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Claudia Clobes of Stonehouse Love and Beth Dotolo of Hello Splendor have organized an amazing blogging event called Blog for Digs to help raise funds and awareness for Dwell with Dignity. Dwell with Dignity is a non-profit organization, comprised of a group of interior designers and volunteers, which creates comfortable and inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.

The theme for the Blog for Digs is: “My childhood bedroom was…” Participating bloggers will blog about their childhood bedrooms and the one decor item they wished they had and then link to the next blogger on the schedule. So much fun, right?! Participants can also join Dwell with Dignity by making a donation (memberships start at $2.50 per day) and dedicate it to Blog for Digs.

to participate, simply email Claudia at and sign-up. Claudia will post the schedule when they’re all ready and we’ll all get started blogging our childhood bedrooms! fun, and for a wonderful cause! If you’re not a blogger but still want to contribute to Dwell with Dignity, please visit the website to become a member.

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  1. Victoria, thanks for this fabulous shout out! And also for your lack of hesitation to help our cause. We appreciate it immensely as will those families in need…it means the world to all of us working on this project! THANK YOU…xocc…

  2. Lovely idea, especially this time of year. I didn’t read the fine print and dedicated it to my wonderful mother who passed away after a long ride with Alzheimer’s. She was and is my inspiration for style and living, so I hope this ‘mistake’ will go noticed and I can still participate in blogsfordigs.

  3. Love this idea. Everybody deserves to have a place they are proud of and to feel it is a reflection of themselves. I’ll be adding my name to the list. I’m thinking about it already and my bedroom was yellow as well. now the question is do I have any pictures from those days????

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