pop of color they’d be. they obviously need to be worn with boots (for me)!

  252. My skinny black jeans and a pretty black tee from banana republic. Any color scraf will especially look great with my off white north face jacket!

  253. with all the snow we’ve had this week an olive moss yummy scarf would be very welcome!
    green is my colour love and I’d wear it with the vintage green flower dress I was given by Wendy, woolly tights and the green wristwarmers I crocheted last week:
    cosy ^_^

  254. I would wear this scarf with my light gray cashmere sweater. Any color would look great against that! We have casual family photos coming up and I think that would look great!

  255. I would wear it with my swimming suit when the sun sets and it gets a little cold at the beach..with a deep blue sea at the background here in Greece!

  256. There is nothing better than a little something around your neck. A splash of color makes your whole face lighten! A little bit of warmth adds such comfort!
    What a treat… I would wear it with anything and everything!

  257. I’d wear all black everyday! How easy- but then look bright and lovely with a different color to suit my mood!! Perfect for the ice box ofice too!

  258. I love scarves! and these are beautiful.
    I have a new grey sweater dress that I would wear the scarf with… and black boots and some funky tights.

  259. I live in Seattle where I wear a scarves year-round. I love Martha’s scarves so much, they are such a great punch of color. Winter I end up wearing so much black that a bright scarf would make my outfit. I would wear the scarf with my blue jeans, mustard boots and my charcoal sweater mostly. And Dec. 11 is my birthday, I hope I can win one of these lovelies!

  260. I would love to own one of these scarves. I’d pair it with my super warm black cardigan and black cords to add a bit of color.

  261. Any of these scarves would be stunning with the camel-colored boots my husband doesn’t know he’s buying me (yet!) for Christmas.
    Gorgeous scarves…

  262. Since I live in Sweden, this scarf would be perfect! I’d wear it with jeans (long johns underneath since it’s super cold now) and my favorite grey lusekofte.

  263. I wear so much grey/black that I would LOVE any of the colors. Also, keeping me warm in the Chicago weather would be a bonus.

  264. my daily uniform is pretty low key and the cool weather here in the south doesn’t demand a coat but martha’s scarves are perfect – both to be the final touch to my jeans and long sleeve toe and just right to keep me warm without the bulk of a coat! i’d love to have one of those colors to add to my black/grey/white/denim mix!

  265. Gorgeous scarves, all 16 shades! I would love the mustard to match my diaper bag. But really any color would spice up my boring pregnant mommy wardrobe – and last as a cover-up during nursing next year.

  266. Those scarves beg to be paired with a jeans skirt, leggings, boots, and layered feather-weight shirts and cardigans. Perfect for California’s Winter!

  267. I’d wear them with everything! Although right now I’m particularly enjoying a jersy dress over tights and boots with a cardigan and a scarf.

  268. I love these scarfs! I love how they have so mcuh volume to them and gorgeous colors! I would proabably wear them with skinny jeans, boots and t-shirt but I would love to branch out and find a good dress to pair it with. :)

  269. i have a tunic that any of these would just be perfect with. would look so so good with some patterned tights and ankle boots!
    love these!

  270. Scarves are pretty much a permanent accessory for me year round. I LOVE them! These over-sized ones look fabulously cozy with all that extra fabric. Since the colors are so bright and gorgeous, I’d probably pair it with a neutral sweater dress, black opaque tights, and my favorite boots. What a great giveaway! : )

  271. These are lovely! They’d be used daily for 6 months out of the year (loooong winters!). To wear out and about I’d pair one (adore the Cayenne) with my weathered bomber jacket, skinny jeans and rugged, lace-up knee boots.

  272. so pretty! i would love one in a bright or unusual color that would make me stand out among the sea of black in the winter! i would wear it everywhere – to work with a simple dress, or out with friends with jeans and a sweater!

  273. I´d wear the mustard one with my yellow twist&tango tunic and grey superskinny jeans, with a grey cardigan and new rock boots.

  274. I love all the rich colors! I would wear it all wrapped up with an oversized shirt, skinny jeans, and military style boots.

  275. I just cut the fur color off of an old winter wool jacket and although I am happy with the reinvention, it is also way too bare! If I had one of these scarves, it would be complete again ;) I wish I could see all these stylish women!

  276. Amazing! With my weekend uniform- black skinny jeans, brown boots over the jeans, white vneck and beige sweater. A gorgeous rose or teal, or mustard uniform natural scarf would be the perfect compliment.


  277. Oh Geez, I’m #519. I am addicted to scarves and these are GORGEOUS. Maybe I’ll get lucky and wear one with my daily uniform – jeans, tee, sweater or jacket and usually my clogs. Oh, I wish.

  278. Omg beautifully!i would wear them with my skinny jeans uggs and a tunic..i keep it simple eveything black and a colorfull scarf!!i would be sooo happy!!

  279. I would pair a wedgewood scarf with a black wool tunic, black tights and flats…I would have to wait for winter though, as it’s summer here!

  280. Oh wow these are beautiful!!! I’m in love with so many of the colors (hello dusk!). I’m going to admit that I have not shopped for a new wardrobe in… 2.5 years. I’m not even kidding. My shoes have holes in them, my pants are worn in. I’ve tried so hard not to spend money on cheap things, because I wanted to save up for some well made, beautiful wares that will stand up over the years. I’ve always bought cheap things that wear out in a couple months, and wind up feeling lousy about it. I feel like a new wardrobe is sort of a big life change, and I’ve got to know myself well enough to feel comfortable in my own skin over the last year. I’m about to invest in a couple Steven Alan garments, and there are at least 4 colors here that would look fantastic with one of the dresses, year round. Adding one of these to my life might spark the urge to finally take the leap and treat myself to a much deserved wardrobe change. :)

  281. Man those are gorgeous! Love Mustard and Charcoal especially! I have a simple black shirt that has a wide collar and is loose but gets tight at my hips that I love wearing with my favorite pair of jeans and a pair of flats. Either of those scarves (or any really) would look great with. Ideally though I’d get an outfit like one of these: I’m actually rather new at accessorizing with outfits and have just discovered a love of billowing bunching scarves. <3

  282. I love these scarfs!!!! I would love to win the plum one which I would couple with a great pair of skinny jeans, a cute knit plum hat I have, purple plaid ballet flats and a dark gray jacket.

  283. Oh joy. So pretty. I want one. I would wear it will my personal uniform of striped black and white shirt, jeans or cords, and boots. When it’s cold, I layer a long sleeved shirt under the striped shirt, or a cardigan over. When it’s warm I wear flip flops. But the scarf can be for always.

  284. I’d want that scarf to really stand out. I think I’d pair it with a simple gray sweater and my favorite pair of jeans.

  285. my goodness, the comments just exploded! I’m graduating from college on the sixteenth and I think a skinny scarf would just be lovely with the brown dress and muted gold heels I’ll be wearing…

  286. I would wear this everyday with everything. I love mixing contrasting scarves, and these are great to mix with a bright pattern. I love them. The bigger the better!

  287. I’d keep it simple – a basic tee, cute skirt, tights boots, and this fabulous scarf! I’m thinking mostly monochromatic, or perhaps all neutrals with the scarf as the only color. These are beautiful!

  288. I love all the colors. I would wear this over a plain white or black v neck shirt, tight jeans, and flats. I’ve always wanted one of her scarves. Wow.

  289. I have the nearly black and adore it as I can wear it with everything. It is warm and cool and the same time. The mustard intrigues me as it so close to green but not.

  290. What a lovely scarf! Living in FL, it dissent get too cold, but that doesn’t meant a girl can’t accessorize with a great scarf. I’d pair this with a great pair of boyfriend jeans and an easy and a soft white tee.

  291. They are so cute! I am expecting right now so teaming up one of those little ladies with a plain white tee, Heidi Klum’s Loved Skinny Jeans, a nice cardi, and some riding boots. Yum! I hope I win!!

  292. Love them all!
    I’d wear it with an extra long tank, leggings, cardigan and boots! (Which is pretty much my go-to outfit, but a pretty scarf would make it MUCH nicer!!)

  293. what couldn’t you wear these with?! first thing that comes to mind for me is black booties, black skinnies, slouchy white tee and something bright to top it all off – like these scarves!!

  294. Oh wow, I really love these. They seem so perfect for a chilly (but not freezing) California winter. I’d wear one with pretty much anything– a pair of dark skinny jeans and a simple black shirt or a cute skirt with leggings. And boots. =)

  295. Truly lovely! I would wear these beautiful scarves to hide my new baby bump! We are keeping it a secret until Christmas! Thanks :-)

  296. My uniform: black pants, black shoes and various colored shirts. A scarf like this would be such a bright pick me up for the day!

  297. These are beautiful — so very much my style — I think I could wear them with just about anything in my closet! But the first thing I would do is to wear it to dress up some jeans (NOT skinny!) and a simple tee…

  298. All of the leaves are off the trees. The landscape is tones of brown, gray, grayer. I’d love to spice up my brown winter coat and upcoming winter doldrums with one of Martha’s bright colored scarves.
    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  299. Oh what a perfect scarf. Not too heavy, not too flimsy. Just right. I love the rust colored one, and I’d wear it with my “uniform” of leggings, a comfy dress (with pockets), and my trusty cowboy boots.

  300. Beautiful!! I agree with most of the comments and would make this lovely scarf the center of attention. With a white colored top or sweater and my favorite pair of jeans. Simple, yet put together.

  301. All the scarves are gorgeous, I would love to have every single one of them! But most of all the mustard one, because I’ve never worn this colour and I would like to try it. I think it would go with my new royal blue knit dress I bought yesterday ;)

  302. I would wear on a train, the metro, a boat and a plane. I would wear them around my waist, my hips, my neck like a lion’s mane. I would dine, and fall asleep with it in a chair knowing I was looking fine. I would go to the opera and even as I watch Oprah. I would even wear to Trader Joe’s and play in the snow.

  303. I would love to have one of those scarfs, specially the mustard one or the plum… or the charcoal… or the tial. I love chic scarfs and plus I’m going to need one when I go home for the holiday’s. My home is in Iceland so a scarf is kind of important.
    My second home is San Francisco and as you know, it’s not that warm at the moment.

  304. i live in scarfs in the winter, i think they have the power to make any outfit instantly stylist, they’re perfect for adding and unexpected pop of color, i love big oversized scarfs, i usually buy scarfs that double as shawls, i wear a lot of boatneck shirts and need a scarf to make them functional in the winter

  305. Fabulous giveaway!! These scarves looking amazing (and super comfy)!! I would def pair in these scarves with a striped tee, leggings and boots! I am all about solid scarves and patterned tees!

  306. oooh scarves are the most fun accessory. says me, who can never get it right- but i always feel cute when i have a scarf on.
    i think it would be perfect with everything- especially while i’m nursing my daughter in public.

  307. The vibrant teal scarf would pull together my staple outfit of a vintage concert t-shirt, a handmade brown pinstripe blazer, dark denim jeans and brown boots. A perfectly comfortable but polished look for both meetings and photoshoots!

  308. Oh … I wear scarves every day! I’d toss together … skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a tee shirt with a drapey sweater over it … thank goodness for a casual work enviornment!

  309. Love these! I would wear it with my black wide leg pants, a print t-shirt and sweatshirt cardigan! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  310. The colors are beautiful and the large size scarves seem so luxurious. I would wear a slightly oversized cozy sweater, skinny jeans, my favorite black boots and a large scarf of any color. But really they could go with so many different looks.

  311. totally swooning over these.
    i adore scarves and wear the same one almost every day.

    i’d pair this with some jeans with my favourite short winter dress on top. i love bold colours but tend to wear lots of neutrals so scarves are the perfect way to add lots of colour. I’d probably even wear two at a time for extra colour!

  312. I’d wear it with a dressy t-shirt, with a thin cardigan, and denim jacket layered over it, and skirt, tights, and ballet flats. If I was wearing my fave denim skirt, I’d layer a couple t-shirts and wear my fave blood red sweater jacket on top. That pale lilac would be smashing with the sweater jacket and my flaming red hair!

    I have a huge collection of scarves, and the lilac is one coveted color which I haven’t been able to find!

  313. These are just gorgeous and I’d love one to keep me warm (it does get chilly in San Diego during the winter, despite popular beliefs that it’s warm and sunny here all the time). I think I’d wear it all the time with everything…

  314. i love scarves and am always looking for my next scarf i need to add to my collection. due to SF’s microclimates, it is always a good idea to layer up with a scarf. i would like to try one of these scarfs with my dark grey cotton shirt dress with black trim with some black leggings paired with my brown riding boots!

  315. The colors are just beautiful! I would probably wear it with skinny jeans and boots and one of the lighter-weight knit sweaters I own. They aren’t really warm enough in the winter without something extra.

  316. This is such a fantastic giveaway! I would wear the grey scarf with jeans, boots and a black sweater! I wear my hair up a lot during Winter, so a scarf is a must to keep me warm!

  317. These scarves are gorgeous! A girl can never have too many scarves I say! I would pair mine with dark skinny jeans, my new olive green army style jacket, a slouchy white white t shirt, gold hoop earrings and of course, boots! SUCH a cute casual outfit!

  318. I love your kind of scarf, because it is so versatile. I can wear anything. Any color will do for me because I will wear black skinny pants and black boots and black shirt, so the scarf will stand out.

  319. What would I NOT pull together to wear with this lovely scarf? We’re in SF, for heaven’s sake. A person needs a scarf for every day of the year (well, except for those two scorching days each early October)!

  320. I am slightly obsessed with scarves! I wear one almost every day in the fall/winter. It gets cold here in Nashville! I can honestly see me pairing this with anything and everything I own.

  321. I would wear it with skinny black pants and grey cashmere sweater. My hair would be up high so the scarf would be full drama. Perfect-o!

  322. With gorgeous eye-popping color and fun texture, these scarves would be the perfect accent to any outfit – I’d love to see the fuschia or dusk paired with an all black outfit!

  323. For this holidays I would go with black skirt black boots white blouse and top it with one of your beautiful red scarfs

  324. I’d wind one of these around my neck while wearing a vintage, skinny-cut velvet jacket, graphic tee, skinny jeans and the perfect motorcycle boots for my holiday work party.

  325. if i could alternate the grey, the mustard, and the rust colored scarves every day, i would be SET. i’ll cross my fingers for one of the scarves, and when i get it (because my fingers are crossed so hard!) i’ll just buy the other two colors too!

  326. Oh, just let me tell you all the ways I would wear one of these scarves! I would wear it pretty much every single day at work to be both stylish AND warm. Hello, no heat in my office! I have an insane amount of black dresses and one of these would be the perfect accent. Plus, my students expect me to maintain my reputation of being stylish…I can’t disappoint!
    I’d wear it out at night as a compliment to whatever fabulous outfit I had on, either jeans, vintage boots and a bright sweater or something dressier…perhaps another one of my black dresses?!?!
    So many options!

  327. hm…I’d pair one of the brighter colored scarves with my gray sweater dress, black tights, cognac boots, and black wool coat. LOVE these scarves!

  328. Oh, wow! I’m in love with that bright orange one… I’m thinking my cream-brown tunic, turquiose earrings, ribbed black leggings and dark grey buckled booties. These scarves are to die for, they’re so pretty!

  329. I would wear these with a printed dress, tights, and tall boots with a boyfriend cardigan. I was needing something to wear for my birthday Dec. 17TH!

  330. I would love to win the plum colored scarf, to wear together with my two and a bit year old little girl. Keeping warm together is our beloved new aim….

  331. I would love to win the plum colored scarf, to wear together with my two and a bit year old little girl. Keeping warm together is our beloved new aim….
    (this is the correct email address!)

  332. Mmmmm, I adore me a scarf, that’s for sure! What I would don with it? EVERYTHING! Use it for my winter/cold spring ensembles for a color pick me up (my skin glows with pinks, reds and oranges next to my face) and then use it as an impromptu wrap for summer and fall here in Austin! LOVE THESE…hope I win!

  333. Orange, sunset, autumn maple, vibrant glow, color of my soul! I just love to wrap myself in anything orange. Add texture, and it’s even better. I love orange and grey. A heathered grey chunky sweater with skinny jeans and of course any boot will do
    just fine. The scarf is accessory enough so no jewelry needed. Just a little sparkle of silver on the ears, or perhaps a bit of dark wood. Yum.

  334. I’ve been in the market for an amazing scarf. For everyday, every outift–perhaps now with the organic cotton denim leggings I just got and a tank. Because I live in Los Angeles and it’s 74 degrees right now.

  335. How wonderful!
    I’d wear one with my “uniform” of dress, cardigan, leggings & boots. It would add a smashing splash of colour!

  336. Lovely scarves — adore the colours!
    I would wear one with my jeans, converse and my new striped boat-neck top from H&M for a very hip, frenchy look.


  337. I believe that scarves are perfect with almost any outfit. I would love to wear them with jeans and knit sweater. They can help me brave the winter and keep me warm and stylish!

  338. these are beautiful scarves. as much as i’d like one for myself, i know my fiancé’s mom would love one even more. she’s an adorable lady, always smiling and full of laughter. her favorite things are those that keep her warm. i could see her wearing one of these beauties with a knit top, black cotton pants and her flats. maybe eating some roasted chestnuts too :)

  339. Oooo, I have a sheath dress that is begging for a little structure and color for variety. I have a Scarf Shop scarf in plum and every time I wear it I get compliments.

  340. These are gorgeous. I love my brown cords, with a cream shirt or sweater right now. A scarf adds just the pop of colour to make it perfect.

  341. i love your scarves. . .the colors are so alluring. . .i am such a grey lady, i just ordered a winterberry to spice up my grey cords and grey cashmere turtleneck. . .and, of course your mother’s grey wool wrist warmers. . .(daughter, jenifer altman gave them to me for my birthday last december). . .please send my love to your mom, her work is also very beautiful. . .happy holidays. . .jena’s mama

  342. I would wear the scarf with my “uniform” – skinny jeans, cute flats or kitten heels, acradigan and a sttaement necklace. Actually, I would probably give the scarf away to my best friend who also loves scarves!

  343. Hm. What wouldn’t I wear with one of these beauties? I have a pretty yellow sweater I love that I mix with jewel tone tops underneath. Some fun jeans and tall brown boots. Totally need a fun new scarf for these freezing NH winter days! Brr!

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