unexpected guests: marisa anne haedike.
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i’ve been much remiss in bringing you some unexpected guests, but happily today we’re visiting with artist Marisa Anne Haedike, of creative thursday. marisa lives on the westside of Los Angeles, in a very eclectic, cozy, and colorful home with her partner sean, and a menagerie of pets. although their home is not large, marisa’s living room has high ceilings, which helps make the her art-filled home feel expansive and open, and it’s just brimming with her own beautiful paintings and those she’s collected from friends. you can see more of marisa’s lovely work on her blog, and in her creative thursday etsy shop. let’s drop in!

What is your idea of a perfect day in los angeles?
Ten years in, and I’ve finally to come to appreciate all this city has to offer ~This is probably because in the time I’ve been here I’ve actually managed to live in five totally different neighborhoods within Los Angeles. And to be honest, the neighborhood I’m in now, even though it’s smack in the middle of the city is so incredibly peaceful and quiet, that I’m often so happy at home that home is exactly where you’ll find me. But I do venture out occasionally. The thing about L.A. is that each neighborhood that makes up the entirety of this city has it’s own unique and very distinct personality. It’s amazing really. Just one block over and that area of town has a totally different vibe. You’d almost want to plan a perfect day in each neighborhood, but I think I’m going to go wild here and plan a perfect day all over the city.

An early, fall day: Wake up early ~ there’s a lot to do, you want to get a good start! Plus driving in L.A. early in the early morning is so peaceful, you can’t even believe it’s the same city just a few hours later. Then, coffee with Sean at home ~ he makes a pretty mean latte with our favorite Bialetti stove top espresso maker. Then we’d head down to the ocean at Sunrise and surf with our friends. We’d all head to breakfast at Huckleberry’s in Santa Monica afterward. Then we’d take a stroll down Abbot Kinney in Venice, stopping for lunch at Lemonade ~ aside from their salads they have the best mini red velvet cupcakes ever ~ or we’d stop at Tender Greens for lunch in Culver City ~ ooh such a tough decision. Then we’d catch an art exhibition at LACMA or MOCA, head up to the Griffith Park Observatory with a bottle of wine to watch the Sunset. We’d catch a movie at the Vista theater in Los Feliz then we’d meet with more friends at our house and have dinner outside in the garden surrounded by our twinkly lights.

Ok, fine. Reading my perfect day back, it’s a bit overzealous ;) Would probably be perfect for someone who was visiting L.A. for the very first time and was only here for one day!

What are some of your favorite local shops in los angeles?
DNA in Venice and Hollywood ~ now this is where you can find a good deal on really fun, and ‘not found everywhere’ clothing ~ especially when they have sales! Urbanic on Abbot Kinney ~ love, love their collection of cards. When I used to live in Echo Park I would frequent Clover in Silver Lake ~ a great mix of everything from clothes to books, to items for your home, to gifts. Jet Rag on LaBrea is also a great vintage clothing store, especially fun to visit with Halloween coming up.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Monet and I probably say this because after spending a month in Paris this year his work is fresh on my mind. Standing in the circular room at Musee de L’orangerie surrounded by his full wall sized  waterlily paintings ~ breathtaking.

Oh, and of course, so many artists of today whose I work I tend to collect. There are  many really, too many to list ~ so I’m going to try and narrow it down to those whose work might be featured in the photos I’m sharing with you today. I really tend to favor art where I also know a little about the person behind it. Again our world here on the internet is so great for this. For this reason most of the art hanging in my home is from my colleagues and friends, people I have had the chance to know over the last six years especially. And these people are as lovely as their work. Many of them are also adept at translating their work and style across so many mediums. I really admire that. It continuously inspires me to want to explore translating my style into all kinds of mediums: Mummysam, Camilla Engman, Outi Harma, Lisa Occhipinti, Christine Mason Miller, Matt Adrian, Cathy Nichols, Melissa Moss, Amanda Blake, Amy Ruppel, Matte Stephens, Lizzy House, Ninainvorm and Geninne Zlatkis.

Do you collect anything?
Art. Truth be told, when I started my career, I didn’t think that making a living as an artist was really possible. Once that changed for me and I did start making a living, I realized just how much it means to an artist to have someone support their work, not just with compliments and encouragement but by actually buying a piece they have created. As an artist, it is an amazing feeling when someone buys your work, especially when you are just starting out. Knowing this, all I want to do is keep the cycle going. And not to mention, as a creative person, having a lot of art in my home inspires me. Having a piece that you love, that you look at every day ~ Let’s just say that it is amazing how much just one piece of art can give to you.

Who would you like to sit down to drinks or coffee with?
Annette Bening and Hellen Mirren. I’d love to have a conversation with these women who seem so, gracious, confident, accomplished, kind and utterly comfortable in their own skin. Annette was my yoga partner during class one time. I SO should’ve asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee!

What is your most treasured belonging?
I’m a big believer that your house should filled with only your most treasured belongings. This means that since I treasure all my belongings, it rotates. I would say right now, I am wild about one of my newest additions, my bright yellow chest of drawers that anchors my brand new, and ever expanding ‘art wall’.

What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
We brought back a painting from Paris, oh and the Bunny Lamp. As you know Victoria, the Bunny Lamp is where it’s at! Both came from Montmartre. Oh, and! The little colorful ball lights that drape our fireplace mantel, also from Montmartre. The painting I bought from a woman artist who was showing her work at that famous plaza at the top of a hill, following a very long climb up many, many stairs near the Sacre Coeur. It is is tourist’s paradise, but still worth going to see the painters that sell their work there. I didn’t expect to find a piece I would bring home with me, but then this particular artist noticed me looking at her work and she approached me about it. We got to chatting, I enjoyed her spirit so much that it made the painting even better. Sold. So I brought home an Eiffel Tower. After a month of living there, I grew to love that Eiffel Tower even more. And now every time I look at the painting, I’m reminded of the amazing month we spent there. *sigh* I’m ready to go back!

Can you share some of your favorite online shops?
Handmade all the way. I can’t even narrow them down. Just look at all 32 pages of my Etsy Favorites. If I marked them as a favorite, I want something from their shop…Looks like I am going to need a much bigger house with very big walls to hang even more art.

What’s you favorite home decor/style book?
Tricia Guild/Designer’s Guild ~ I have almost all of them. Introduced to me by my mentor when I was first working in Interior Design, Tricia’s designs completely inspired my love for color. Bohemian Modern by Barbara Bestor (all about living in Silver Lake), and Nest for Two: Creating a Harmonious Home by Allison Serrell.

Do you have a favorite set design from a film?
First, I know this is TV but I love it so much ~ Just beside myself over the sets and cinematography in Mad Men. In film, I love Amelie and Shopgirl. They both carry this beautiful theme of red and green. Oh and Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep. Incredible.

What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to search for inspiration?
Much like my favorite artists, I tend to follow blogs where I’ve gotten to know the authors, where many have even become friends over our years in the blogosphere together. Not only are they inspiring but I love visiting them as a chance to keep in touch and say hello. You, of course! sfgirlbybay, Little brown pen, Maya*made, Betz white, oh joy!, poppytalk, soule mama, orange you lucky, and susannah conway.

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this post, Victoria. What a fabulous contrast to all the neutrals, creams and greys of many designs. The all-time best use of color too. I simply adore it all, and thank you both for a lovely morning break. Makes me want to take a day off to rearrange our house!

  2. Marisa is so inspiring – I already loved Creative Thursday, and now I love her home as well. And you know, it’s funny – though I hadn’t seen Marisa’s place before, somehow this is just what I imagined it would look like, he! Thank you so much for this feature, Victoria :) xo Laura

  3. I am so happy to have found your blog! So happy! I just can not stop smiling.
    You are so veyr inspiring – I just love your sweet little home. I will be stopping over for a visit often. Thank you so much!

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